Peerless Genius System

Chapter 503: Beasts

Shattered fractures, five dirty hearts, severe internal bleeding. Sholo, despite having a superior medical technique, was unable to return to heaven. He pressed down the grief and asked: "Who pushed you down? ”

“It was Qiu... Qiu Yuanjie's people who brought me here and said yes... said it was to show me the scenery here, and as a result those souls pushed me down from the top, coughing... coughing...” There was a bloody cough in the mouth of the pipe, pale face, smiling at Sholodao, as if there was no fear of the imminent death.

“Qiu Yuanjie? ”

Sholo's pupils shrunk and stunned for a moment.

There were two lines of tears in Kiryu's eyes and a grieving smile: “Shit, I get it, he... He's the fog, acting as a cover for the police, planning all the marketing activities behind the scenes, I... I fucked him, he told me to transfer all the money to the police account, that account is definitely not the police... asshole, that fucking asshole...”

At the end of the day, the smile converged, the face became blurred, and the teeth were bitten.

He tightened Sholo's arm: “Soul, Sholo, you... do me a favor, call the police, expose Qiu Yuanjie to the police, he is the fog, he is the behind the marketing ‘fog’...”

The last almost howled, Tutong's nose once again bled out, his head twisted, and he died in Sholo's arms, but his hands still held Sholo's arm tight, ten fingers almost embedded in Sholo's arm's flesh.

“Tung Tung, Tung Tung Tung! ”

Sholo called twice and there was no response to this body held by him. He looked at Tuton's angry face, only he felt very stuck in his heart, his nose was like a bug drilling hard, his eyes turned red.

An old classmate with a pretty good relationship died in front of himself. Before that, he even suspected that he was behind the marketing organization. It was an emotion that could not be described in words, there was grief, guilt, anger...

At that point, his phone rang.

From the pockets, the call showed that Hershey was Qiu Yuanjie.

After hearing it, Qiu Yuanjie's voice sounded in the phone. There was no justice and masculinity of the usual kind. Instead, Yin Yang was weird, and he laughed: “Mr. Shaw, have you seen your old classmate Tung Tong? Let me guess, he should be a corpse by now. ”

Sholo's eyes were freezing: "Qiu Yuanjie, I promise you you won't live tonight! ”

Every word is covered in a thick killing machine.


Qiu Yuanjie laughed like he heard a funny joke and then snorted, "You think you can come back from Wolf Mountain alive? ”

Just as his voice fell, a rushing car roar came from the highway above, while the latter black Volkswagen sedan stopped a few meters from Sholo, the license plate number was Shanghai N0926. With the sound of two open doors, two handsome middle-aged men walked down on their bikes, full of slaughter, each with a black knife sheath in his hand.

“Remember Aso Yoo, the owner of Nebula Sword House? His swordsmanship, you've taught him, the power should be good, I want to tell you, Ma Sheng Liu can't even rank in the top 30 of our Ma Sheng family, and the two of you in front of you, the strength in the top 10, feel the fear of death,

After today, Guangtong will be judged my scapegoat as the ‘fog’ behind the marketing organization, and you, will be a glorious NSA warrior, in order to accomplish the mission, in the Wolf Mountains to kill the fog ready to escape, eventually with the fog, you will become a martyr, immortal, hahaha... ”Qiu Yuanjie's laugh is crazy.

Sholofa hung up the phone without expression.

He loosened Tuton's hand, slowly stood up from the ground, a gust of wind blew through, his bangs flowed slightly, a slaughter of heaven and earth spread wildly around him, at the same time, his eyes between black and white, at this moment like the eyes of a beast, scarlet as blood, no human emotion.

Insensitive, bloodthirsty, murderous!

Two middle-aged men stunned, their bodies beat a chill on their own, and then looked at each other and saw surprises and doubts in each other's eyes.

Sholoway walked towards them one step at a time, and with each step, his air engine grew by one point, his brains grew stronger and stronger, as if he were an animal awake from sleep.

One of the middle-aged men set his mind and took a step forward, then scolded him, and the samurai knife in his hand came out of his sheath, chopping a knife at Sholo in the open air.

“Spike ~”

A sword nearly fifteen meters long broke through the void, a brilliant rainbow, facing Sholoh straight down, the wind on the highway, the strong wind whistled, the horrible power fluctuated in the space here, invisible pressures rushed forth like a wave of rage.

This is the strongest form of God - Thunder Punishment!

Pour all your strength through your hands into a samurai knife, and as you chop it into an indestructible knife, as powerful as the heavenly punishment, let alone the flesh-body, even a bus will be nicely cut in half by this knife.

But as the knife approached Sholoh, Sholoh's inner strength swept away, turning into a red and black shield covering his entire body.


The two collided and a thunderous blast erupted, and then terrible fluctuations of power swept wildly around them, crumbling solid ground dimensions, huge mountain walls shaking, countless rocks rolling down the mountain walls, sand and dust covered the sky.

As the sand and dust scattered, an alarming trench appeared on the highway, with countless cracks like spider webs spreading outward on the edge of the trench.

And Schollo was intact and still walking not too slowly.

The middle-aged man who chopped the knife changed his face and said in Japanese: "Impossible! ”

Another middle-aged man was similarly stunned by their swordsmanship, which was unbeatable, invincible, with no decent counterhand, bearable taste, and the result was unharmed, which was incredible.

They looked at each other, and then shouted “kill” in unison with a human knife, like two lightning bolts towards Sholo.

“Phew." “Phew.”

Rapid winds, samurai swords buzzing, swords blooming bright and cold, piercing heavy spaces and piercing Sholo's chest.

“Buzz ~”

The red shield reappeared, like an invisible magnetic field all over Sholoh's body, two samurai knives stabbed like a cold light were stopped and two middle-aged men's phantom bodies appeared.


A scene of intimidation appeared for two middle-aged men, whose samurai knife, made of gold steel, was broken inch by inch, unpleasant at first, but breaking faster and faster until it stopped at the knife handle.