Peerless Genius System

Chapter 502: He's the Fog

“Let's go!!! ”

With Qiu Yuanjie's order, a bunch of bees in plainclothes who had been waiting outside rushed into the General Assembly Hall, more heavily armed special police officers were involved, and Director General Tian Renewed himself came outside to inspect.

It was a joint operation of government departments such as the Public Security and Commerce Bureau, where distributors who were aiding and receiving investment money were removed without even having time to react, and cold handcuffs were worn.

Qiu Yuanjie's face filled with an exciting smile as all the big fish of the marketing organization fell into the net.

Sholo's expression slowly grew back, and Tung Tong's performance was too eye-catching. Although he was clearly a police informant, he was also a core figure in the marketing organization. A lecturer like him was inseparable in the development of the marketing campaign, and he had suspended his education eight years ago and was directly involved in the anti-marketing battle sequence.

It's a legend, and it's also a question. Eight years is enough for one person to fully understand a certain line of work. If Guangtong is acting as a cover as a police informant, is it really a marketing campaign?

A frightening and incredible guess came to mind: Is he behind the scenes plotting “fog”?

Sholo was deeply surprised by his speculation that, if Tuton was “fog," he would have been there, had he been able to reach the distributors, and would not have suspected him even in planning anything, and using his identity as an informant, he would have been able to get a good idea of the police dynamics, thus making it easier to plan marketing activities.

At this point, another alarming news came: 400 million of the funds invested by more than 3,000 people were transferred to foreign banks, and after a few turnovers, it was no longer known which bank was transferred to which account abroad, and there was little hope of recovery.


Qiu Yuanjie's face changed dramatically, the original joy instant dissipated, and more than 400 million huge money was removed under their eyes, which was a madness.

Sholo stood up and drank to him: "Where's the informant? ”

“To keep him safe, I sent someone to take him away in secret.” Qiu Yuanjie responded.

“As your informant, he should be equipped with wiretaps and sneak pictures. Where are the images of him entering the backstage after his speech?” Sholo asked.

“Outside in the car.” Tell Qiu Yuanjie the police officer who reported the situation.

Sholo walked out first: "Show me. ”

As for the more than 3,000 people who had been deceived, when they found out that the money they had invested in had been transferred somewhere unknown, the venue was in chaos and cried out loudly.

These are all cops, he's lazy, he's trying to catch the fog, and this unprecedented marketing campaign seems to have exposed a little fox tail, and his old classmate Tung Tong is the prime suspect.

Soon after, they arrived in a van with all kinds of equipment.

The image of Tunton back in the background was well preserved, his footsteps could be heard, and Tunton could be seen walking into a place that seemed to be Treasury.

Shortly afterwards, Tung Tong spoke, like he was training people in the finance department...

“Sit up straight, you can't face our customers in this state of mind! ”

“Just throwing things away? Do you know that each of your details and actions represents the image of our company? ”

“It is fundamental to success that we all act, take out the garbage around us, then go to the bathroom and wash our cold water faces, keep our heads clear and high spirits. ”

Generously, more than a dozen distributors immediately packed the fast food box in the garbage basket, and really went to wash the cold water face awake. Then more than a dozen card swipe machines appeared, a signed list was neatly stacked, Tung Tung Tong handled these perfectly, still using the computer to transfer money, and after returning, the distributors called him Mr. Tung respectfully.

Sholo feels big. This is not a police informant. This is clearly the head of a marketing organization!

He turned around and asked the policeman next to him, "You guys keep watching, don't you think there's a problem? ”

The policeman shook his head: "Is that okay? The informant is just covering his identity. This is obviously acting. ”

“Acting? ”

Sholo grinned, “He lost all 400 million. ”


I took a breath of cool air, and this was like waking up the dreamer, several officers, look at me, let me look at you, it was all horrible.

“Mr. Shaw, what do you got?” Qiu Yuanjie rushed over.

Sholo was too lazy to talk to him and grabbed his collar and asked, “Where is your informant now? ”

Qiu Yuanjie shocked: “Mr. Shaw, you... what's wrong with you? ”

“Whatever happened to me, tell me where he is.” Sholo's voice almost growled.

“He's on his way to Wolf Mountain.” Qiu Yuanjie hurried to answer.

“Wolf Mountain? What's he doing in Wolf Hill? ”

“I don't know, he said to go see the scenery. ”

“In what car? What's the license plate number? ”

“Black Volkswagen sedan, license plate number HU-N0926. ”

Upon learning this information, Sholoh now entered his message and drove off in the direction of Mount Wolf.

Tuton's suspicion grew more and more, and the mist went on and on and on and on.

“Are you really foggy? ”

Sholo suddenly had a sense of intimidation, and Tung Tung's disguise fooled him. He would never have suspected Tung Tung Tung if he hadn't seen what Tung Tung Brainwashing was capable of today and the image of Tung Tung Na operating the transfer system.

Is that guy hiding this deep?

Sholoh's eyebrows wrinkled, and the black beacon passed over one car after another, heading straight for Wolf Mountain.

Wild Wolf Mountain is densely wooded and stacked, with a pan mountain highway full of cliffs on one side and mountain walls on the other, causing many drivers to panic.

“Boom ~”

Just as Sholoh was driving the legend up the Panshan Highway to the top of the hill, suddenly a human object descended from the sky, oh no, it was a person, to be exact, who fell off a highway a dozen meters high above and hit the highway underneath.

Sholo stopped an emergency brake and looked carefully at the person moaning painfully on the road ahead.

Wearing a strong pencil suit, obese body, almost invisible neck...

He pushed the door and ran down. He squatted down and lifted the man up and looked at him. He stunned. “Tung Tong? ”

“Soul, Sholo, how... how is it you...”

Tutong's nose continued to bleed outward, fractured limbs, especially his right leg, broken bones pierced the skin flesh and revealed, the blood gleamed with alarm, the ground was full of blood from his body.

“Why did you fall off the top?” Sholo asked eagerly.

“... I was pushed down... cough... cough... soul pale Sholo, actually I am a police informant, I have been doing countermarketing work since eight years ago..." Tung Tong spoke while coughing blood.

Sholo's brain is blank. How could this happen? Is your judgment wrong, Tung Tong is not fog at all?

He hurried back to God and said, "Stop talking and I'll take you to the hospital now! ”

“No... no, falling from such a high place won't save me even if Hua Zheng is alive...” Tuton shook his head and smiled, revealing two rows of bloodstained teeth, which looked particularly desolate.