Peerless Genius System

Chapter 572 Pressure from Three Families

“Glass, are you going to go to a price war with Lofon? ”

Chai Zhiying wondered, "But their main product is Chinese medicine beverage, and also because of this Chinese medicine beverage, customers go to them to buy bread pastry, we Sumir do not have such beverage. ”

“It's okay, just do as I say.” Su Glass tidied Su Xiaobei's collar and said carelessly.

Chai Zhiying nodded: “Well, I'm going to call the sales minister and ask him to bring the price down to the cost price. ”

Sholoh was already thinking about countermeasures. Although his Lofong had Chinese medicine drinks, but the main product of the two households was pastry bread. Sumir adjusted the price to the cost price, and customers would buy Chinese medicine drinks in his Lofong, but most people would choose to buy pastry bread in Sumir, and based on Lofong's economic strength, it had not reached the point of toughening up with Sumir in this regard.

How do we face the next dilemma?



If not, when Sumir lowered the price of all kinds of pastry bread to the cost, all the customers who had been dragged back by Lo Fang because of Chinese medicine drinks, of course they would also buy Chinese medicine drinks, but only buy Chinese medicine drinks in Lo Fang, and as for pastry bread, they all went to Sumir to buy them.

A keen media outlet has discovered a glimmer and begun to report a market battle between Sumir and Lofong, who randomly interviewed the citizens of the Summer Sea on the streets and asked them what they thought of the market battle between Sumir and Lofong.

“Views? Of course you're lying there and watching. What else can you think of? ”

“I don't have any opinions. Let them call, so we can buy pastry bread for the least amount of money. ”

“I think Sumir must have laughed at the end, Lo Fang is very powerful in Jiangcheng, but Xia Hai is Sumir's home, with a large number of loyal customers with high stickiness, Lo Fang temporarily crushed Sumir with a Chinese medicine beverage, but Sumir's side lowered the price to the cost price, Lo Fang wants to play. ”

“After my analysis, Luofang must lose. First, Luofang's economic strength is absolutely no better than Sumir's. Secondly, Luofang's research and development of Chinese medicine drinks has influenced the sales of Chinese medicine group health products to some extent. Look, it won't be long before the Chinese medicine group will also participate in this battle. Finally... Forget it, there is no end. In short, Luofang must lose! ”

Interviewees either maintained a high attitude or remained steadfast in believing that Lo Fong would lose.

“Shaw, what should we do? Your wife started a price war, we can't win at all. If we go on like this, we'll really be selling drinks. If other colleagues find out, they'll laugh at us.” Zhang Dashan has been sitting in the Xiahai branch of Zhenlofang. When he sees that the situation is very bad, he calls Sholo.

Sholo ignored his black humor and asked softly: "Is the customer viscous enough for a Chinese medicine drink? ”

“Tall, but they are only interested in Chinese medicine drinks. They don't even look at the pastry bread. After buying the drinks, they went straight to Sumir to buy them. Although our Chinese medicine drinks are also quite lucrative, the real head is still baked products. It doesn't bring the sale of baked products, so the Chinese medicine drinks are hard to hear.” Zhang Dashan Road.

Sholo chopped off the railroad: “Then launch a promotional campaign and get free Chinese medicine drinks for anyone who buys pastry bread at our Lofong for 200 yuan! ”

“Goddamn it, how could I not have thought of such an easy way? Okay, that's it.” Zhang Dashan ended the call and immediately responded to Sholo's plan.

Nowadays it is not a matter of Chinese medicine drinks, but Sumir has initiated a price war, rivalry with Lo Fang for economic strength. Of course, Lo Fang cannot compete. It is absolutely impossible to reduce the price. Now the only thing that can pull back customers is Chinese medicine drinks, which must be used well.

Once the promotion proposed by Sholoh was promoted, the customers weighed the pros and cons in their hearts. They thought it would still be more affordable here in Lofong, so they could buy the required pastry bread and get Chinese medicine drinks. So Lofong was once again in the city, and this long time disappeared, Sumir's side looked extraordinarily cold.



When Shoro went to Sulu's apartment for breakfast, he found that Shen Shenyen was there besides Chai Zhiying.

In a pure black bundle waist cut uniform, wearing silver and grey crystal shiny high heels, Shen Shenyen walked toward him as soon as she saw Sholo, with a sarcastic tone: “Sholo, your friend Zhang Dashan should not be too powerful!!! ”

“What's the matter? Fire early in the morning?” Sholo probably guessed what the reason was, but he had to pretend to know nothing.

“What else? ”

Shen Shenyen forked his hands and waist. “He was a baking company that didn't do baking well. He reached into the health products industry and grabbed food directly from our Chinese medicine group. Why didn't he die? ”

Sholoh laughed: “He didn't accidentally interfere with the interests of your Chinese pharmaceutical group because Lofong was able to win the battle in this market. Don't worry, when Lofong stabilizes his heels, he will definitely return this benefit to you. ”

“I want him to stop now! ”

Shen Shenyen was aggressive and forced to be humane. She had a piece of cake in her hand. She was eating it well, but someone took it away. Everyone was breathing.

“I don't think he can do it now.” Sholo frowned.

“Then he shouldn't blame me for dealing with his Lo Fang, not just my Chinese Pharmaceutical Group, Jen He Pharmaceutical will join in, then the whole summer sea will stand up against Lo Fang, just ask him, how much money can be lost?” Shen Zhenyen.

Sholo didn't talk, walked straight to the table and sat down for breakfast. All right, come on in and see who can laugh at the end!

“You're not going to persuade your friend?” Su Glass looked at him with a cold face.

“No, he has his own considerations.” Sholo smiled back.

“Consider? ”

Chai Zhiying snorted, “His Lo Fang is about to become a public enemy, the rat shouting at everyone, in the summer sea soon has no place to stand. ”

“I don't think it's that serious.” Sholoway.

“Oh... do you think his Lofong is capable of surviving the three blockades of our Sumir, Miss Shen's Chinese Pharmaceutical Group, and Jenhe Pharmaceutical Industry? Don't be ridiculous, I've already checked the bottom line of Lo Fang, the total assets will last 60 billion, the real amount of working capital will not exceed 2 billion, when Lo Fang's money chain breaks, they will have to borrow from the bank, but there is pressure from the three of us, absolutely no bank in China will lend to Lo Fang.” Chai Zhiying has the same pattern to outline the fate of Lo Fang in the future.

Sholo just smiled, “It's no use talking to me. ”

“I know it's useless, but you're good friends, and I hope you can pass these words on to him and persuade him to leave the market in the summer sea before it's too late, otherwise it will only be a heavy loss.” Chai Zhiying's confident path.