Peerless Genius System

Chapter 550 Conflict

“Mr. Doom is not what you think, I won't allow you to say that about him! ”

Sarah was a big fan of Sholo. After all, her life was saved by this man, and no one else knew it. Doesn't she know what Sholo was capable of? Tell them that Sholo was following them to seek their protection. That was the biggest joke in the world.

“Miss Sarah, the Chinese are very cunning, especially the Chinese soldiers. I've seen them through. They're a bunch of animals!” Mina looked at Sholoway disgustingly.


Sholo really didn't want to see this brainless woman, but this woman disgusted him over and over again, and he couldn't stand it any longer without doing something.

He stood up and smiled in the corner: "You called Mina, didn't you? Why, was one of our Chinese soldiers asleep and got tired of playing and dumped her like garbage? Is that why you're so prejudiced against our Chinese soldiers? ”

“What did you say?” Mina opened her eyes and held her fist tight.

“Don't you understand what I'm saying? ”

Sholo grinned, “I'm saying that you are a piece of trash bored by our Chinese soldiers. If I knew who that soldier was, where, I would definitely come to him to scold him. This is too hungry to eat. If I didn't see what it is, I would sleep. If I got sick, wouldn't it hurt our own Chinese compatriots again? ”

A serious, vulgar word, Sarah Michelle was stunned, and I had no idea Sholo would say that.

The other members of the SEAL commando team, including Powell, were also stunned, thinking that the Chinese soldier's mouth was too damaged. More importantly, they knew about Mina, and they did talk about a Chinese soldier's boyfriend, and were really dumped, so she hated the Chinese people, in addition to that international soldier king competition, which is one of the important reasons.

Mina had a tantrum, and as soon as she heard it, the whole person exploded.

“Okay, good, very good. You've successfully pissed me off, and pissed me off at a price! ”

She stared at Sholo like a leopard, and the next second, she rushed up to Sholo, "Fuck you, you Chinese bastard! ”

“Boom ~”

His left foot stamped suddenly, his torso suddenly stopped, and by virtue of the fierce anterior impulse, he spun in place, his right foot wrapped in unpopular momentum and whistled towards Sholo's head.

Scary, it doesn't move like a woman, ambitious, overbearing, fierce!

Sholo sneered, holding his fist in his right hand, not even his internal strength, pure physical strength, a simple and clear punch.

The fists and feet bumped into each other, and a dull blast erupted!

Sholoh was motionless, steady as Tarzan, and Mina flied out uncontrolled and backwards like a broken kite, falling on the ground three meters away.

Powell and the other SEAL commando team members changed their faces. Mina's strength is recognized as strong, not at all inferior to that of their men, but the first photo of this Chinese soldier fell into the wind, which surprised them.

Mina also revealed an incredible colour, lying on the floor with her eyes open to Sholo. He had not made any decent defense before. Wasn't he frightened?

Sholo took a step forward with a mockery in his eyes: “I do not see like a woman because of the gentlemanhood in the bones of our Chinese men. Don't take my patience for granted. You are not qualified to call me a board! ”

“Asshole!!! ”

Mina was extremely angry, a carp stood up and scolded and rushed towards Sholo again. She vowed to make this Chinese man look good.

Quickly approaching and jumping, a knee-jerk burst into Sholoh's chest, aided by the impact and his own weight.

Sholo snorted and kicked her in the stomach.


With a scream, Mina struck like a shell, colliding sharply with a wall of the dirt house before falling to the ground.

This time, she was not able to stand up so easily. Her stomach seemed to squeeze together in an instant. She couldn't tell the pain. Her mouth overflowed with a bloodstain, her forehead raised blue muscles, half bowed herself on the ground, and her throat was uncontrollable to produce a painful muffled sound.


Is that what Mr. Doom is capable of?

Powell and his team took a sip of cool air and thought it was a Chinese man who could ravage and bully at will, but didn't expect such a fierce man.

“Phew ~”

The two black gunmen aimed at Sholo, members of the two SEAL commandos, who had no idea where the smile had disappeared earlier. At this time, they were staring at Sholo in bad hands, and the eyes were the eyes of the enemy.

“I really don't like being pointed at by a gun. Give you five seconds. Put the gun down! ”

Sholo's mouth was still laughing with an arc, but the murderous breath from him at this moment was real and frightening.

“What are you doing? Put the gun down! Put the gun down!” Sarah stood in front of Sholo and shouted at the two SEAL commandos.

Powell drinks coldly: "Bob, put down your guns. That's an order! ”

Upon hearing this, two SEAL commandos were unhappy, but slowly dropped their guns.

“Mr. Doom, I apologize for their rudeness! ”

Powell bowed to Sholo, then quickly walked over and lifted Mina up from the ground.

The woman's face was full of pain. She was very confused and very unhappy about losing to Sholo. Who could have imagined that the Chinese people had such deep strength that he had always felt that he could bully her suddenly stepped under his feet. Such a thing was absolutely unacceptable.

“Bastard, we fought again!” She howled at Sholo.

“Mina, what's wrong with you? Get out of here! ”

Powell was angry, he felt that Sholo was not easy at first, and now he seems to be right, this Chinese soldier has super strength, otherwise he can't easily defeat Mina.

Powell is a colonel and the head of this team. His reprimand worked, and after talking to Sholo, Mina was deeply in awe and consternation with Sholo. She just gave herself a step down. If she really wanted to fight again, she would definitely get beaten up again, so she just stared at Sholo with her teeth cut and didn't say anything.

“Colonel Powell, mind your people, or you'll regret it! ”

Sholo's faint warning was that the woman's arrogance was not yet the result of Powell's silent condoning, and he knew that these were hillbillies, and if he really pissed him off, he wouldn't mind wiping them all out of the world, even though Sarah Michelle would have witnessed these things and could have propagated them, which would have had a negative international impact on him, so what?

Powell had a muscle in the corner of his mouth and apologized later: "Mr. Destroyer, I promise this won't happen again, Mina, apologize to Mr. Destroyer! ”