Peerless Genius System

Chapter 559 Hunting

“Iron Eagle One to Captain Powell. Target locked. Target locked.” Inside the walkie-talkie, the sound of an armed helicopter pilot requesting fire was sounded.

“Bomb him with the army car! ”

Powell responded almost with a roaring voice, and when the task of protecting Sarah Michelle was accomplished, Sholo became a stab in his eye, not removing it, and would feel uneasy even when he returned home.

“Roger that!”

The driver went back, and the next second, an anti-tank missile was fired from the bottom of the Iron Eagle 1 helicopter, which was completely bombarded as a tank by a military vehicle driven by the lower Sholo.


Flaming missiles at the tail accelerated at the helicopter's initial velocity, and in a few hundred metres, a nitrous smoke trajectory was drawn in the air, precisely hitting the military vehicle that was flying on a straight line.

“Boom ~”

Along with a loud noise, the missile exploded, the military car instantly turned into a flame, and was blown up into the air of seventy-eight meters before falling, the parts scattered, and the heat of the sky spread rapidly around, and the rolling smoke was flipping.

“Iron Eagle One hit the target. Iron Eagle One hit the target! ”

In the walkie-talkie, there was some excitement from the helicopter driver.

Did you just hit him?

Isn't that easy?

Powell sat in the car and looked at the smoke in the air in front of him, feeling a little unreal and seemingly unbelievable that Sholo had been killed by them so simply.

He ordered the driver: "Come on, full speed! ”


More than twenty cars quickly arrived at the explosion site, one car on the road was devoured by fire, the flame rose to three or four metres in the air, and there was also an array of "clatter” sounds, similar to those made when firewood was piled together and burned.

“Captain, don't go. This car doesn't rule out a second explosion. Danger!” Meet Powell as soon as you get to the car, Rice advises.

But Powell was anxious to confirm whether Sholo was dead or not, and as long as he didn't see Sholo's body for a moment, he couldn't calm down, so he ignored Rice's advice and walked one step at a time.

The closer you get to the car, the higher the temperature, and when you wait about a meter away, the skin surface is burned!

Powell withstood this burning sensation, his eyes penetrated the flame barrier, and looked toward the driving position of the military car. At this, he was stunned by a cold sweat when boarding. Where was the body in the driving position? The whole car was empty. Even if it was hit by a missile, it would never be possible to extinguish smoke. The only explanation was that the Chinese were not in the car at all.

But if nobody's in the car, how can this car go forward?

Then, after a closer look, it was discovered that there was a scorched black stone on the surface of the car, and I immediately figured out all of it. There was really no one in the car, and the reason the car was driving forward was because there was a stone tied to the throttle, so that the throttle had been in a depressed state, and when it hung up, it was like someone was driving inside.

Did the Chinese do this?

Why would he do that? Did you realize you were going to do it to him?

The more Powell thinks, the more intense the cold sweat, the better he hides, until his army shows up to show hostility to each other, and how does the other find out he's going to do it to him?

Deep in the forest, Sholoh knelt on one knee in a large tree with a cold cut across his face.

“The fox's tail finally came out! ”

And he looked at Powell, and the corner of his mouth curled up with a cold smile, "Then let me kill you one by one. ”

In other words, the sniper rifle in his hand fired a bullet at the Iron Eagle 1 helicopter that hovered about 200 metres in the air.

“Bang ~”

Fierce bullets, tearing up heavy spaces, with tremendous impact, hit the longitudinal axis of the helicopter's propeller.

The longitudinal axis is made of high strength metal material that can ignore the shooting of ordinary bullets, even the bullet of the sniper gun did not break through it, but only caused deformation, but the longitudinal axis is the power mechanism of the helicopter propeller, any deformation of which is lethal to the helicopter.

Iron Eagle One went out of control and fell from the sky to the ground!

“Boom ~”

Accompanied by a deafening explosion, the falling Iron Eagle One instantly disintegrates, and the thick black nitrous smoke rolls up.

“Vigilance! Vigilance! ”

It was only then that Powell returned to God from the fact that there was no Sholoh in the military car, sighing and giving orders.

“Bang ~”

Another shot was fired, and the longitudinal axis of the propeller of the Iron Eagle II was hit, after which the balance was lost in the air, and the slant chased to the ground, and the sound of the backdust of the Iron Eagle I was blown.

“He's at 3: 00! ”

Mina was a sniper and was very good at listening to voice-recognition. She took the lead in determining Sholo's hiding position and fired a shot in the direction of three o'clock.

“Go, kill him! ”

Powell's angry wave of hands ordered more than a hundred magnesium armies to march toward Sholoh's hideout.

These magnesium armies also had the guts to rush out bravely, but by the time they got there, there was no sign of Sholo.

“Spread out, carpet search, be sure to keep in touch with the walkie-talkie, discover any movement, report first! ”

Powell chewed his teeth and yelled at the walkie-talkie. This is a tiger from China. He cannot let the tiger go back to the mountains. He must do everything in his power to kill it in this war place. Even if China were to pursue it, it would be futile for China to torment itself as long as it shifted its responsibilities to the black army in Libya.


Leaders responded on the radio.

Rice was with Powell, and Mina used her sniper's special instinct to see where Sholoh might be hiding.

It was a dense forest, and after walking in, it felt like it was getting dark, and it felt like it was a shady feeling.

Sholo's venomous snake-like serpentine lay still on the ground full of dead leaves, his eyes looking forward and his mouth raised a sly arc and laugh.

Hunting, here we go!

When he stepped onto the land, he always felt like he hadn't run out of fun, and just in time, these magnesium armies were trying to make up for his regrets.

He may be frowning at the glimpse of Gobi Beach, but in this dense forest, he will not be under any pressure, and instead, the blood in his body is slowly boiling.


Striking like lightning, waving the black dagger in his hand, the cold flashed, the three magnesium troops searching instantly slit their throats, the blood gushing out of their pipes, leaving a "cuckoo” horrible bleeding bubble.

The nearby magnesium army heard voices, suddenly turned back, horrified, and raised their guns.


The gunfire broke the silent forest, but Sholo was extremely fast and their shooting was futile.

“Pfft, pfft, pfft.”

Sholoh's black dagger crossed, all wrapped around his blood-sprayed neck and twitched upside down.