Peerless Genius System

Chapter 517: Places of War

The sun diffuses through the earth, the sky is a long haze, obscure, repressive, everywhere by shelling fragile buildings, the area of the Libya Gobi is large, a gust of wind blows through, is the sand and dust of the sky.

Five military vehicles, two to two, followed by a distance of about seventy-eight metres at the end, looked down from the sky, like a serpent, walking deep down the road in Libya, the Special Operations Unit where Sholo was.

The last one is a Liberation Card truck with twelve soldiers on it and four Jeeps, each with four drivers, plus almost thirty men, or a platoon of troops.

This is a place of war, a real battlefield, where everyone is heavily armed, and Sholo is also wearing camouflage clothes, bulletproof vests, military helmets, a sniper gun and several grenades on his body.

The Chinese flag on the front military jeep, the white forces, which are Libya's government forces, do not attack foreign troops who enter the Libyan hinterland for the evacuation, and the rebels of the black forces, who want to win the war, likewise do not easily fight foreign forces who invade Libya, because it forces foreign forces to stand by the government forces to their detriment.

“Rebels in Libya are often unprincipled and, as long as they are not their own forces, become targets for clean-up. ”

On the second military jeep, Chiang Chi Minh told Sholoh that it was not the first time he had led a team to evacuate the country, so the situation in Libya was clearer. It was only the first time he had travelled so far to Standin City to receive his compatriots.

Sholo nodded to show himself clearly, his eyes dropped out the window, and occasionally he could see the bodies of civilians on the side of the road, similar to wild dogs and wildcats that died on the side of the road, rotting and stinking, attracting many flies.

You can also see the people of Libya who fled with their tow houses, their clothes ragged and covered with thick dust, their eyes filled with fear, stubbornness, numbness and no anger, just like the feeling of despair for the world.

Most of them were frightened by the war and death. When they perceived the passage of the military car, they raised their hands and surrendered...

It is impossible to see these images without touching Schollo's heart, living together in a civilized world under a heavenly dome, where the people of most countries can live in peace without fear of life at any time.

And in this corner, no one can be alone in this land besieged by war, where people are displaced, their wives are separated, like a rootless weed, swinging with the wind, not knowing where to go, not knowing where to go, and perhaps at some point in the future, they will become a corpse, disappearing from the world forever, a dead spirit in a war.

“No one knows more about the cruelty of war than we do, and only after a war can we understand the value of peace!” Jiang Zhiming sighed.

“Don't think too much, it's self-agony. ”

Sholo said with great comfort, "All we have to do is remember our respective tasks, and think of it as a floating cloud, the kind that dissipates at a glance. ”

As long as there is humanity, he will surely be touched by the tragedy of Libya, but he has no energy and does not want to do so much thinking. In addition to Libya, there are many more tragedies happening in the world. If we all have to worry and sigh again, we must not live and grieve ourselves.

Jiang Zhiming nodded in agreement. Indeed, they are not the saviors. Just do the job well. Nothing else needs to be overly concerned and attentive. Even if there is more exclamation, nothing can change.

“Monsieur Doom, I hear all of you at the NSA are capable men. You must be very good, right? ”

A soldier sitting in the deputy driver's position turned around and rushed towards Sholo-do, a relatively naive face. Jiang Zhiming introduced him when he got in the car. His name was Kong Yunhong and he was Jiang Zhiming's deputy.

Sholo smiled and didn't answer him.

Kong Yunhong continued with a smile: "You have a sniper gun in your hand, then you must be very good at this. Our captain is also very good at sniping enemies. In a confrontation exercise, he shot the head of the Blue Army 1,000 meters away, did a great job of beheading him, and then escaped from the surroundings of hundreds of Blue Army men, so that the Blue Army thought he had encountered ghosts. Since then, he has been named a 'ghost killer', right, captain? ”


Jiang Zhiming coughed up and scolded him. "How did I find you so fond of gossip that you could die without talking? ”

He is not the Lord who loves to show off, and his instincts tell him that the NSA came pretty easy to destroy, that they would feel more or less nervous deep into Libya's hinterland, and the demise, very calm, extremely calm, as if Sky was used to such a scene, without any nervousness, could not pretend, and his eyes would not lie.

“How can I call this gossip? I'm telling the truth. ”

Kong Yunhong frowned, stalled innocent way, his relationship with Jiang Zhiming was very close, for Jiang Zhiming's spleen was clearly touched, but not really frightened by Jiang Zhiming's appearance.

“Okay, keep your mouth shut, if there's really nothing to do, nobody says anything about you in bed.” Jiang Zhiming drank lightly.

Kong Yunhong: “Captain, without taking you so far, this is a war place. Who can sleep? If you get a gun in your sleep, how many grievances will you have to die? ”

“Just know. ”

Jiang Zhiming shook his head and hummed softly.

And as soon as he turned his head, he saw Sholo leaning against the window and closing his eyes to support him, and the quiet appearance was like he was asleep.

My uncle, this doomed man has such a big heart!

Kong Yunhong opened his mouth in shock.

Jiang Zhiming couldn't laugh for a while. If he was one of his men, he would greet him with no courtesy at this time. In the simplest and most direct way, he woke up the confused men. But Sholo was not under his control. The tasks of the two men were different, and he would not do anything to Sholo.

Sholo certainly didn't really sleep, he just let the car calm down in this way. Jiang Zhiming is fine. This Kong Yunhong is different. As long as he talks, it is definitely nonstop.

And the method proved to be very effective, and the car quickly became quiet.

He reopened his eyes and watched closely the outside world, the mountains of Libya do, came to the edge of the Gobi, the surface was slowly covered by drought-resistant vegetation, almost three kilometers away, he found a sign on the side of the road with some special symbols engraved on it, some more forward, another sign appeared, that still had those special symbols on it.

Sholo Oil, however, had a bad feeling and immediately drank: "Stop the car! ”

Almost at the same moment, the mutation occurs...