Peerless Genius System

Chapter 510 Roses

“Congratulations, Mr. Doom, on completing the task of cleaning up the marketing organization, and the two directors have applied for the award above! ”

As Sholo walked out of the Chinese Medicine Group, a woman stepped down from a black sedan, while two other not-so-annoying men followed her closely.

The woman retained clean, smooth Bob's hair, sophisticated, but had a wider purpose spacing than the average person, but it was harmless and elegant, only for her US dollar points, making her more unique.

“Who are you?” Sholo gazed slightly, not lightly, and asked.

“My name is Rose, and I'm the new liaison assigned to you by the bureau.” Women are generous enough to introduce themselves.

“New liaison? ”

Sholo wondered, “Where's Miss Ji? ”

“Mr. Doom is talking about the lark, who applied to leave Headquarters to work at a branch somewhere, when she should be ready for boarding at the airport.” Rose said.

Thinking about leaving HQ?

Sholo was surprised that he was about to have a good conversation with Kiss Ying. I didn't expect this woman to leave. Is this intentional to leave him?

For a moment, my heart was burning, as if I had suddenly lost an important person.

He asked indifferently, "Where is she at? ”

“New District Airport.” Rose answered honestly.

Sholo walked to his car without saying a word. In any case, he had to leave Ji Siying behind. There was no reason, just to follow his instincts. Even if he was strong, he had to leave her with him.

“Mr. Doom, is this going to find her?” Rose suddenly asked, playing with the flavor.

“It's none of your business, just go back to your life.” Sholo was too lazy to talk to her.

“Oh, no! ”

Rose's face got cold, and at the same time, the two big men beside her blocked Sholo's way like two human walls.

Sholo turned around and looked at her hostilely: "What do you mean? ”

“According to the information, Mr. Doom is an S-level soldier, at the top of the soldier's pyramid, looking at the NSA as a whole, there are only three S-level fighters, you, Kong and Poison Girl, you are a treasure of value to the NSA, but don't forget, you belong to the NSA, you are a member of the NSA, you must obey the arrangements and orders of the NSA, which is the basic rule you must follow first.” The smile on the rose face converged, and the tone was no longer as polite as it had just been.

“You're new here, right? ”

Sholo coldly said, "No soldier in the original NSA headquarters dared speak to me like that. ”

“I did not come up from the South China Sea Division very long ago, let alone you, even the ancient warring nations have to give me a three-point thin face.” Rose carries her hands and her voice is cold.

Sholo glanced slightly: "Are you here deliberately against me? ”

“Not really. I just heard you were crazy. Even a division chief said to kill him, and I was curious what kind of man this was.” The rose was cold in colour and stared viciously at Sholo.

“Are you from the Peking City Bai family?” Sholo immediately guessed who this woman was.

Rose raised her head and said proudly: "You have a little eye, I am a White family man, but don't worry, Zhuoyuze knows the law, he deserves to be executed, I won't publicize private vengeance, but if you disobey the NSA arrangement, I have the right to dispose of you, understand? ”

She walked behind the two men and smiled softly: “Introduce these two, they are members of the Central Guard Corps, specializing in the personal security and strength of important leaders of the country, should be similar to your S-level warriors, so I advise you to be honest, do not find unhappy, no matter how strong you are, they belong only to the ranks of dogs, if you are a dog, you will have to listen carefully, otherwise you will be beaten. ”

Sholo laughed furiously: "Do you think I'd kill you? ”

Rose's body trembled, and in Sholo's eyes she smelled an extremely dangerous smell: "Are you threatening me? Yes, very good!” Push your right hand down, give orders to the two men, "beat him to the ground! ”

The two men were already on standby, and when they received the order to do so, they unleashed the repressed momentum almost at the same time, as if they had been attacked by two evil beasts.

“Boom ~”

One of them jumped up, a whipped leg, and kicked Sholo's face in the door.

Like a tiger, like a wind!

Sholo didn't even think about it. The sky was just one foot, and it was right against the bottom of the foot it kicked, and the force pinched it precisely and hard.

The man backed out for a few meters, kneeling steadily, and a serious face.

The other attacked, with no fancy iron fist wrapped around the thick and overwhelming power, such as the long rainbow rushing into the sky, whistling and rolling wind.

Sholo smiled with a smile, and the same punch.

“Boom ~”

Two fists touched the hard docking in the air, the power of terror turned into a rolling energy storm towards the surrounding area, sand and dust, the ground cracked at their feet, the woman named Rose could not be stabilized in the storm, was lifted out, good thing the previous man reacted rapidly, and caught her, which avoided the embarrassing scene of severe landing.

“Ho ho ho ho ho!”

A dozen steps back against Sholoh's fistfighter stood still, and Sholoh stepped backwards on his right foot, stopping this anti-seismic path.


The two Central Guard men swept up and down at Sholo, and his face was heavy, apart from serious.

“Get out of my way, die!!!” Sholo stepped out and swept all over his body.

Whether it was Rose or those two big men, their hearts had to tremble, their faces horrified, they wondered if it was a delusion, they only felt that Sholoh at this moment was like a wild beast that had suddenly awakened.

“Whoever disobeys orders, I have the right to behead the sequel, and your code name is annihilation, then I will destroy you.” Rose quickly returned to God. She had two members of the Central Guard as bodyguards, and what was she afraid of?


Sholo laughed and looked a little crazy. The next second, his body burst, after four or five paces, his feet stamped the ground, his body straight into the sky, his right fist broke through the sky, facing the ignorant woman beneath him.

Rapid flow of light, three meters high!

The instant release, the power is terrible!

Rose's face suddenly changed, her subconscious retreat, Sholo's madness and strength far exceeded her expectations.

The two men did not slow down, put away their inner shock, and the two moved to the rose in a flash. The right fist gripped was like a sporadic emptying, shocked up.

“Boom ~”

The dull banging sounds exploded in the middle of the air, the fists of the three men collided sharply, the perverted horror force immediately poured over, the ground where the two men stood instantly collapsed, two large pits about four meters in diameter, like two large iron pots embedded in the ground, densely cracked.

Power sweeps, power shocks!

Two big men trembled like they had been hit by a train head and tossed out on a roll.

Sholo did the same, but all three of them did not fall to the ground, but forced their gravity to twist, limbs to the ground, very smoothly, removing all the power from them like a spring.