Peerless Genius System

Chapter 568: One Second Man

After Su Chanye was beaten up by Sholo Fatty, he fled the apartment in disgrace. Zhang Dashan lay on the floor. He yelled at Sholo for his insanity. Mom said to do it.

“We agreed to keep Lo Fang's affairs confidential, your big mouth is fine, just yell out, your credibility with me is directly reduced to half.” Sholo is somewhat upset about this.

Zhang Dashan excused himself: “Cousin, didn't you see that menopausal woman so aggressive? Let's not be shy, it's over. ”

Sholo was too lazy to take care of him, find a pair of pajamas and get ready to take a shower before resting.

“Old Shaw, that Shen Yeon has moved me. I have a very strong feeling that she is the woman of my life.” Zhang Dashan sat up and touched his chin and developed a rash there.

Sholo couldn't help but think it was funny: “That's what you used to say about Sister Huang. ”

“Shit, this is different. I've long given up the pursuit of Sister Huang. This Shen Chenyen is my dish. You can see her body is convex and backward. She is wild all over her body. If I can conquer a woman like her, even if she wants me to live half my life, I will.” Zhang Dashan Road.

“If you really want to pursue someone, you should quit some of the bad habits!” Sholoh's bitter persuasion.

“Neither! ”

Zhang Dashan shook his head irresistibly, "Just looking at the green beans, if it's right for you, if Shen Zhenyen is fine with me, then I'll change my balls. ”

Sholo once listened, he thought it was reasonable. After all, he loved the radish green vegetables. He could not touch what type Shen Shenyen liked. He probably liked Zhang Dashan's heavy flavoured dish. Otherwise, she wouldn't have said she found Zhang Dashan interesting.

“The rest can't be changed, but this ticket, you have to change it. If you get caught again, don't think I'll go get you.” Leaving that sentence behind, Sholo took a bath.

“Fuck, he's not a brother anymore! ”

Zhang Dashan waved his hand and stood up from the ground.

At this point, Sholo's phone on the desktop vibrated and the screen lit up, a WeChat message.

Damn, it's Goddess Su's news.

“Shaw, Goddess Sue sent you a message.” Zhang Dashan shouted in the direction of the bathroom.

“Help me see what it is. ”

Sholo opened the bathroom door and washed his hair there with a bath towel. He also cared too much about Su Lai, so he wanted to reply first, and he was quite certain that the message of Su Lai Hair would definitely not involve privacy between men and women. Of course, there would be no problem showing Zhang Dashan.

“Motherfucker, you're exposed. Take a shower and open the bathroom door. ”

Zhang Dashan spat and then picked up Sholo's phone and looked at the message from Su Li, "Cousin, she sent you an angry look from a little pill. ”

Little Maruko's angry face?

Sholo was stunned, it didn't seem like that woman's style, did it really only reveal her side by text message?

“Back to what, quickly?” Zhang Dashan urged.

“Just one question mark.” Sholo doesn't fake the way he thinks.


Zhang Dashan immediately returned a question mark.

Soon after, Sulu sent another look, a little Kawayi girl who bit her teeth and smashed her fist.

“Cousin, she gave you another angry look.” Zhang Dashan shouted toward the bathroom.

Sholobes couldn't figure out what the hell that woman was up to.

“Put it there, ignore it, and ask her myself when I'm done with the bath.” After that, close the bathroom door. He's about to wash his whole body. He's not in the habit of showing it to anyone else.

Zhang Dashan didn't do what he said. He felt itchy. Wanting to know why Su Li was angry, he replied: “Honey, what's wrong with you? ”

After a while, the phone vibrated and Sulu returned.

“You've been cold with me since you got back. Do you still have a wife like me? ”

Damn it, old Shaw, this bastard, even Su Goddess dared to be cold, so not human!

Zhang Dashan was angry at Su Lai. He cursed Xiaolo with a secret curse in his heart. Then he immediately replied: "Wife, you misunderstood me. I am Lawton the boat. I am a little tired. So, when I have finished bathing, I will come to you. Let's make out and love you. ”

Brother, this is all I can do for you!

Zhang Dashan put the phone down, as if he had done something terrible, and thought it was resolving Sholo's marital crisis.

In Su Li's apartment, Su Li had just taken a bath and walked into the bedroom like a flurry of water. She saw her girlfriend Shen Qinyeon holding her cell phone. Her face was incredible.

“What's the matter?” Su Li asked indissolubly.

“Glass, I had no idea you and Sholo had come to this point. ”

Shen Shenyen handed Su Glass his phone back, which means you should see for yourself. "I was going to try to visit Shaolo, but I could reply with such blatant words, indicating that your relationship wasn't as cold as you said, which is obviously love the couple. ”

After reading the chat, Su Glass blushed with a pretty face. She wondered how the guy could say such things, and then thought about it. It was herself who said such things first. Sholo's reply was in the right place.

“Miss Shen, what you did! ”

Qi shouted and scolded Shen Shenyen. She quickly rushed out of the bedroom. Explain clearly to Sholo the first time, and don't make any mistakes.

Meanwhile, after learning about the chat, Sholo, who took a bath, came to Sulu immediately to explain the matter clearly.


When the door opened, they met in the hallway, with their eyes facing each other.

A woman wears a long, snow-white bathrobe with two long, naked jade legs, a large spring glow on her chest, skin like coagulant, reddish, natural beauty, and a bone marrow; a man wears a white bath towel, his upper body is naked, the lines are clear, and there is an aesthetic.

Why is he dressed like this? Is he really coming...

Su Li's face turned hot red and even the back of her ear became red.

Sholo was also stuck, thinking, "Is this woman dressed like this willing to let me capture it?

“That…” The two spoke at the same time.

After a moment of stunning, he said: "Speak first. ”

Stopped again, because at the same time, they looked at each other in surprise and then laughed embarrassingly.

“Why don't you go ahead.” Sholo made a gesture, please.

Su Glass turned around and said, “I didn't send the WeChat. I was just in the shower. ”

Sholo suddenly realized that he was surprised. How could Su Li send such a message? "Actually, I didn't send the WeChat. I was also in the shower. ”

“Really? Then keep your cell phone under control and don't let anyone flirt with you. ”

“You too. ”

There was nothing extra for the two of them, and when they had done so, they returned to their apartments.

“Shaw, why did you come back? A second, man?” Zhang Dashan greeted him and frowned.

Sholo barely squeezed out a smile: "Mountain, look behind you. ”

“Behind me? ”

Zhang Dashan turned around suspiciously and found his back empty. “Nothing, old Shaw, how can you...”

At this time, Sholo flew up and kicked his big ass. Zhang Dashan murdered a pig-like scream. He dramatically crossed a perfect arc in the air and fell on the couch.