Peerless Genius System

Chapter 504: Bloody Smells

This is absolutely horrible!

At a time when two middle-aged men had been stunned by these dreadful thoughts, they all perceived a cold breath striking their chest and their gaze had not yet fallen, and the sharp pain of a diamond core had developed in their chest and reached their brain.

At first glance, the expression of the two stiffened, their pupils shrunk, their eyes trembled violently, a big hand, stabbed them in the chest like a sharp blade, the whole claw did not enter, their heart was pinched.

You got your own body pierced with one hand?

How is that possible...

Two middle-aged men shocked, raised their heads and greeted only a pair of scarlet eyes and a faceless stare at their faces.

Sholo said nothing and pulled their hearts out alive.

Blood sprayed out of his chest, two middle-aged men screaming, open their mouths a thick mouth of blood, they were not dead, their eyes could still see their hot heart pinched alive in their hands by Sholo, and their bodies connected to the arterial blood vessels.

This is an international joke!

You actually saw your heart?!

Two middle-aged men opened their eyes and uncontrolled spills of blood from their mouths and noses. This moment is too real and bloody a nightmare. Is this guy the devil?

The next second, Sholoh looked without expression and did not hesitate to crush their hearts.

“Pfft." Pfft.

Blood splashed, the bodies of the two middle-aged men poured backwards, their eyes open, they died without meditation, they never thought it would end like this, as the masters of the leprosy family, they were crushed and brutalized ruthlessly, they could not believe it until death.

Sholo still hasn't stopped when he killed both of them.

Walking up, one foot at a time, the heads of two middle-aged men crumbled and dissolved like watermelons smashed by an eight-pound hammer. Blood and brains were everywhere, and the air was bloody.

Sholo looked at his own hands covered in blood, his red eyes restored a little clarity, but he was still numb and full of cold killing machines.



After finishing his conversation with Sholo, Qiu Yuanjie was restless in the afternoon, as his two leading experts in the Asheng family had not returned any news, even though he had been unable to reach them.

Did they have an accident?

Impossible. That Shaw can't be their opponent, even if he's stronger!

But what if it wasn't an accident?

He couldn't figure it out, the more wrinkled his eyebrows were, walking back and forth in his office, unable to speak.

When the door opened, anti-marketing task force member Luo Frost walked in, her emotions were not very high, reporting to Qiu Yuanjie: "Team leader, all the marketing leaders caught interrogated each other once, there was no clue about the 'fog’. ”


Qiu Yuanjie's eyeballs turned, he was the fog, but now it is imperative to let Tung Tong sit on the identity of the real fog.

Before he opened it, Guangtong released the image of the transfer in the Treasury Department as he ordered: “We have all been deceived. There is a serious suspicion that Guangtong, who has always been our informant, has not been transferred out of 400 million funds, it is he who has been transferred abroad, he is most likely the ‘fog’ we are looking for. ”


Luo Frost was surprised, "How is that possible? He's our informant. He's been quietly assisting us in the fight against the marketing organization. ”

Qiu Yuanjie slapped the table: “This is exactly what he was brilliant about, using the dark under the lights, planning a series of marketing activities behind the scenes, and also using the unbridled path. Mr. Shaw must have identified him as‘ fog ’, which is why he chased him in a hurry. ”


Luo Frost took a sip of cool air because she heard Qiu Yuanjie say that she suddenly thought it was true that all they had dropped were insignificant marketing characters, and this big net, also arranged by ‘fog’, to clean up the old forces and rebuild the new ones, isn't that the usual style of 'fog’?

“Quickly, apply for a wanted warrant against Tung Tung, and in no case let him escape.” Qiu Yuanjie's audacious way.


Rushuang turned around and ran away.

After she left, Qiu Yuanjie's face slowly became evil. Looking out the window was already dusk sky, she spoke to herself in Japanese: “Long live Emperor Yuren! ”

It was a faith, his eyes so fiercely hot, as if he were saying the name of a god, and Yuren, the emperor of the days of the invasion of China.



In front of the video evidence, Director General Tian revitalized his strong support for Wanted Tong, and police throughout the summer sea moved to search for Tong.

At the time of Qiu Yuanjie's clandestine push and police reports, the police quickly moved the location of the search to Wolf Mountain, where they saw only two bodies with a heart removed from their chest and a broken head. It was already night, and the smell of rot appeared hidden in the two bodies.

I haven't seen Tuton, I haven't seen Sholo!

Qiu Yuanjie's heart became more nervous. It always felt like a pair of eyes were watching him closely behind him. The wind of Wolf Mountain was also gloomy. He blew goose bumps on his body.

“What the hell is going on here? Who killed those two, the beast?” Rushuang was scared to death and was the first person to see such a brutal killing technique when he was a police inspector for so many years.

“It should have been the marketing organization, and Mr. Shaw could have been caught. ”

Director Tian Renewed his fist tightened, his eyes glowing with jealousy, “Damn, if anything happens to Mr. Shaw, how do I explain it to the NSA? ”

“He's so good, how could he be caught?” Rawfrost is not convinced, after all, that she has recognized Sholo's strength.

Qiu Yuanjie beside him didn't say a word. Only he knew the identities of those two people best. Sholo killed the two masters of their Aso family. Such strength was terrible.


At this point, a samurai knife, like a meteor, quickly crossed the night sky and flew towards him under the threat of a broken bamboo.

Qiu Yuanjie's pupils shrunk and didn't even react properly. His shoulder was pierced by this samurai knife.

“Pfft ~”

Blood splashed, Qiu Yuanjie screamed and fell.

Meanwhile, a black shadow appeared in the middle of the forest, like a black lightning flash, and came close to Qiu Yuanjie, stepping on his chest.


The scream rang again.

Everyone turned around and looked. The subconscious guns in the hands of the SWAT team targeted those who attacked Qiu Yuanjie or the beast.

“Mr. Shaw? ”

Tian Revitalization was shocked. He opened his eyes and looked like a ghost and stepped on Qiu Yuanjie's chest. He was a familiar and strange person. He was familiar because the other party was Sholo, and the stranger was because of the smell on the other party. Even if it was a distance apart, he could clearly smell the bloody smell scattered over him.