Peerless Genius System

Chapter 571 Banditry

Su Li was feeding Su Xiaobei nutritional porridge. Her face was extraordinarily cold and clear. Her eyes were glowing like autumn water. Hearing Chai Zhiying's words, she frowned and said: “Half a month lost two million? ”

She also thought she had heard wrong. Throughout the years, Sumir had been able to bring her a great deal of money every month. It was also the way she had left herself. If she lost her position and influence in the entertainment industry, she also had Sumir. How could she suddenly lose so much money now if she didn't live on the street?

Robin Xiang was also surprised. She was influenced by Chai Zhiying and Su Li. She didn't pay attention to Luofang. Moreover, there was a tragic event of the failure of Feishue Company a few years ago, which made her think that Luofang would definitely walk through the aftermath of Feishue Company. But who would have thought that only a short time later, Luofang suppressed Sumir. This company is too scary.

“Lofong's introduction of Chinese medicine drinks has the effect of reducing blood pressure and anticoagulant fat, and our customers in the summer baking industry are mostly elderly. After hearing about this Chinese medicine drink, they all went to Lofong to buy it. At the same time, they also bought bread pastries there, which led to a sudden decline in our sales of Sumir, let alone profit. We still have to lose money in every day. If this doesn't change, every day our Sumir loses 80,000 to 120,000. ”

Chai Zhiying was in a hurry. She didn't want to spook Su Li. She thought that Lo Fang had just started a lot of promotional activities. This temporarily pulled all the customers back. It won't take long for the customers to come back. However, she was not surprised that it was so simple.

Sului Gujing's waveless eyes lifted a silk ripple, which was obviously unexpected to her.

She asked, "Do their Chinese medicine drinks really work that well? ”

Chai Zhiying nodded: “According to the information I detected, people who have basically drunk that Chinese medicine drink can't stop praising it. I also specifically asked a person with high blood pressure to test it. After drinking that drink for two or three days, I went to the regular hospital to check it out, and the blood pressure really dropped.” Slowed down, sighed, "I didn't expect that son of a bitch named Zhang Dashan had such a brilliant means, we underestimated him, Glass, what do you say we do? ”

“Have you eaten early?” Su Li asked.

“Not yet. I came to you as soon as I was in bed.” Chai Zhiying Dao.

Su Li's face was flawless, as if nothing had happened: “Then eat early. ”

Continue to feed Su Xiaobei. The little girl and a cute bird are waiting to be nursed. Open her mouth and wait for the spoon to deliver the nutritional porridge to her mouth.

Chai Zhiying did not continue to say anything, listened to Su Li, sat down and enjoyed the early morning. She was indeed a little hungry. Half a month's loss of 2 million was just a Sumir warning. For them personally, 2 million was only a small amount, nothing. Even if they accidentally fell, they would only be uncomfortable for a few days, far from enough to make them pay high attention.

“Tingling bells...”

At that point, the doorbell rang.

“It's Daddy, it must be Daddy!” Su Xiaobei, who drank porridge, shouted excitedly.

Aunt Li went to open the door. It was Sholo who came in. Longbrows were like willows. She was like a jade tree. Her pure white shirt collar was slightly open and seemed a little slutty.


Su Xiaobei shouted happily that she had not seen Sholo for several days, so she was particularly happy at this time.

Sholo walked over, pinched her little nose, and then found an empty seat to sit down. Aunt Li had handed him a bowl of chopsticks, and he didn't recognize them at all. He clipped a piece of bread with chopsticks and ate them.

“Sholo, where's your friend Zhang Dashan?” Zhiying Chai raised his head and asked in a questioning tone.

Sholo pretended he didn't know anything, frowned: "He should be at work. What do you want from him? ”

“His Lofon took over Sumir's market!” Chai Zhi Yingxing asked guilt, too angry, who would have thought that the bastard Lo Fang would have such strength.


Sholo smiled, “I think I remember you didn't even put Lofon in your heart before, and you promised Lofon you'd lose. Why are you in such a hurry now? ”


Chai Zhiying was really dumb to eat Huang Lian. He had bitter words and was blushed by Sholo.

Sholo ignored her and continued eating early in front of her.

“What have you been up to? It's been a while since I've seen you over for breakfast.” Su Li looked at him and asked.

“Nothing. I'm just busy.” Sholo echoed.

Su Li nodded and then fed Su Xiaobei.

Chai Zhiying couldn't sit down, she said eagerly: "Sholo, give me Zhang Dashan's phone, I want to meet him. ”

“If you want to see him, he doesn't necessarily want to see you. Besides, what can you do if you see him? Ask him why he took Sumir's cake. ”

Sholo shook his head with a smile, “If so, forget it, it will only make you look childish, the market in Xia Hai is free, anyone can come in, his Lo Fang did not violate the principle of fair competition, Sumir lost customers, can't blame Lo Fang, but should look for a reason on himself. ”

“Humph, our Sumir has always had a monopoly on the summer baking industry, and if it hadn't been for Zhang Dashan's Luofang's penetration, we would have had a monopoly forever.” Chai Zhiying bites his teeth.

“Do you not understand the logic of running backwards or backwards? Sumir has monopolized the baking industry in the summer sea for many years, but it has not made any further improvements in these years. Times change from time to time, and those who do not adapt to this era will surely be eliminated.” Sholo argued.

Chai Zhiying angrily said: “You are a friend of Zhang Dashan. Of course you help him. His Lo Fang barely broke into the summer sea and stole customers from us Sumir. This kind of behavior is banditry and has been repulsed! ”


Sholo was too lazy to argue with her. In fact, he came here to explore Su Li's tone and see if the time had come for a stall. Honestly, he really didn't want to fight Sumir. The two of them could reach a strategic cooperation consensus. It was Lofong and Sumir who became strategic partners that he was most happy to see.

Su Li kept silent until she finished breakfast and let Aunt Li pack the table before she said faintly: “Young Sister, lower the price of all the products to cost! ”

In just one sentence, Sholoh's heart trembled violently, and the woman suddenly found Lofong's seven inches and hit him with a stick.

Price battle!

That was his biggest concern, after all, Lofong's economic strength was absolutely no better than Sumir's, let alone the strongest backup from a Chinese medicine group behind Sumir, which would be tricky once Sumir waged a price war.