Peerless Genius System

Chapter 531: She's in Brewer

Everyone knows that there is a reaper in the mist who harvests life, fluttering, strange as a ghost, and endless fears permeate these rebels in Libya.

“Sudden Sudden ~”

The guy with the mental breakdown fired indiscriminately, but most of them were injured, and the bullets that went wild were basically shot into his own body, spilling a bloody flower, while the shooter was screaming, like dancing some kind of death dance backwards to the ground.

“Calm down, calm down! ”

Hamis raised his pistol and shot at height, screaming hysterically.

But it didn't work at all. Faced with a shell like a ghost opponent, they could no longer control their reason. When a companion around them had his neck ripped open and his blood sprayed neck fell over and he couldn't find the enemy's figure, it was a form of extreme mental torture, and nobody could maintain their reason in such an atmosphere.

From louder and denser, slower and smaller and thinner, this suggests that more and fewer people are dying, and fewer and fewer people are alive. Hamis opened his eyes and looked in horror at the fog of sand and dust in front of him. Where his sight could reach, he could only see a few sporadic soldiers screaming and holding guns around, while on the ground, it was a fragment of the body.

“How can this be... How can this be...”

The spirit of Hamis was also near the brink of collapse, sending more than 800 soldiers, forming a siege from all sides to stop a soldier from coming from China. Even the mortar weapon was used, depleting 60 or 70 artillery shells, but the other party was still intact and alive, while the sand and dust were raging, began to fight back, killing more than 800 of them on one side.

Is this really a human being?

Hamis was stunned. He had passed through the sandbox for a long time, and he had never met such a terrible opponent. He was a monster.

“Sudden Sudden ~”

There was only one sound of assault rifle shooting in his ear, but not much, as a scream stopped, the rolling sand and dust gradually dissipated, the field of vision slowly became clearer, everywhere the sight was the corpse of the soldier under his own, blood gathered in a stream on the ground, it was a river of blood.

No more standing soldiers, more than 800 people, all turned into a corpse on the ground...

Hamis glared at his eyes, bean-sized sweatballs rolling down his forehead, his body shaking uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, Tang Wan, hiding in the sewer well, suddenly smelled a strong bloody smell, and then she discovered that from the hole in the well cover, there was thick blood running down.


Chills, screams, fears!

Where can Tang Wan calm down, pushing the cover like crazy, trying to get out of here, but the cover was crushed by rubble, and the weight itself was not light, she could not push the cover away even if she used her milk strength.

“Sholo, Sholo...”

She cried and kept calling Sholo.

In comparison to her, Hamis feared more than anything. In his eyes, a figure appeared, dressed in a camouflage suit, holding a dagger and walking towards him step by step. What shook his soul was that the other person's eyes were scarlet, like two empty red lanterns, like the devil's eyes, cold, bloodthirsty, numb, and without any human emotion.

“Die, you devil! ”

Hamis yelled back at God, holding the handle in his hands, and the ghost pulled the trigger against the walking camouflage suit.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

Shoot continuously until all the bullets in the magazine have been shot out.

But none of the bullets hit each other, and the other slipped right and left, dodging his bullet.

Fear filled his mind, Hamis retreated while changing the magazine, but after a mess of hands and feet, the magazine did not succeed. Instead, he lost his hand and fell to the ground. He was just about to bend over to pick it up, but saw a pair of feet in sandy military boots standing in front of him, raised his head, and greeted the orangutan eyes.

“Putong ~”

With soft legs, the whole person knelt on the floor, pale and sweaty as a waterfall.

The trembling voice asked: "You… are you a ghost? ”

“It doesn't matter, it's important that you tell me where Sarah Michelle is.” Sholo stared at him indifferently, carrying an order that no one could disobey.

“She's in... She's in Brewer City...”

Hamis answered honestly, all perseverance and psychological defenses collapsed in the face of this supernatural monster.


Sholoh responded with no expression, and the next second, a dagger with a blood blade in his hand, the sound of a "puff” crossed Hamish's throat, very fast, as fast as electric light.

After doing this, the dagger was thrown randomly on the ground, and Sholo turned around and left.

On his knees, Hamis now felt no pain, even thought he'd let go of himself, but just as he was about to stand up, a stream of liquid poured out of his neck uncontrollably, his subconscious hands reached out and touched him, and he looked in front of him, his eyes glaring like cow's eyes.

Blood, it's all blood!

Hot blood sprayed out, endless pain swept away, his body slowly poured, twitched, infinite darkness slowly eroded his sight, death was coming.



Sholo shook his head hard and forcibly suppressed the idea of killing that didn't know when it existed. Perhaps it existed already, but it was inspired by the system's power.

When the idea of killing faded like a tide, his eyes also regained their normal color between black and white.

It's just that after he wiped out the more than 800 Libya rebels, he got some blood on his face, not to mention his body.

Tang Wan cried and screamed in the sewer well, suddenly “bang”, she came to the bright world. The light was not strong, but it was a bit dazzling and dazzling for her. She finally saw that Sholo took the well cover off and was reaching for her.


The strong woman was like her, but at this time she was crying and crying, and God sees pity in her.

“Get up here!” Sholo shouted at her with no expression on his face.


Don Wan grabbed his hand.

Sholoe pulled this woman up from a small sewer well as soon as he could.

As soon as he saw the bodies everywhere, the blood flowing into the river and a hell of a scene, Don Wan immediately let go of Sholo's hand and squatted on the ground “wow” the big puke threw up.

Sholo didn't rush her, give her time to buffer.

He's not an indiscriminate killer, but if someone else is going to hurt him, he certainly won't show mercy.