Peerless Genius System

Chapter 543: The Human Monster

Sholo was stunned. Kunsha's martial arts were not even recorded in the system. When Kunsha's clothes were broken and there was only one slit left, there was an extra human monster in the warehouse, which turned from Kunsha into a human monster.

Nearly three meters high, the whole body bursts with muscles, the same goes for the face, looks like a muscle creep with a full head, deep orbit, mouth twice the size of the original, lots of nauseous sticky halibut in the nose, sharp nail elongation, sharp as a knife.

If you look at the five officials, you can't even tell it's Kunsha, but it looks like a hideous, scary demon!


The evil dragon and skull face became colored and suffocated. Once again, they saw the boss become a monster. The first time they saw each other was a few years ago. At that time, the boss used this form to block God, Buddha to kill Buddha, live to tear people to pieces. The scene was seen, just like yesterday.

“Little bastard, after practicing some tripod cat kung fu, you think the world is invincible, I will rip you alive today! ”

Kunsha stared at Sholoh's sinking voice, his voice was dull and rough, and as he said it, he stepped forward, mightily approaching Sholoh, like a moving mountain, the earth trembling slightly beneath his feet.

The monster who saw Kunsha turn into a monster walked toward himself, and the cold light appeared in Sholoh's eyes. As he walked forward, he caught a dragon in the sky, wrapping his right hand in the power of the hero and welcoming Kunsha's heavenly spiritual lid to slap him hard.

Flying, rigid, fast!

With a dragon chant, the entire warehouse swept and swept, and the sand and dust on the ground swept into the air.

Kunsha grew bigger and seemed to be slowing down, without making any decent defense, and Sholoh's clap was a solid bombardment on his heavenly lid.

The image of Kunsha's head not being shot in anticipation appeared, and the palm of his hand struck like a diamond, and the palm of his hand could not do much harm to it.

With a slight change of color, Sholoh finally realized that Kunsha was not so easy to deal with.

“Ho ~”

At this time, Kunsha became a human monster shouting, his right fist shooting at Sholo's chest with the power of a mountain shouting tsunami.

“Boom ~”

The power of terror spread around the center of the contact point, and Sholoh spit blood back and forth, like a shell, smashing into a support column in the warehouse made of reinforced concrete, which collapsed immediately, and Sholoh fell to the ground with the splashing rubble, and the blood of his mouth gushed out of his mouth.

At this moment, the five dirt seemed to break, he coughed up blood constantly, and his gaze became a little blurred.

Simply a photograph, he was seriously injured. Sholo had to keep his eyes open. He took Kunsha seriously. He had no idea that the Blackwater Corporation's top executives had such horrible perverted powers.

“Grunting ~”

Evil dragons and skeletons are all sweating out, their bosses, the power of a punch is really too strong, and flying out to give the warehouse support pillar to the collapsed Sholo is even more shocking, they can't help but think: the boss is a monster, this annihilation is also a monster, the strength of the body is enough to counteract the support pillar cast from reinforced concrete.

But when I saw Kunsha in the upper wind, I was thrilled. Evil Dragon shouted, "Boss, kill him, kill this son of a bitch! ”


Kunsha Dumb laughed furiously, walking step by step towards Sholo, like a giant moving, the ground vibrating.

Sholo wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth, stood up from the ground and sounded a systematic tone in his head, congratulating him on the healing of his internal injuries.

“How dare you stand up?!” Kunsha was astonished.

Sholoh chuckled: "With that punch you just gave me, you're not close to killing me. ”

“That's what I want. Let's have some fun.” Kunsha chuckled.

“Then have fun! ”

Sholoh's face was cold and his figure was illusory. He approached Kunsha as if he were a ghost, and his speed was at its peak.

After four or five steps, jump up, rotate your torso, and swing your right foot forcefully, sweeping across Kunsha's temple like a chain of order.

The perfect combination of speed and power!

This foot, thundering wind, thunderous punishment, precisely hit Kunsha's brain, at the moment of the hit, the power wandered wildly around, energy fluctuations caused a raging wind.

Kunsha was indifferent and withstood this foot without moving. He raised his eyes and scorned: “I have achieved the ultimate in hard work and you will not hurt me! ”


Sholo quickly retreated, slipping like a cunning rabbit to the side four or five meters outside, picking up a ruler on the ground and growing a knife, then circling behind Kunsha at a rapid speed, as he accumulated his internal strength on the knife, he yelled, “Old man, you die! ”

Hold the knife with your hands and fall.

“Buzz ~”

The bright knife shines like a rainbow, tearing through the heavy space to face Kunsha straight down, the whole space wind thunder array, the wild wind, the flying sand took the gravel, the warehouse was all in turmoil at this moment.

The evil dragon and skull face turned colorful, I can't believe watching it all, their boss is Chinese, this annihilation is also Chinese, how can that mysterious kingdom develop such terrible martial arts masters.

When the sand and dust scattered, an alarming ditch appeared on the ground, which was chopped out by the knife.

Sholo's eyes trembled slightly, and the whole person was stunned, because he did all he could, and that Kunsha was still standing, standing tall in rolling sand and dust, pulling out the mountain.

“I told you, you can't hurt me. Do you believe me now? ”

Kunsha turned around and smiled with a funny smile on her face, moving her neck around a bit, "Now it's my turn. ”

The voice just fell, he was like a mad brute bull, ramming straight into Sholo, nearly three meters tall and huge body, it was an unparalleled rate of burst.

Sholo's pupils narrowed and he immediately retracted. He saw Kunsha sweep his head with one paw, and one paw imprinted on his chest. His fingertips were as sharp as a knife. He was extremely sharp. He immediately drew a knife to fight.

“Psst ~”

Kunsha's claws and knives touch each other, as if they were metallic interactions, making a sound of metallic clatter.

Brief confrontation, knife claw remains halfway empty, more than a dozen moves have passed, Kunsha is filled with terrible forces, fighting is getting tougher, the moves, the pace is fully operational, the destructive force is amazing, the warehouse walls are like tofu for him, easy to pull off a lot of debris, the ground also collapsed under his feet.

Sholoh redeemed the skill of the "Super Knife", making the knife very smooth, chopping defenses without any hesitation, the impact of the force is like a storm sweep, the waves of the formation beat the fierce momentum of the reef, extremely visual shock.