Peerless Genius System

Chapter 557: Mass Explosion

Run all the way, kill all the way!

Sholo became the Reaper, harvesting the lives of the Libyan black army in this town. The Powell Four worked together to keep Sarah Michelle safe.

“I... I can't run anymore, you guys run, leave me alone...”

After a long and intense run, Sarah gasped and sweated, tired as if her whole body was not herself, her heart beating fast, her heart was like trying to jump out of her chest, suffering, “... even if the Libyan black army killed me, I... I wouldn't run away...”

Sholo looked around and finally looked at a short house with only four walls left: “Go there, I'll draw away the black army chasing us! ”

It's a very precious moment, every minute of every second, to waste.

Powell had no objection to Sholo's suggestion, and their mission was to protect Sarah Michelle, since Sarah Michelle was with them, naturally there was nothing wrong with that, nodding her head: "Mr. Doom, be careful! ”

Then the four of them lifted Sarah up and quickly walked to the love room next to her.

As soon as they walked in and hid, more than a dozen Libyan black armies emerged from the back streets.

Sholoh's bullet went out, fell halfway down, intentionally to keep them alive, so that they could report their coordinates to their superiors. Sholoh was not in any love after the bullet, he was in the shape of a wolf, he ran forward and blinked and disappeared at the end of the street.

The Libyan Black Army chased him up in batches, and the five Powell men hiding in the short house heard only a short walk approaching, and then quickly went away. There was also a military car roaring across the street, and the amount was that they were well-trained. At this time, their hearts could not help but hang high, and the atmosphere could not breathe.

“Captain, what do we do? ”

Rice couldn't wait to ask Powell, who was covered in sweat, whether it was a cold sweat from overstretched nervousness or a hot sweat from intense exercise.

“Wait. ”

Powell sighed a long time, “When it gets dark, the town is full of Libyan black armies, and it's impossible for the five of us to break out during the day, even if we kill the town, this is Gobi Beach, we can barely see any shelter at a glance, it's so easy for the Libyan black army to catch up with us, I don't want to be their live target. ”

Rice, Mina and Thomas all nodded, and they knew exactly what Powell was saying. In this town, they still had a little bit of a life-saving power, but if they were being chased by a bunch of black cars on Gobi Beach, they would have absolutely nothing to do with it.

“I'm sorry, it's all because of me. You've killed so many people! ”

Sarah Michelle fell into deep self-condemnation, and along the way, she saw too many casualties, family bodyguards, SEALs, and a living life left because she came to Libya to protect her, and if she hadn't come here, so many people wouldn't have died.

“Miss Sarah, this is our mission and our duty, as soldiers, to be ready to bleed and sacrifice at all times, we can all die, and you alone must return safely to our coastal base.” Powell Road.

Sarah's tears were all over her face, and she was deeply touched by these soldiers. She was also a human being. Why would her life be more expensive? Why do so many people deserve to die for her? It's not fair. It's not fair!

“Is the Chinese still alive?” Mina didn't say anything cold or hot at this point.

Several people were slightly stunned, Sarah glanced firmly: “MR doomed will definitely come back, he will definitely be fine, even Kunsha mercenary regiment can't do anything about him, Libya's black army can't be stronger than Kunsha mercenary regiment! ”

“I admit that his soldier is very capable of combat, but this is a stronghold of the Libyan Black Army, and he attracted all the firepower to him, and even Superman would never have been able to escape peacefully under heavy pursuit.” Mina said.

Silence, everyone chose silence!

As Mina said, Sholoh's chances of survival are very slim.

“Damn, why do I always have to confront the Chinese, at this critical moment he can stand up and actively attract firepower, that's the great fearlessness of China, I owe him an apology!” Rice was saddened and deeply sorry for his previous words and actions.

Thomas appended: “The Chinese national Buddhist word, I don't go to hell who goes to hell, Mr. Doom is the true picture of this Buddhist word! ”

He was also deeply impressed by Sholoh's greatness and his prejudice against Sholoh disappeared.

And Powell said, "Personally, I don't want him to die, but I'd rather die at the national level. ”


With these words, Mina, Rice, Thomas and Sarah opened their eyes slightly.

Powell ignored their emotional changes and went on to say: “We all saw his combat abilities. You're welcome to say that looking at the entire SEAL commando team, even if it were to select our best fighters, would have to lose to him. If we had a war between the two countries, this kind of person would have been our nightmare. I don't know how the Chinese nation would have cultivated such a war machine, but definitely not too much. If he died, it would be a celebratory thing for us, not...”

“Enough! ”

Sarah screamed outrageously, staring dead at Powell, "Captain Powell, you said we were all comrades and companions, and that's how you treat comrades and companions? If I were MR doomed, I would definitely be cold, and I would have a very bad impression of our magnesium country. ”

Powell did not argue, he knew that saying more could not change Sarah Michelle's view. After all, the Michelle family had always been friendly to China, and they were different, they were soldiers, and what was considered was certainly not understandable to Sarah as an ordinary citizen.

“Boom ~”

At this point, a huge explosion came from the center of the town.

At this moment, the whole town swayed, smoking, with a flame of gorillas, and even so far apart, a terrible fluctuation of energy could be felt.

“What happened? How could there be such a massive explosion? ”

Powell's five rose from the ground, and Thomas looked horribly at the nitrous flue rising in the middle of town.

"It wasn't the Black Army ammunition depot that blew up, was it?” Rice wondered.

The voice had just fallen, another series of explosions, and the town was shaking.

Powell's eyebrows wrinkled deeply, which is undoubtedly Sholo's move. Is it true that the guy burned with the Black Army jade?

In this massive explosion, it's very difficult for people to get their feet out of the scope of the bomb, and even in this place they feel a little burning in the face, and you can see how massive the explosion is.