Peerless Genius System

Chapter 566: Beating the Dog to Look at the Master

Soon, it should be under the role of Su Chan Ye, the rape team came here. The people who came here were Su Li, Shen Zhenyeon, Chai Zhiying and Robin Xiang.

Sulu was dressed in a white folding dress with fresh water, a tall black hair and a scrupulous, skin-colored snowflake. Her exquisite and beautiful face had a chilling smell and a full iceberg beauty.

Shen Zhenyen wore a long black dress. She was tall and fluttering with waves of rose red. She lined her face with a whiteness, a light shadow, eyes like water, and a full-bodied body revealed the wonderful charm of wildness.

For Zhang Dashan, it is generally unreal to dream at this time. The superstar Sulu, who can only be seen on TV, magazine or brand endorsement, actually stands in front of him alive. In addition, there is a woman who looks a little less like Sulu, and her hot body makes him look straight in the eyes.

“Su Chanye, is that what you call a woman? ”

The faint look of Su Li pointed to Zhang Dashan and asked Su Chanye.

Su Changye was embarrassed. Then he searched all three floors outside the apartment and didn't find anyone else. Then he smiled. “It should, maybe, be him. ”

“Phew ~”

Shen Shenyen couldn't help but laugh and shout: “Your boy is finished, dare to open the glass with this kind of thing, I told you, how could Sholo have had an affair, even if he did, he couldn't bring it back to the apartment unless it was a fool. ”

Su Chanye, not to mention how embarrassing it is, explained: "I can't blame you. This is the man who has to sing in a woman's voice in the shower. I just misunderstood. ”

“Dude, a drunk princess is supposed to sing in the voice of a woman. Can a man still be a princess? ”

Zhang Dashan laughed, “But I can't blame you either. If you blame me me for singing so well, I'll make you mistaken for a woman. ”

Shit, who is this guy, what the hell is a confidence burglar?

Su Chanye looked at Zhang Dashan as if he were strange.

“Sholo, who is this?” Shen Chenyen also has a little interest in Zhang Dashan.

“My friend, Zhang Dashan. ”

Sholo introduced the big fall, then coughed dry, to Zhang Dashan Road, “This is Shen Shenyen, president of China Pharmaceutical Group! ”

In introducing Shen Qinyeon, he kept looking at Zhang Dashan, meaning that bad things had to converge, don't get cold just after meeting him.

As soon as Zhang Dashan heard, he ran into Sholo's bedroom and came out again soon. When he came out, he came out in a suit of leather shoes. His hair was neatly combed back, and he looked quite successful.

The gentleman reached out to Shen Yeon: “Hello Miss Shen! ”

Out of courtesy, Shen Shenyen extended her hand and shook: "Hello. ”

“I've already heard of you. One of China's top 10 marketers, Forbes, is a powerful woman in the Asian business world. She sat almost flat with Chu Yunxiong, the owner of Jiangcheng Chongqing Dining Pavilion. It was an honor to meet the real person today. Miss Shen's beauty did not lose the Su Goddess, the sunken fish fell into the goose bird shock, the shy flowers closed moon and the flowers trembled.” Zhang Dashan praised Shen Shenyen.

Sholoxon's breathing, this guy's finally a little square.

“Oops, brother-in-law, your friend is a great kisser!” Su Chanye says whatever he wants.

Zhang Dashan shook his hand immediately: “Kiss my ass? Don't you agree with what I just said? ”


Su Chanye was mute for a moment. If he disagreed, would he be guilty of Shen Yeon?

Sulu had sat on the couch with her own eyes and had never left Sholo. She complained in her heart that the man had gone to Maldives and had not brought her anything.

Praised, Shen Shenyen giggled: “Mr. Zhang, what do you do? ”

“It's also a company, but compared to Miss Shen's China Pharmaceutical Group, I can't go to the stage at all.” Zhang Dashan Road.

“Start a company? Hmm, I'm not afraid to blow the cow to death. Last time I saw a slum still living in Jiangcheng, it was less than a year before I started a company, who am I ignoring?” A very uncomfortable sound sounded, since it belonged to Chai Zhiying, her hands crossed in front of her chest, her face pointy and thin.

“Three days in a row, Miss Chai, don't you understand that?” Zhang Dashan restrained his desire for dirty words and responded.

“Just you? Still impressed? ”

Chai Zhiying's despicable face, “Oh, don't laugh, if you don't open the company, say you didn't open the company, what a big tail wolf in front of Miss Shen! ”

Naturally, she decided that Zhang Dashan was bragging, doing some street business, and setting up a small stall. She believed in the company, and started a company. Heh... She was completely blind, didn't she just want to wrap it in front of Miss Shen? Then she saw it at a glance.

“He's my friend. If you have a menopause, get out!” Sholo spoke cold at this time.

Chai Zhiying didn't dare to talk to Sholo. She couldn't forget Sholo's angry eyes. It was horrible, just like the beast, so she shut her mouth.

“Old Shaw, what are you doing? She is the agent of the Su Goddess. If you don't look at the monks, you have to look at the Buddha noodles. Besides, if you hit a dog, you still have to look at the master.” Zhang Dashan waved his hand.

If you hit a dog, you'll still have to see the master?

Shen Shenyen, Su Li, Su Chanye and Robin Xiang were all slightly stunned. Some looked at Zhang Dashan with surprise. This guy gave Chai Zhiying a harsh stink without moving his voice, and he still smiled, like a smiling tiger.

Chai Zhiying suddenly blushed: “Son of a bitch, what are you talking about? ”

“What did I tell you, I was telling you my brother wasn't?” Zhang Dashan doesn't seem to understand anything.

Chai Zhiying sneered: “The vulgar will always live only at the bottom. ”

“I'm vulgar? Huh...”

Zhang Dashan chuckled, “If you talk about eggs, you don't seem to be any better than me, let alone you are a woman. ”

“You…” Zhiying Zhiying chewed his teeth.

Damn, this guy's got a lot of fighting power!

Su Chan Ye admired him so much. He had nothing but fear for Chai Zhiying. And this guy, he hit Chai Zhiying on the ground. He was too tough.

Shen Shenyen thought Zhang Dashan was quite interesting. “Mr. Zhang, you said you owned the company, don't know what your company's name is? ”

“Lofon.” Zhang Dashan said that he had fallen.

Sholo almost sprayed the tea out of his mouth. Didn't he say no? What the fuck is this? He felt sold by Zhang Dashan.

Lo Fong?

When I heard the company name, Su Li, Shen Chenyen and Chai Zhiying all changed color on their faces.

“Lo Fong of Jiangcheng?” Shen Chenyen further confirmed.

“Yeah, Lo Fong of Jiangcheng.” Zhang Dashan nodded.

Shen Shenyen took a closer look and finally remembered something: “Last year's lawsuit against Lo Fang and Mie Bui was originally made by you, and the video was also posted online. ”

“Oh? Miss Shen saw that video. ”

Zhang Dashan and I were delighted. “Looks like Miss Shen and I have a common language. ”