Peerless Genius System

Chapter 560 Kill If You Want to Kill

“Report, one platoon attacked, one platoon attacked, requesting backup, requesting backup! ”

Urgent calls came from the walkie-talkie, gunshots continued in the forest, breaking the silence here, a queue of leaders in the walkie-talkie were shouting, but the voice stopped, followed by a painful grunt, obviously killed, and the most likely way to kill was to slit the throat.

“Goddamn it, get me in a row of search areas. Come on! ”

As commander of the entire team, Powell quickly ordered and herself rushed to the location of the search platoon at the fastest possible speed.

The order had just been issued, and a voice was sounded again on the intercom.

“Reporting that the second platoon was attacked, he was fast and we couldn't hit him! ”

How come it's second row now?

The first and second platoons are searched at least 500 meters apart, so how did they get to the second platoon to attack the second platoon?

“Captain, what exactly are we fighting? A ghost? ”

Rice couldn't help but sweat, and at this moment he really realized Sholo's horrible, ghostly, invisible murder, is that the silent oligarchy on the road before, looks harmless to humans and animals?

Powell's forehead is similarly sweating, he can now finally be sure, the Kunsha mercenary regiment is indeed dead, it was destroyed by a hand by this destroying Chinese, but they now have more than a hundred people, all members of the SEAL commando team, he doesn't believe will be able to take care of this bloodthirsty beast.

“Captain, we have eyes on the enemy heading north!” At this point, Mina's voice sounded on the walkie-talkie.

Powell was so excited, he immediately replied, "Okay, bite him tight, and we'll back him up now. ”

“Roger that!”

Mina leads a team in pursuit of Sholo deep in the forest.

In this dark and densely wooded environment, she found Sholo so weird that she couldn't lockout with a wolf who was extremely good at running in the woods that she had not shot him several times.

Hundreds of meters have been chased, and we've lost Sholo!

She immediately raised her hand and ordered: "Stop moving forward, spread out in battle formation, keep an eye on the surroundings, the other side is good at ambushing, he must be hiding somewhere nearby now! ”


Five or six people spread out in a circle, two or two spaces not exceeding three meters apart, fully guarding the surrounding situation.

However, waiting is long and painful, as if an invisible force were repressing people's minds and burning emotions were breeding.

“Son of a bitch, get out here. I know you're here. Don't hide it. Let's have a fair fight! ”

I know the enemy, Mina, pretending to calm down, yelling around, "Come out, you cowardly coward, you're nothing but a sneaky little man! ”

“Know Soso ~”

At this point, a handful of bushes shook a few times in the distance, and Mina and the others immediately turned around and brushed and fired at it.

“Da-da-da-da ~”

The dense bullet was like a serpent with a long tail on it, and it went wildly toward the bushes, and countless broken leaves were swept into the air. As for whether or not to hit the target, there was nothing in everyone's mind.

“Stop firing! ”

When the shuttle was finished, Mina raised her hand and called a halt.

The gunshots stopped and the whole space slowly returned to silence, and Mina glanced up at the two soldiers beside her to check the situation.

The two men commanded, nodded, and crossed to cover their way towards the bush. Their attention was all on the enemy's figure, and they didn't find a thin line lying across the ground. The man in front felt like he had torn something off his leg, and there was still time to react in the future. A grenade “bombed” exploded.

The explosion was deafening and the bodies of the two men were blown up with dirt on the spot!

Mina pedestrians found something coming towards them, subconsciously caught, fixed eyes, but one of their companions' bloody arms was blown up by a grenade, and the two companions, by now, had fallen into the blood pocket without any movement, the body was coke black, and the surface covered a thin layer of dirt.

Cold tremors, already tight nerves, are on the verge of collapse!

With the exception of Mina, the other three took up the assault rifle and directed a frantic shooting at the area, believing that as long as the bullets were dense and wide enough to cover the area, the enemy would be shot and wounded.

But it was obviously useless, and Sholo had quietly circled behind them, and Reaper's sickle struck again, and the three magnesium armies, who had fired wildly with guns, could not tell when their necks had been ripped open and fell into a pool of blood, eyes open, doing the final struggle before death.

Mina was shocked, turned her head, and found Sholo right in front of her, just three meters away, and she immediately fired.

“Bang ~”

The bullet from the sniper fired, but the expected head shot did not appear.

Mina opened her eyes in horror and looked still motionless. Standing still, Sholo was convinced that she had just aimed, but why didn't she hit it? Is this guy dodging? More than three meters away from sniper bullets?

A cold air poured down from the sky lid and the entire body was cold.

She immediately forced herself back to God, aiming for another shot, but this time before she pulled the trigger, Sholo had come to her side, grabbed her sniper rifle with his bare hands and kicked her in the stomach.


After a scream, Mina flied out like a broken kite, fell on the ground four meters away, and her skeleton seemed to be scattered with pain and suffering, and her mouth “Pfft” spit red blood.

Head up and face a black gun!

“Grunting ~”

Looking high, she stared indifferently at her Sholo. Mina looked pale and swallowed a hard sip of spit, then gasped in horror.

“What's the chance of a fair duel? ”

Sholo had a funny smile on his face, he was already disgusted with this woman and now he's an enemy, something he'd love to see.

“You... you...”

Mina was very unhappy, biting her teeth, but it was difficult to conceal her inner fear. Finally, she raised her neck in a sophisticated manner, looking heroic and righteous. “Cut the crap, kill if you want to, if I blink my eyebrows, I am not a magnesium man! ”


Sholo nodded, then held her sniper rifle with one hand and his index finger pulled the trigger so hard that it was complete.

“Bang ~”

A bullet passed through Mina's chest and then out of her back. In a moment, she wiped out her life. The woman fell blind and could not believe that Sholo would shoot without hesitation. This was a cold killing machine. She thought the other party would read about the little bit of so-called friendship that had arisen from the journey.