Peerless Genius System

Chapter 552: Fox Tail

Six SEALs searched the villagers like crazy, wearing night vision devices, and they followed the hunters who preyed in the night, the villagers who thought they had the cover of the night and hid very tightly, and they easily found them and shot them.

Half an hour later, the villagers' bodies lay flat, and, driven by anger, the SEALs shot them almost indiscriminately, so they were shot at least twice, some more than a dozen times, and the bodies turned into meat sieves and blurred flesh.

Rice looked at the bodies of these villagers, his eyes trembling, and remembered earlier saying that they were passionate and friendly, and now, by contrast, it's really ironic that it's not just him, Powell, Mina, and three other SEAL commandos, who may be able to take pictures of people brutally slaughtered to death, but absolutely unacceptable to the annihilation of humans.

Powell closed his eyes painfully and then took a long breath of turbidity: "Our comrades Hebrew and Adolphe, bravely sacrificed for this mission, we buried them well. ”

“Yes” others responded in unison.

Then the walkers proceeded to build a tomb on this hillside for the two of them, and then picked up their heads and put them back on top of each other, with a heavy heart covering everyone's fields.

Sholo kept his mouth shut all the time. Although he had little interest in these magnesium soldiers, he was not happy with the disaster. The human eater belonged not only to the tragedies of these magnesium soldiers, but to all mankind.

“I'm going to expose this, I'm going to show the whole world that war only brings pain, it's the enemy of all mankind!” Sarah Michelle turned her eyes red and shook her fist in a steadfast tone.

“You have this strength and condition! ”

Sholo nodded with certainty, and in that regard, he was very much in agreement with Sarah, that the problems created by the war, which brought about hunger and panic, were enormous.

“Mr. Doom, you've already found these villagers in danger, haven't you?” Sarah asked at this time.

Sholo shook his head: “No, it's just a little weird. ”

Sarah went on to say, "Strange? What's so strange? ”

“The Libyan civilians I met along the way, their eyes not only stunned and numb, but also feared, and the villagers here, their eyes were almost the same, but the only thing that was missing was fear, seeing us in camouflage clothes, carrying armaments, they didn't hide from us because of fear, they looked at us with their eyes, which was a strange place.” Sholoway.

When Sarah and the SEAL team heard this, they were all terrified, and when dusk arrived at this hill village, the villagers were staring at them, and that was the way they looked at food.

“Mr. Doom, if you find something wrong, why don't you remind us? What the hell do you care?” Lieutenant Rice shouted in a fierce mood.

Sholo hummed softly: "That's just my guess. Besides, would you mind what I said? ”

In a word, they couldn't refute Rice. Indeed, they didn't give a shit about Sholo, and even if he did, at dusk, they would laugh at him too carefully.

“Don't count on him, he never thought of us as comrades and companions.” Mina scoffed sarcastically.

Hearing this, Sholo really wanted to laugh. He kind of knew what a thief was called, but whenever these magnesium soldiers had a better attitude towards him, or didn't have that much hostility, he would provide whatever help he could for the same reason. For example, this tragedy, he felt that the villagers were having problems and naturally helped these magnesium soldiers avoid it.

But the fact is, Mina is the only woman that makes him sick and sick. It's all a hill. He didn't drop a rock, or he's on the villagers' side. It's good. Let him help. Why?

“He just hit Mina!” A commando team member said outrageously.


As soon as Rice listened, the flame didn't hit a spot: "Mr. Extinguish, you have to give me an explanation, or I'll let you know how powerful our Magnesium Seal Commandos are! ”

Grab the sleeves and snap the knuckles. They look like they're going to dry.

“Rice, put away your self-righteousness, Mr. Doom and we are companions, and we need to go out together, not get inside.” Powell scolded loudly.

“But he hit Mina, I...”

“Shut up, Lieutenant, I command you to come back with us and help Hebrew and Adolphe build the tomb!” Powell drank harshly.

Generally speaking, when a superior calls you by your rank, that's when the superior's tolerance limits are reached.

Rice bit his teeth and raised his chest. “Yes.”

Return to the hillside and join in the construction of the tomb.

Sholo lazily ignored them, taking a break from the house before returning herself, and the more Sarah Michelle felt it was the safest thing to do with Sholo, so wherever Sholo went, she went, suddenly becoming Sholo's tail.

Watching a man rest behind his back against the wall, the fire shines on that cold face, he is like a hawk in the night, cold and alone, scattered independently by the indifference and self-confidence of the world.

“Grandpa, thank you so much for bringing such a powerful help to China. Without him, I would have died.” Sarah Michelle was thinking.



The next day, leave Koyama Village.

Two more lonely graves on the hillside, and the bodies of nearby villagers, give this place a strange atmosphere, the sky is dark and obscure, and the air is filled with yellow sand, as if this were the most authentic hell.

But the mission went on, Powell, and they quickly emerged from the shadow of sorrow, and Powell had already removed the badges of his two deceased companions and kept them properly, representing Hebrew and Adolphe.

“Mr. Doom, I sincerely hope that you will forget some of the unpleasant things that have happened between us, that we are now a team and that we should help each other, right?” Powell walked up to Sholo and reached out to Sholo, meaning to get to know him again.

In front of these magnesium people, their words and deeds represent the motherland, so Sholo grabbed his hand: “Well said, I agree. ”

Then let's do it again with Snake, this Powell is not a fuel-saving light.

“Mr. Doom, your gentlemanhood is too handsome. In the words of your Chinese state, it is‘ The Prime Minister can support the boat '. Mr. Doom is the Prime Minister.” Powell showed off his cultural understanding of China, and this time shaking Sholo's hand was just a quick shake, no more tricks.

Sholo laughed and complimented: "Mr. Powell speaks Chinese very well! ”

Compared to Mina and Rice, this Powell hides deep, and he happens to have a little bit of a bad taste, just to see when this Powell reveals his fox tail.