Peerless Genius System

Chapter 505 Bullets

It's not just Tian Jingxing, everyone in the place had to fight a chill on their own, because at this time Sholo looked very different, and the feeling that gave them was the devil, yes, it was like being possessed by the devil, the chill spreading out of his body, making people's souls tremble irresistibly.

Luo Frost admired Qiu Yuanjie and saw Qiu Yuanjie being stepped on the ground by Sholo. She first reacted and drank aloud: “Sholo, what are you doing? Let go of our team leader! ”

Sholo raised his head and glanced at her indifferently. After a period of rest, his inner thoughts of killing were forcibly suppressed. His eyes also returned to the normal eyes between black and white, but that cold, still bitter cold.

He slowly pulled out the samurai knife through Qiu Yuanjie's shoulder and brought out a large beach of blood, while also sounding Qiu Yuanjie's painful scream, and then pointed the samurai knife with blood stained with the tip of the knife at Qiu Yuanjie's eyebrow and said: “Qiu Yuanjie is the fog! ”

The indifferent voice had no emotion whatsoever. The death of Tung Tung caused him a great deal of trauma. At this moment, no one could save Qiu Yuanjie from his hand.

- What? - What?

Captain Qiu is fog? This is a big joke!

None of the people present believed Sholo's remarks. Qiu Yuanjie was the leader of the countermarketing team. In a sense, he led the countermarketing campaign in Xiahai, and whoever was foggy could never have been foggy.

Tian Jingxing smiled twice: “Mr. Shaw, is there any misunderstanding in this? How could Yuan Jie be fog? He is, but I watched a small policeman climb from a little bit to this position. One footprint at a time, and almost all the distributors in the summer sea were captured by him. He destroyed countless of the distribution nests. He could not be fog. ”

Qiu Yuanjie felt his life was on the line, and he was sweating like a waterfall. He knew that now everyone was his biggest dependant. He had to get everyone's support. With everyone's support, he didn't believe what Sholo dared do to him.

“Mr. Shaw, I understand you're trying to grasp the fog, but you can't just call me fog and blame me.” Qiu Yuanjie continued acting with the pain on his body.

Luo Frost Qi, emotional loss pointing to Sholo scolded: “Shaw, get your dirty feet off the team leader, are you out of your mind, you suspect the team leader is fog, fog now who has been determined, is our informant Tung Tong, he transferred funds abroad, there are images as evidence, you are here nonsense upside down, I have to question whether you are with Fog! ”


Sholo's nose made a disdainful laugh, and then in front of all eyes, the samurai knife in his hand pierced Qiu Yuanjie's left arm, like a nail, giving Qiu Yuanjie's left arm a dead nail to the ground.

The pain intensified, and Qiu Yuanjie's scream became even more terrible. The blood spilled out of the wound...

The police officers and the plainclothes at the scene brushed their guns at Sholo, fingers on the trigger, the atmosphere suffocated suddenly, as if it took just a little movement to get into an uncontrolled and mixed state.

“Don't move! ”

Tian Jingxing waved and drank. He was in awe of the NSA. Sholo was an NSA person. He definitely didn't have the possibility of being a part of the marketing team. There was a certain credibility in what he said. He couldn't act quickly. If he injured Sholo and found out that the fog was really Qiu Yuanjie, how would it end?

Looking sharply at Sholo, he asked, "Mr. Shaw, do you have any proof that Yuan Jie is‘ fog ’? ”

“He's got no proof, motherfucker. Hurt our captain. Go to hell! ”

Luo Frost could not have remained calm. The man she admired was trampled under her feet and stabbed in her arms with a knife in front of her. The only remaining reason was lost. She fired an angry shot at Sholo.

“Bang ~”

The gunshot shook the eardrum, flaming at the muzzle, a bullet ejected the chamber, whistling at a velocity invisible to the naked eye and attacking Sholoh.

Tian revived in shock, subconsciously shouting: “Careful! ”

Almost at the same moment, Sholo pulled the samurai knife out of Qiu Yuanjie's arm. No one saw his specific movements, only that the samurai knife was caught in front of him.


A string of Mars splashed from the knife of the samurai, but the bullet hit the knife of the samurai and bounced back into the side of the mountain wall, leaving a thick bullet hole in the thumb.

This... this...

He, he, he... he blocked the bullet with a knife?

Oh, my God, that's impossible!

Everyone in the room was horrified and lost their color. Looking at Sholo like a monster was horrible. It was incredible. The scene that only appeared in a science fiction movie or a theatre actually appeared alive in reality. It was impossible to imagine. Everyone couldn't help but swallow a sip of spit, and the whole place was deeply shaken.

So did Tian Jingxing. He knew that the NSA was a bunch of monsters, but this is too sick. Even bullets can be blocked with knives.

Luo Frost stunned his tongue. After a moment of inactivity, he settled his mind and bit his teeth ready to fire a second shot.

But how could Sholoh let her do what she wanted, her figure illusioned, like a wind swept in front of her, behind her came a shadow, Luo Frost didn't even know what was going on, the gun in his hand was taken away, and the back of his face took a heavy elbow blow.

“Pfft ~”

A breath of blood sprayed out of his mouth, his body like a broken kite flied out backwards, and he coughed a few bits of blood after falling on the ground two or three meters away.

Sholo grabbed it so hard, her gun in his hand turned into a pile of scrap iron like mud, watching the crowd suck in the air.

Luo Frost was similarly frightened to death and stared at him with horror.

Sholo was not interested in taking care of a woman, shifting his eyes away from Luo Frost, turning around and walking back to Qiu Yuanjie, who had already been frightened.

At this moment, no one speaks or even tries to control the breathing, but everyone's eyes move with Sholo, and the whole space has no sound other than the wind.

“Director, help me, Director, help me...”

Qiu Yuanjie looked bleak, he was always proud of what he had done in China, but today, he only felt endless fear. Sholo, the NSA in front of him, was just as scary as a demon.

Tian Jingxing was about to say something, and Sholo's cold voice directly interrupted him.

Not to him, but to Qiu Yuanjie.

“Qiu Yuanjie, say clearly your identity and the marketing activities planned in our country. ”

This voice to Qiu Yuanjie is like some kind of soul-absorbing demonic sound, influencing his mind. When he met Sholo's powerful eyes, his consciousness became blurred and his eyes dissipated, and he felt that his thoughts were being spyed on.