Peerless Genius System

Chapter 561: He's Alive

Kill Mina, Sholo didn't stop at all, turn around and continue his hunting. If these magnesium soldiers want him dead, then excuse me, put them all in God's arms.

Shawther's intentions are spreading in the woods!

Magnesium Army was blown to pieces by simple mines made up of thin lines and grenades on the ground, blue vines stretched out of trees without any signs and strangled alive in the air, and Sholo, who suddenly burst out, cut his throat with a dagger...

The death toll was tragic, with more than a hundred troops down to 30 or 40 in less than half a day, and Sholoh had no idea where he was exactly.

Enemies like ghosts!

Powell was almost insane, and if he succeeded in shooting Sholo, he would undoubtedly be rewarded by his superiors, but if he failed, he faced a fear of going to military court, so there was only one way left to him, which was to kill Sholo.

At this point, however, the situation is moving towards a very bad one.

“The Chinese are Reapers, we can't beat him, we can't beat him...”

Rice's spirit approaching the brink of collapse, Mina's death, and the falling of many of his companions plunged him into endless fear, which was not a man at all, but a reaper out of hell with a sickle in his hand, and how could they be rivals to the reaper in their district?

“Shut up, you bastard! ”

Powell's face cracked, his hands dead, grabbed his collar, like a demon, "We have no way back, either he dies, or we die, or he dies, or he dies, or he dies, or I will destroy him, even if he is God! ”

Already in some kind of madness, like a madman.

“You've gone mad. If it weren't for your stupid order, we'd be back at the coast base, and we'd be back soon, we wouldn't have to mess with such a horrible existence, Mina's death, and everyone's death. It's all your fault, it's your responsibility as a captain! ”

Fear reaches its extremes and there will be an extreme rebound, Rice Nice Shore's ferocity and ferocity, and he relies on Powell, who wouldn't be like this if he hadn't executed such a ridiculous order.

“Asshole!!! ”

Angry Powell kicked him to the ground, took out his pistol, and shot all the bullets in the magazine against Rice Xanax.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom."

Each bullet was hit on the ground near Rice's head, the bullet whistled through his ear, numbing Rice's scalp, couldn't help but scream in horror, waiting for the gunshot to stop, he had cried a face and looked at Powell with deep fear.

Thomas on one side shakes uncontrollably as a cicada.

“It's not that I'm crazy, it's that you're such a coward! ”

Powell yelled red-eyed, "It's a tiger raised by China. If we don't get rid of him now, one day it'll eat us into a pile of white bones.” Turn around, stare at Thomas, order, "contact headquarters immediately and let them cover the area with unblinded fire, and I want that damn Chinese man to burn in the fire. ”

Hearing this, Thomas almost fell to the ground: “Captain, our men are still inside...”

“I will apply for the highest award for them...”

Powell laid idly, and then the tiger glanced, "Execute the order! ”

Demons, lunatics!

Thomas and Rice were deeply deterred by Powell's state at the moment, that crazy look, despite the brutality of his own death, was simply not Captain Powell they were familiar with.

“What the fuck are you doing standing there? Execute my orders immediately! ”

Powell kicked Thomas backwards four or five steps in a row, sitting on the floor, growling.

Thomas immediately climbed up and toasted a military salute: "Yes.”

Then he ran back into the car and proceeded to contact the headquarters of the coastal base to get them to provide artillery support.

From time to time, gunshots are heard in the woods, there is an urgent request for backup in the walkie-talkie... Everything makes people feel signs of collapse. Their team of more than a hundred people is too hard to deal with a Chinese. It's horrible, it's too desperate.

“Captain, headquarters responds. Five minutes from now, the cannon will cover the area! ”

After contacting Thomas from the coastal base, he jumped out of the car and reported to Powell.

“Good, let's go, get out of this area! ”

Powell smiled coldly, then pulled Rice on the floor and grabbed his collar, kicked him in the ass, scolded him, “Get in the car if you don't want to die! ”

Rice certainly didn't want to die, so he rushed into the car at the fastest possible speed.

The three of them drove in a military car and ran towards the road outside the forest. On the stretched road they had just arrived, there was a furrowing sound in the sky. At a glance, the dense and numb missile looked like a small rocket, and the tail burned with flames, spanning hundreds of meters of altitude, and fell straight into the forest in front of them.

“Boom! Boom!”

The horrific explosions were heard, tons of soil and trees were blown up and crushed, the mountains were shaken, the entire forest was covered by artillery fire, and no living thing in it could escape the fate of missiles.


Powell laughed, laughed, and smiled horribly, while his face was filled with pain and madness.

Thomas and Rice had a nervous breakdown, and there were 30 or 40 of their own inside, and under the cover of such artillery fire, no one could survive, all of them would be blown up, even the bodies would not be found after death, and they were grieving and condemned by their conscience.

Ten minutes later…

After the missile bombardment ended, there was a strong smell of nitrous smoke in the air, the forests in front of it were destroyed and firewood was used as fuel to burn the place, which has undoubtedly become a restricted area for life.

“He... is he dead? ”

Thomas shivered his eyes and looked at the missile-bombed area ahead.

Powell and Rice were both stunned when the former shouted in an unquestionable tone: "As long as you're in there, who can't die! ”

“Yeah, who can't die, our people are dead too.” Rice's eyes were hollow and stubborn, like he was talking to himself.

“As long as it dies, all the sacrifices are worth it. ”

Powell calmed down a little, patted him on the shoulder, comforted him, "You'll thank me when you get your reward and promotion back home. ”

Rice laughed, a ridiculous laugh, stepping on top of his companion's body, which is ironic.


Suddenly, Thomas shouted and sat on the ground with his eyes wide open, looking in horror at the front.

“What the fuck is your name?” Powell scolded.

Thomas shook his hand up, pointing forward, shivering: “He... he's alive..."