Peerless Genius System

Chapter 563 Return

But one thing that's harder than going to heaven is that they did it. It's incredible!

Sarah Michelle stood still and her eyes trembled slightly as a result of shock.

“Are you the demise of China? ”

The Major General stared sharply at Sholo and his hair was white. Although the gun was pointing at his head, the dignity was still there and he was calm.

Sholo smiled: “That's correct, but there's no reward. ”

“The Kunsha Mercenary Corps was overthrown by one person, and you were able to retreat all over the town with more than 500 black armies. You are a powerful warrior. How about joining the nationality of our magnesium country and working for the magnesium country. As long as you nod your head, I can get a green card for you immediately. The magnesium green card is universally recognized as difficult to obtain, but with your strength and qualifications, it is more than enough to take this green card.” Admiral.

Sholo scorned with a ridiculous laugh: "I am not rarely a citizen of the Magnesium Nation. I am only here to kill you! ”

The voice just dropped and the index finger pulled the trigger.

“Bang ~”

A bullet broke through the Major General's head and left a cave on it. The Major General stared at his eyes and his torso flattened down.

Sarah looked at Sholo in horror and panic: "You... you killed him? ”

“Isn't that the obvious truth! ”

Sholo answered indifferently that the Major General had passed the request for the artillery to cover it, almost dying in the woods, without killing him, there would always be a creep in his heart.

“Go, I'll see you later. Oh, no, I'll see you later! ”

Sholo said hello to Sarah and turned around and left.

Sarah Michelle looked at the body of the Major General on the ground, on the spot.



The following afternoon, Sholoh returned to the coastal base of the withdrawal of Chinese nationals.

Jiang Zhiming's group had long been back. Tang Wan Qian was safe and sound. He met Ji Shiying and became a friend. Captain Gong Gaofeng expressed his gratitude to Sholo because he had heard everything from Jiang Zhiming.

“NSA warrior, the fighting power is really small, I used to underestimate you, you have to forgive me!” Gong Feng patted Sholo's shoulder, hey, laughed.

Sholo laughed, no words.

He was the last Chinese to arrive at the coastal base in Libya, so after boarding the ship, the fleet returned home in the cheers and cries of many expatriates.

At night, the sea breeze slowly...

Sholo and Keith stood side by side in front of the guardrail on the deck, looking at the dark painted sea ahead.

“Mr. Schollo, are you hurt? ”

Keith Ying asked him with concern that the light was shining on her, and that delicate, red face was unbearable.

Sholo shook his head: "I'm fine.” Suddenly, "he continued," by the way, the Whites tried to kill me with the hands of the Libyan Black Army, which will be reported to the Ancient Games shortly. ”

“Hmm." Kiss nodded.

And then there was nothing to talk about, and Sholo looked ahead and let the sea breeze blow in his face.

Keith Ying approached him, snuggled him, and finally put his head over his shoulder.

“Cough... cough...” came a light cough.

Sholo and Ji Siying turned their heads and saw that Tang Wanxuan was somewhat embarrassed to stand not far away. He was supposed to live with the diaspora under him, only because of her relationship with Sholo, so he was allowed to live on the upper level.

“Am I disturbing you?” Tang Wan smiled dry.

“Something wrong?” Sholo went straight to the subject.

“I'm here to thank you. ”

Tang Wan approached and bowed deeply to Sholo, "Sholo, thank you. If I hadn't met you, I would have died. ”

“You're welcome, we're classmates, we're friends, and saving you is within my power.” Sholo slowed down.

“That's right, but you saved my life is the truth. So, when I get back, I'll buy you a meal. Although it's insignificant, it's the only way I can think of to thank you.” Tang Wan said.

“That's not necessary! ”

Sholo shook his head and smiled, "Of course, if you're in the summer sea, my call is welcome to harass you. ”

“Okay.” Tang Wan focused.

Speaking of phones, Sholo couldn't help but lift his eyebrows. His NSA-made phone was damaged in the cannon fire, and he didn't know where it was left off. When he got back, he had to send another one down to the NSA first. After all, the phone tool was still important, so it could be said that it was essential.



Five days later, Sholo and Keith Ying walked out of Xia Hai Airport.

The ancient warring nations greeted each other and grabbed Sholo's hand deeply from the moment they met: "Annihilation, congratulations on completing your mission!” Waving, an NSA member handed you a phone, and he continued, "The number hasn't changed. According to your phone records, the contacts inside have helped you recover, and there should be no omissions. ”

Sholo picked it up and said, "White family, what are you going to do? ”

“Rest assured, I will give you an account, take a good rest in the near future, and I will let the lark inform you if there is a task.” Ancient Warring States Road.

Sholo nodded: "Okay, the Whites. I'll write it down for now. I believe in the Bureau's ability, but if the Whites count me again, I'll take care of it myself. ”


The ancient warring Powers had no doubt that the White House was not only provoking Sholo, but also provoking the authority of the NSA.



Sholo returned to Starling Moon Bay after dinner with Ji Siying and the two of them.

When I was bored, I finally opened WeChat, and there were a dozen messages, all from Zhang Dashan.

“Motherfucker, why didn't you answer the phone? ”

“I'm in the summer sea, today's airline ticket, you come to the airport to pick me up. ”

“If I don't see you out of the airport, I'll play you chicken till I die! ”

Sholo looked deeply frowned, then looked at the date of the hair message, this morning, that is, Zhang Dashan had already arrived in the summer sea.

He immediately dialed Zhang Dashan's phone and finally got through after two rings.

“The mountain...”

“Shaw, don't say anything. Come to Longzhou Public Security and bail me out. Come on, I'll wait for you.” Zhang Dashan's impatient words sounded and then hung up directly.

Longzhou Public Security Bureau?

Bail? Going into the game?

Sholo's mind is full of questions.

[Longzhou Public Security Branch]

In a suit, Zhang Dashan, with a rounded face, hung up the phone, he was very emotional and deeply touched: “When I was a kid, my family was poor, I didn't eat enough meals three times a day, no phone. When I was six years old, I fell in love with the girl next door, she was sweet, gentle, a move, and a smile could speed my heart. ”

Speaking of which, the tears are falling.

Continued tears: “She suddenly moved away, after more than 20 years I saw her again, I can confirm that it was her 90% of the time. I couldn't erase her appearance in my mind. I asked her if she could show me your birthmark. She said yes, just take off your clothes and..."

Zhang Dashan sat across from him making a statement, and the policeman was saddened. “Then you rushed in! ”