Peerless Genius System

Chapter 544: Rampage

Evil dragons and skeletons look at the images of two people with such huge differences in body size fighting, they are all atmospheric and afraid to breathe, they are all dead people licking blood at the knife mouth, bleeding, death, these are common to them, but the images at this moment, directly shock their souls, who can believe that the battle between the two humans will be so fierce, solid walls and face both of them are actually as fragile as paper paste.

Is this still a person?

The pain in both of them was temporarily forgotten and they were in a deep shock and couldn't help themselves.

“Psst ~”

Sholo and Kunsha had no more than a hundred moves. The knife touched Kunsha's fingernails, and there was a splash of Mars.

At this time, with a dull smile in Kunsha's mouth, the power on his claws was harshly shot like a wave of anger. Sholo crossed the knife block, but this time, the big knife was cut in two, and the force of brutality swept in impotence.

“Pfft ~”

Sticky bloody water gushed out, Sholo's body trembled like a shell, smashing into a solid wall of the warehouse, seemingly sturdy walls “boom” smashing into a cave, countless bricks and dust flying, all submerged inside.

Kunsha punched herself in the chest like an ape and shouted: “Come out, little bastard, come out, let's do it again! ”

The deep recessed eyes showed intense warfare and willingness. When he shook his head and laughed, the hara flowing out of his nose threw to the ground, disgusting as a thick sputum.

“Boom ~”

Stacked in a small mountain of broken bricks, flying all over, covered in blood, the indifferent look of Sholo walking out of it.

Oh shi t, that didn't even die?!

The evil dragons and skeletons have developed a cold sweat, deeply deterred by Sholoh's tenacious vitality, which has absolutely created the limits of human suffering, and they feel numb in the scalp.

Kunsha froze slightly, then smiled coldly: “The vitality is stubborn, good, good, hahahaha...”

“Kunsha!!! ”

Sholo roared, biting the blood dripping door teeth burst, seemingly lean body this time like a wild buffalo, strong near Kunsha, gripping iron fist wrapped angry wave slapping shore of the fierce impact.

Ho ~

Kunsha yangtian roared, running hard qi to the extreme, defensive and not attacking, ready to take this punch, he is just going to let Sholo completely despair, defeat Sholo physically and soul.

However, he thinks he paid the price of blood...

Sholo accumulated all his internal strength on this punch and concentrated a little explosive force comparable to the power of the bullet. This punch went directly into Kunsha's abdomen, then through Kunsha's back back, and the blood splashed.

“Little bastard...”

Kunsha opened her eyes and, while she was stunned, infinite anger erupted.

A bloody roar rolled down his throat, his two claws grabbed Sholo's shoulders, the sharp nail embedded in Sholo's flesh, and then pushed Sholo out.

This force was irresistible to Sholoh, and his torso immediately swung away.

The angry Kunsha ran like a barbarian beast, without waiting for Sholo to land, clawed Sholo's throat, and in the most barbaric and manic way, hit the warehouse wall with Sholo.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With two people crashing through three or four walls in a row, evil dragons and skeletons took a sip of cool air, and their bosses started acting crazy. If they were to change to another person, they would have crashed into a piece of meat mud long ago.

After a brief silence, they only saw Sholo fly out of the pit of a pitch-black wall, apparently thrown by their boss.

He was covered in dust, his clothes were shattered and his body was covered in blood, just like the body that had been killed by the cannon fire in the rocks.


Sholo coughed up some blood and struggled to climb up off the ground.

Evil dragons and skeletons stared at each other and only felt the back of the spine cool for a while. They thought Sholo was dead. The result was still alive. It was horrible. This life force was horrible. What they saw and heard tonight upset their perceptions.

“Phew... Phew...”

With a series of heavy gasps, the human monster that Kunsha turned into also appeared from the cave of the wall, his abdomen bleeding more and more, and the halla in his nose dripping heavily as he breathed.

“Boom! Boom!”

He walked step by step to Sholo, and every step he stepped on, the entire warehouse trembled slightly.

Step on Sholo's head as he walks in front of him.

“Boom ~”

Sholo's head collapsed on the ground, a big pit, sand and dust, and half his head was buried inside.

“Son of a bitch, you got it? Talk to me, you motherfucker! ”

Kunsha stepped on Sholoh one foot after another, and the pit beneath Sholoh widened a little bit.

It's alive. Do you want to step on that guy?

Evil dragons and skeletons look cool and deeply shocked by the brutality of their bosses.

At this point, the temperature in the warehouse immediately dropped to the ice point, and their bodies were forced to strike a cold tremor, a cold, like a ghost's chilling laugh.


The voice is sharp, the yin and yang are weird, very weird.

Kunsha's eyes squinted slightly and looked down at Sholo at his feet. An unknown sense of crisis arose.

And the next moment, Sholo, who was already dying, held his fists tight and punched Kunsha on his foot.

“Cuckoo ~”

The ankle was broken, and the whole foot was like a broken wooden stick. The bones pierced the flesh and the blood spilled out.


Kunsha opened his eyes and looked incredibly at his broken right foot. His hard work had reached its limit. Unless he used a sniper gun, ordinary guns could not pose any threat to him, but what is the situation now?

It's broken?

You broke your right foot with a punch from this little bastard?

How is that possible?

In his shock, Sholo had broken free of his foot, his left foot axis, his torso swinging vigorously, his right leg wrapped in the fierce and extreme force and beaten him hard in Kunsha's abdomen.

“Boom ~”

Terrible forces like a storm, this time, Kunshana's huge body flew out, continuously smashing several reinforced concrete poured support columns, and then came a solid collision with the warehouse wall, the wall was not broken, but his body printed the wall a human shape, and countless spider web-like cracks spread outward from this human trail.

Evil dragons and skeletons are all stunned and sweating like waterfalls.

Who would have thought that the dying Sholoh would suddenly burst into action, and now they see the shadow of Sholoh, shaking, walking to their boss step by step like he was going to fall at any moment, but this figure seemed to fall at any moment, making them feel trembling from their souls, because Sholoh's whole breath changed.

Manic, bloodthirsty, evil!

At this moment, as if the gates of hell had opened, there was a breath of death in the air.