Peerless Genius System

Chapter 518 Rebellion

“Boom ~”

The military jeep in front swept a hot wave in a loud, deafening noise, the flame instantly devoured the entire car, Sholo's jeep, the windshield could not withstand the power of the explosion, the moment turned into countless glass debris, like being swept over by a shock wave, pounding on the faces of the driver, Kong Yunhong, Sholo and Jiang Zhiming.

Fortunately, the driver reacted quickly and stepped on the brake at the moment of the explosion, so no one hit him.


A terrible scream was like a demon suffering a terrible death sentence in hell, two warriors were alive in the front car, pushed the door off the car that turned into a fire, but they lit the fire of a bear all over their body, did not make a few decent struggles and fell to the ground, burned alive.

“Enemy attack, enemy attack...”

Kong Yunhong was in panic, his pupils shrunk, and he shouted in defiance of everything.

Jiang Zhiming immediately stepped out of the car and fell towards the two soldiers who were being burned by the flames. He took off his clothes and pounded the flames on them. At the same time, the soldiers in the rear vehicle surrounded him, some of whom were in charge of guarding him and the other assisted Jiang Zhiming.

Soon, the flames of the two warriors were extinguished, but they had long gone without signs of life, and their bodies were burned everywhere, causing a lot of pus, dark faces, blurred flesh and blood, and there was a stinging burning smell in the air.

There were two more people in the burnt-out car who were killed when the explosion occurred, and their bodies were almost burned together with the car.

Everyone is stunned. They are soldiers, but also peacetime soldiers, who have not been baptized by war. Here in Biya, they will undoubtedly receive such a hellish baptism. Before, they had never thought that death was so close, and before, they had said funny comrades, but at this moment they turned into a burnt corpse.

Such a lag grieves them, but also makes nerves very tight!

“What's going on? What the hell is going on? Well driven, why did it suddenly explode? I don't see any enemies around here.” Kong Yunhong Baixi couldn't understand it. He cried and asked in a blind face.

“It's landmines. ”

Jiang Zhiming raised his head and looked deeply at the road ahead. As he could tell, he had a headache. He had just burst the windshield into pieces and had two or three wounds cut out of his face.

“There are two kilometres of minefields ahead, we have to detour! ”

Sholo walked up with his hands behind him, and the power of the king of mercenaries made him feel like he had come to his own land. Those special symbols meant nothing to many people, but for him, they marked the information on the minefields, which should have been buried by the rebels of the black forces, afraid of accidental injuries, so they left special symbols to inform themselves.

“How do you... know?” Kong Yunhong asked in surprise.

Though Jiang Zhiming did not ask, but his eyes with the question, Sholo just shouted “Stop the car”, combined with the current explosion, he was sure that Sholo had discovered something a long time ago, but he didn't even notice, how did this guy discover it?

Sholo couldn't explain much to them and sighed: "Go around. ”

Turn around and return to the military jeep.

That was it. Jiang Zhiming did not ask, but ordered his subordinates to throw the bodies of the two warriors into the fire of the car and complete a simple cremation. This was the only way to deal with it.

Around the minefield and continuing towards Standin City, the burning car was left far behind. Many people couldn't help but look back and look in its direction. There seemed to be four souls waving at them in the rising smoke.



Before reaching the city of Standin, four fighters were lost. Every member of this special task force was in a particularly heavy mood. What happened just now was not a moment to remind them that this was a real battlefield, not a drill. In the event of an accident, it was the result of death. Everyone was twelve points of spirit and did not dare to relax at all.

The front car has been sacrificed, and Sholo's jeep is at the front!

Commander, this is very risky, but Chiang Chi Ming chose such an adventure because he trusted himself and trusted Sholo more. If he could not find any danger, Sholo could certainly find it and avoid it in advance.

On the first day, everything was fine except for the mines during the day.

“When can I reach Standin City? ”

At night, the light of the campfire shook, and Sholo asked next to Chiang Chi Minh.

“Should be here by noon tomorrow.” Jiang Zhiming replied.

“Okay, got it. ”

Sholo leaned back against the tires of the car, closed his eyes, this is the battlefield, even if it was a break, his ears watched closely around him, and as soon as any wind was blowing, he would wake up from the rest.

Nothing to say all night...

The next day, as soon as the sun was shining, the task force left.

The terrain of Libya is almost everywhere, in countless hills, where people tend to feel restless after a long stay, especially in a state of nervousness.

“Captain, look, there seems to be a Libyan army ahead! ”

Kong Yunhong suddenly pointed nervously at the front and shouted, “Is it the government or the rebels? ”

Sholo had already seen that there were five cars, well equipped, with machine guns on the roof.

“Whatever the army is, be prepared for battle! ”

Jiang Zhiming took the lead in getting the whole team ready to fight, while reinserting the flag and identifying themselves to each other.

The existence of the telescope equipment prompted Jiang Zhiming to quickly confirm the identity of the other party. It was a small group of rebels in Libya. The rebels and the government forces made a good distinction. Look at their flags and military uniforms. The military uniforms of the rebels were darker, while the government forces were lighter, the contrast was obvious, black and white.

When their convoy stopped, the Libyan rebels also stopped, and the two leaders were using binoculars to observe each other.

“They're gesturing at us, as if they're calling us through, and they seem to be able to avoid conflict with them.” Kong Yunhong relieved himself.

Jiang Zhiming looked at Sholo: "What do you think, Mr. Doom? ”

“Let them go first and avoid passive beatings! ”

Sholoh said faintly that he was not used to giving his back to forces who knew nothing about it.

Jiang Zhiming nodded, and that's what he meant. If the other party is a government army, there is absolutely no problem, but now the other party is a rebel army, then you must be vigilant.

However, no response has yet been forthcoming, and the rebels in Libya have taken the lead in launching attacks against them.


More than a dozen mortar shells broke through the sky and whistled towards them as they fell ferociously.