Peerless Genius System

Chapter 512 How Can You Do This?

“Okay, I get it! ”

At the NSA headquarters office, the ancient warring nations answered a phone call, raised their heads and looked at the Oriental Soul standing opposite him. "The little white girl was exterminated and seriously wounded, along with the two members of the Central Guard who went with her, and her arms were scrapped. ”

“No way, what is this, the strength of the Central Guard is matched by some of our NSA S-ranked fighters, and both Central Guard Corps men have been defeated?” Oriental Sawyer's uncertain path.

The ancient warring Power nodded: "This is a message from a peripheral member, and there can be no mistake.” Then hummed softly, "I already warned the Whites, but they still didn't take care of themselves, sending a little girl and two members of the Central Guard to find the trouble of annihilation, I think they should know by now. ”

“If the White House doesn't converge a little more, I will practice with them at the Oriental House. ”

Oriental Shuo tightened his fist, “But then again, the destruction gave us a lot of surprise, defeating two Central Guard men with one force, not only strength, which is perverse and horrible, his strength seems to have increased by more than one grade compared to before. ”

“Yeah, his potential is huge, and sometimes I can't help wondering if he's human.” The ancient warring nations sighed that the shock that Sholoh had brought to him was immense.

“This time you let the white girl go to the trouble of annihilation, do you have two purposes? The first is to teach the white family a lesson or a warning. Although the white family is powerful enough, our NSA is not muddy, and cannot be slapped on the nose by them; the second is to knock it down. After all, his behavior is a little too casual, if he can't move, he kills people. This behavior is always against the law.” Oriental Sawyer Road.

The ancient warring nations laughed and took a cup of tea and drank a sip of hot tea: "Nothing escapes your old boy's eyes. ”

“It's not the first day I met you. I still can't guess what you're thinking.” Oriental Sawyer laughed.

“Okay, there you go. ”

The ancient warring nations put the teacup down, walked to the balcony, looked at the scene outside the NSA, a little worried, “extermination is a double-edged sword, good for the people of the country, not good enough, its power is enough to destroy a lot of things, I read countless people, not many people can see through my eyes, and he is one of them, I always feel he has some kind of secret. ”

“That's why I sent a secret mission to the lark to discover the secret behind the annihilation. It's just unfortunate, it still seems to be nothing. The girl seems to be in love with the annihilation. Now because the annihilation didn't give her a reply to the mood, she proposed to move away from headquarters. Alas... young people are easily trapped by love.” Oriental Shu shook his head in helplessness.

The ancient warring kingdom gave him a despicable look: “He also said that other people, you didn't do the same when you were young. If Xiaoqian refused, you would die. They all ran to the roof of the building to threaten to jump to kill themselves...”

“Cough… stop, young madman to mention. ”

Oriental Shu's face rose red, “I'll tell you about my face! ”

The ancient warring nations raised their eyebrows and laughed with a smile. Their eyes moved out the window again and their eyebrows slightly wrinkled.



Shololian broke into more than a dozen red and green lights and arrived at the airport in the new district at the fastest possible speed.

Keith Ying's phone is still working, which means she hasn't boarded yet.

“Where are you?” Sholo asked directly, speaking in an irresistible tone, walking quickly towards the waiting room as he spoke.

Keith Ying was silent for a moment before he said: “Mr. Shawlow, I'm leaving, you need to have a good relationship with the new liaison officer, I'm sure Headquarters will send you an excellent...”

“Where are you? ”

Sholo interrupted without any courtesy, his tone increased by a point, and his gaze swept through Terminal One, finding that there was no sign of Ji Siying, and he rushed to the next terminal.

Keith Ying said with a hint of sadness: "Mr. Sholo, will you stop asking me where I am? I'm not going to tell you, answer this call, I'm going to say goodbye to you, and in this time with you, it's the happiest time of my life, but now, it's time to leave, and I will always and silently bless Mr. Schollo. ”

After that, without giving Sholo a chance to speak, he hung up.

Sholo almost couldn't resist dropping his phone to the ground to rot. When he hit it again, it was shut down. In a hurry, the trash can on the side of the road was exposed to a delusional disaster. He kicked him out of an alarming pit. A lot of trash spilled out inside, causing a minor disturbance. More diligently, he noticed the situation on this side and stared at Sholo.

Sholo finally discovered Keith Ying when he arrived in Terminal 3.

A dark hair tied a ponytail behind her, wearing a dark black tie waist top, a rose patterned skirt, stepped on a pair of black heeled leather boots, bright makeup, a small face, and a pair of sunglasses just right to add a chill to her.

Being so tall and stunning, it's like a beautiful landscape line that attracts a lot of men's attention.

Keith Ying was about to enter the security checkpoint, but at this time, his hand was grabbed directly, and he turned around and greeted a clean, white man's face.

She opened her mouth slightly in amazement: "Mr. Schollo?! ”

“Come with me! ”

Sholo gave her no room for discussion and pulled her out of the terminal.

“Mr. Schollo, what are you doing? Let me go, please let me go!” How can Ji Siying's strength compare to his? He had to drag him away, frowning.

Sholo looked forward, ignored, and just pulled her away.

“Mr. Schollo, let go, let go...”

Kiss Ying was suddenly a little scared because she didn't know what Sholo was going to do. In a hurry, she made the trick most women would use —— bite, she opened her mouth and bit Sholo on his wrist, trying to get Sholo to let go.

But she bit it hard, her hand was still firmly caught by Sholo, and Sholo stopped.

Fearing the sudden silence of the air, she raised her head and looked at her with no expression on her face.

“I... I... will you let me go? ”

Ji Siying did not come from a panic, luminous melon face, skin white red, delicate yao nose, sexy plump lips, has an elegant look.

“My liaison can only be you. ”

Sholo said in a very cold tone, "Besides, you want to run away from me for the rest of your life. ”

In other words, she was not allowed to struggle and resist, and dragged her away.

Ji Siying's mind trembled in the drama, and his mind kept swinging back. What is this wrongdoer saying behind Sholo? Don't let yourself run away from him? Is this a confession?

No, how can this be, he has married Su Li, he is someone else's husband, how can he himself with him...

"'What do you want?" said Ji Siying. ”

“I don't want to do anything.” Sholokhead did not reply either.

“You don't make sense! ”

“I was being unreasonable. Did you know me the first day? ”

“Let go of me! ”

“Don't put it. ”

“My luggage and ID are still there. ”

“No, do something new. ”

“How could you...?” Ji Siying was about to cry.

Sholo ignored her and pulled her away quickly.