Peerless Genius System

Chapter 532: I Must Do This

“Sholo, are they... are they all killed by you? ”

Tang Wan's painful gaze turned to Sholo. If she could accept the killing of the rebels in the previous small crotch, it would be really unacceptable right now. So many corpses, hundreds of thousands, what kind of harsh hands and deep unpredictable strength would it take to fight so many people with one person?

“This is a battlefield, killed by me or by other armies, no difference.” Sholo said faintly.

“No difference? Don't you have a little guilt and fear in your heart when you kill them?” Tang Wan looked at the man with horror. At this moment, the man was no different from the devil's head in her eyes.

Sholo glanced at her indifferently and then said indifferently: “Tang Wan, you should be glad you're still alive, instead of making your merciful remarks after seeing the bodies everywhere. If they're not dead, but I'm dead, what do you think you'll end up with now? ”


Don Wan opened his eyes and his eyes trembled slightly. Yes, if these Libyan rebels win, it will be despair and darkness to greet her.

“Don't try to criticize anyone at the height of morality. This is the battlefield. Living is the most important thing, isn't it?” Sholo smiled and he understood Tang Wan's psychology, but didn't support it.

Tang Wan did not speak any more, but closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down.

“Boom! Boom!”

“Sudden Sudden ~”

At this time, the gunfire and gunfire coming from afar, the smoke, the whole city of Standin seemed to be in turmoil.

“What happened to Captain Jiang? Have they been attacked?” Tang Wan asked in horror.

Sholo glanced at the distance and shook his head: “I don't think so. If I'm right, it's Libya's government forces that are fighting back. ”

“Is there another fight here? ”

Tang Wan's face was white as paper. She had already learned the cruelty of the war. She dared not imagine how to leave Stanting City alive with gunfire and shelling.

“That's a good thing, go! ”

Sholola picked her up and rushed to the previously agreed church.

Ten minutes later, we arrived at the church, which had been blown to the top, with only a few walls left.

Jiang Zhiming arrived earlier, because most of the troops were drawn by Hamis against Sholo. They walked quite peacefully. There was no fighting, and only a small group of Libya rebels were encountered, but many people were sacrificed and survived, plus Sholo and Tang Wan, there were nineteen.

“Mr. Destroyer! ”

When I saw Sholo, the spirit of Jiang Zhiming's group was revitalized.

Sholoh nodded slightly and looked away at the distant sky.

“Mr. Doom, depending on the situation, the rebels and government forces in Libya are at war. What do we do next?” Jiang Zhiming advised Sholo.

Everyone else was staring at Sholo, invisible, and Sholo became the core of the team.

"“ Etc. ”


Everyone was stunned and looked at each other.

“I was going to break out from the west, but things have changed now. Now that they have fought, let them fight. If the government wins, we can swing out. If the rebels win, they are also very energetic and more conducive to our breaking out, so whatever the outcome of this war, it is in our interest.” Sholo explained.

Everyone was relieved as if they had taken a heartbeat pill.



The SWAT team stayed in the church and, over time, from time to time, the rebels fled, driving jeeps through the streets beneath them, and the rear was the government army that was chasing them while they were winning.

The shells bombed, the bullets flew across the street, the whole street was devoured by fire, the bodies piled up everywhere, and the air smelled like flesh burned.

Looking at the corpses of the hundreds of rebels and political forces below, Tang Wan finally understood what Sholo had said before, it really didn't make any difference. People died the same way. If Sholo kills people, it's called cruelty, then doesn't that count?



The final result of the war was the return of the city of Stantin to the control of the government forces, who were particularly friendly when they saw this special task force in China, not only providing them with medical treatment, but also supplying them with ammunition and vehicles, each with a heavy machine gun, more friendly than their own.

The Supreme Commander of the Government Army is a nearly 50-year-old general with gray hair and sculpted marks of age on his face, wearing a military uniform, but not a tough temperament.

“Did you destroy the 800 Black Army in Central Square, a friendly army from China?” The general asked Chi Minh Jiang, after all, who was the captain of the special operations team.

“More than 800 Black Army? Are you talking about your rebels in Libya?” Jiang Zhiming wondered.

The Admiral nodded: "Yes. ”

Killed over 800 Libyan rebels?

Jiang Zhiming looked at Sholo, Kong Yunhong and other members of the Special Task Force also looked at Sholo independently. They did not encounter many Libyan rebels along the way, and the general could not make such jokes with them. The only explanation was that more than 800 Libyan rebels were killed by Sholo.

With an enemy of 800?

Oh, my God!

How they want this to be a joke, who can believe this, is too marginal, how can a man destroy more than 800 loads of live ammunition, highly militarily qualified Libyan rebels?

The general of the Libyan government and government army is very human. When he saw Jiang Zhiming's group of strangely colored stares at Xiaoluo, he laughed and said, “This warrior from China, can I know your name? ”

“You don't already know.” Sholo's faint way.

“I already know?” The Admiral frowned, unknown, so.

Sholo smiled softly: "Warriors of China, that's my name, that's our name. ”

The general shook up and laughed. “Well said, well said! ”

Sholo did not talk to the general anymore, but said to Tang Wanxuan: “You go with Captain Jiang. The commander of the Libyan government has marked a route to the shore on the map. This route is guarded by their government forces, so you will be safe. ”

“And you? ”

Don Wan asked, "Are you still looking for Sarah Michelle? ”

“This is my mission, so let's just leave it alone and have time or opportunity to get together in the country. ”

Sholo smiled a little and then reached out to her, "Here you go. ”

“What?” Tang Wan blinked, puzzled.

“You took a lot of pictures all the way through with a small camera, and most of them took me in, not because I don't trust you, but because I don't trust a reporter, so please hand it over.” Sholo's polite way.

Tang Wantong plugged, struggled in his heart, and then honestly put the little camera in his pocket in Sholo's hands and raised his head to explain: “Sholo, I swear if I take it back, I will never publish your picture, let alone tell anyone about you. ”

“I'm sure you will, but I must do the same. ”

Sholo nodded and pinched hard, and the little camera turned into a pile of powder in his hand.