Peerless Genius System

Chapter 511 Rage

“Shit, is this a movie? ”

“How could that man jump three meters tall without Weir hanging? ”

“Is it some kind of street magic? ”

Outside the door of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Group building is the avenue for people to come and go, more and more people are attracted by the situation here, because the images of Sholo and the two big men fighting are really too shocking to see, it's just a living action film, more people take out their cell phones to shoot, and prepare to send a circle of friends.

Sholo fell on the ground like a four-legged beast patch, his cold eyes locked the two men to death, and his furious intentions swept the entire space like a hurricane.

Those two men were no longer serious and calm, and Sholo's strength exceeded their expectations. In their view, NSA's S-class fighters were even stronger. There was still a considerable gap with their Central Guard Corps, and they were two, and only one of them, said that they could crush them completely, but now they can't get it right. The man in front of them is just as strong as a beast.

“Mr. Doom, the crowd is getting bigger and bigger, so as to avoid the effects of proliferation, how about we strike? ”

One of the big men openly suggested that his master, Miss Bai Jia, of course, had voluntarily transferred to the NSA for Zhuo Yuze. Their heart was like a mirror, which was the bulletin of private revenge, to deal with the guy codenamed ‘extermination', but the other party's strength was estimated to be wrong. If they continue to fight, it is difficult for them to reap the benefits, and the matter needs to be discussed in the long term.

“Six, what are you talking about? Get this son of a bitch!” Rose resented, so bright and upright against Sholo's chances are not well seized, is his brain in water?


The Central Guard, number 6, shook his head with a frown, indicating that Rose was temporarily intolerant and not impulsive.

Rose was stunned, and she saw a hint in the eyes of No. 6, silent.

“Mr. Doom, what do you think of my proposal?” Number 6 turned around and smiled at Sholo.

“Not so good! ”

Sholoh responded coldly, the next second, the forces of terror were rolling over his limbs, the whole person burst out like a rocket, pinching the mountains and shouting the tsunami in horror, leaving only one shadow along the way, and the scene was extremely visually shocking.

“God, what speed is this! ”

“Is this still a person? ”

“Oh, myGod, is that what the Chinese always say? It's horrible! ”

The distant crowd sucked in the cool air and shouted, as Sholoh's figure suddenly phantomized in their gaze, like a black lightning bolt that could not be captured accurately by their eyes and cameras.

The rose pupil contracted sharply, feeling like it was locked by a bloodthirsty warcraft, and feeling like a frog that was being targeted by a venomous snake, on the extremely dangerous edge, a cold sweat burst instantly on his body.


Sholo was attacked by his own master, and two Central Guard men were shocked and blocked in front of Rose at the fastest possible speed.

“Whether you're White or Lee, get the fuck out of here! ”

Seventy-eight meters of distance blinked, Shorona's handsome face was a little sluggish, his throat rolled and shouted loudly, his left foot was in a strong position, his wildly impacted body nearly out of control due to a sudden stop, and he flipped forward under the effect of inertia, and he accidentally took advantage of this wild impulse momentum, his whole body twisted forcefully with his left foot as the axis, his right foot swayed, like a hurricane sweep.

Speed is power, and then it overlaps with the power that you have, and the power that this foot contains is incredibly enormous and terrifying!

The two big men were horrified, and Qi crossed his arms to cover his chest. Behind them was the white lady. Although she knew this foot was scary, she could not escape, but had to bite her teeth down.

They practiced hard qi, put their arms on the ground, a military jeep crushed past without any damage, and they were still two, they could carry Sholoh's blow for anything, but when Sholoh's legs and feet hit their arms, they realized how ridiculous and childish their thoughts were.

“Boom ~”

The sound of a dull limb collision thundered, the fierce force roared like an angry beast, the waves were flickering, and at the moment of the collision, the violent energy fluctuations swept around.

The two men of the Central Guard only felt the pain in their arms, and there was a crisp “clatter” in their ears, like popcorn, and they knew that it was their hand bone size that burst, like a broken glass, under the skin that broke into slag.


Two screams, thick blood pieces erupted, the bodies of the two flipped backwards, and then the rose rolled like an uncontrolled car, until it stopped seven or eight meters outside.

The three men were bruised with flesh and blood everywhere, and were seriously injured, especially by the two Central Guard men, whose arms were blurred and their blood waters shattered, and the broken skeleton was rarely seen inside.

The crowd watching from afar sucked the cool air, just felt a cold air poured from the heavenly lid down to the bottom of their feet, the whole body was cold, their eyes were wide open, incredibly watched this scene, someone held their breath, some were in a hurry to breathe, others were staring, others were blushing, various facial expressions appeared on them alternately, clearly showing the horror in their hearts.

Some even shake their hands because they are so shocked that their phones fall off the ground.

The rose lay on the ground with a stain of blood on her mouth. Although she was not directly exposed to Sholoh's attack, the collision was too intense. How could she bear it? At this time, it felt like the five dirty hearts were shifted, the pain could not be spoken out, the terror could not be spoken out. She never thought that the strength of the other side was strong enough to easily defeat the Central Guard.

Sholo glanced at the audience far enough away. Although he had shot the situation here, he could never get a clear picture of his face, even though he wouldn't have any trouble sending it online, and then he stared cold at the rose.

“Be honest with me, you and the white family behind you, or I will step straight into your white family with a knife!!! ”

Without emotion, he immediately rushed to his truck, opened the door, sat in the driving position, and started, a powerful tail shake and went on, wasting a little time here, and he had to get to the airport in the new district as quickly as possible.

Rose couldn't help but beat a chill, eyes open, unsettled looking at the departing truck, body trembling, if she knew Sholo was so terrible, she said nothing would provoke the beast under such circumstances, just now she felt so close to death for the first time.