Peerless Genius System

Chapter 576: Master of Lo Fong

“It's not a deal. Shit comes first. In addition to the annual salary of 20 million, Shenhuo Jinhe Pharmaceutical will give you another villa, worth at least 6 million, in the affluent area of the summer sea.” Cai Ren Hedao.

Shen Chunyen waved his hand: “Whatever conditions Jen and the pharmaceutical industry offered, China Pharmaceutical Group doubled it! ”

“Shen Zhenyen, you...” Cai Ren and angry bite his teeth.

Shen Shenyen ignored it. The young girl in front of her is definitely going to win it. If she goes to Jenhe Pharmaceutical, Jenhe Pharmaceutical will definitely rise in the field of TCD, which will break the balance between the two sides. Sooner or later, her Chinese Pharmaceutical Group will lose its competitive qualifications with Jenhe Pharmaceutical, and not necessarily be annexed by Jenhe Pharmaceutical.

At this point, Xiao Ruyi said faintly: “Are you from China Pharmaceutical Corporation? ”

Shen Qinyeon turned himself in: “Yes, I am here specially...”

Xiao Ruyi didn't let her finish her speech and turned to Cai Renhe: “Are you Jen He Pharmaceutical? ”

Cai Ren and busily said: “Yes, Doctor Shen. ”

“So that's you, partner against my brother Lo Fong.” Shaw Ruyi's tone suddenly became very cold.

Your brother, Lofon?

Shen Shenyen and Cai Ren stunned for a moment, and a very bad hunch oil came to life.

“Sister, what do you mean by that? We don't understand.” Shen Shenyen asked with an embarrassing smile on her face.

“Don't you understand? ”

Xiao Ruyi snorted, “Lo Fang is my brother, he and Sumir compete fairly in the summer market, you two pharmaceutical manufacturers are stiff to get together, are you hungry to hang on to everything? ”

Hearing this, Shen Tinyen and Cai Ren and their faces were all discolored. Who can imagine that the goddess doctor in front of them would be the sister of Lo Fang boss. He was also friendly with them the previous second, then the second was full of hostility. It seems that this medical hall rose in the summer sea, and there is a great possibility that it is targeting them.

“Doctor Shen, we did not unjustifiably blend into the battle between Lofong and Sumir, but a Chinese medicine beverage developed by Lofong once put our family's health supplies on hold, so we had to do this. ”

Cai Ren and hastily explained, then thought that the Chinese medicine beverage was probably developed by the goddess doctor in front of him, and said, "Since Luofang and the goddess doctor have such a deep source, I Renhe Pharmaceutical is willing to quit and give Luofang the proceeds from this health product. ”

He is offering the utmost sincerity to win Xiao Ruyi, as long as they can win Xiao Ruyi, they will reach unprecedented heights in the Jen and Pharmaceutical industry.

“No need.” Xiao Ruyi waved.

No need?

Cai Ren and his body were stunned and his eyes glanced at her.

Shaw Ruyi glanced softly: “My brother said that the drums of the Evelyte Festival had sounded, no one could stop, no one could quit halfway! ”

Evelitt's Festival drums?!

Shen Shenyen and Cai Renhe, as well as all those present, sucked in the cool air independently.

Legend has it that warriors in the ancient Roman arena, when they do not fear death and are on the verge of death, will hear a drum of war. Any warrior who hears a drum of war will not fight for hatred, will not fight for victory, will not even fight for himself, and they will only fight for death and will not stop.

At this time, they will have the ultimate power to transcend all the logic of thought in the world, as if their lives were dedicated to the god of battle, a sacrifice of blood that cannot be ended without death.

Luo Fang is actually going to war with China Pharmaceutical Corporation and Ren He Pharmaceutical? What courage and courage is that?

Shen Shenyen and Cai Renhe's driver and secretary were amazed and stared at Xiao Ruyi.

“Little sister, this medical hall belongs to your brother?” Shen Shenyen asked.

“Yeah, I'm just taking care of my brother.” Shaw Ruyi carried his hands in the affirmative path.

Jin Medical Hall is after them!

Shen Shenyen and Cai Ren and at this time were finally determined. No wonder Jin Ji Tang didn't show up late. At this time, he settled in Xia Hai. Turns out this is Lo Fang in the war.

Shen Shenyen quickly calmed down and said: “I admit that Jin Medical Hall is very powerful, but I can only rely on you to support her. Jin Medical Hall will not be an opponent of either of our families. It can't even shake the status of any of our families. This is always just a small noise, but we have a closely collaborated group. Overseas, Jin Medical Hall has our assets. Jin Medical Hall will not be our opponent. I am not exaggerating, but telling a fact. ”

“Really? Then why are you visiting my hospital?” Xiao Ruyi smiled softly, smiling with a little contempt.

Shen Shenyen was mute for a moment, and Cai Renhe didn't know what to say.

Xiao Ruyi snorted softly: “I told you, because my Jin Medical Hall made you feel threatened and made you sleep and eat nothing real, so come to explore the truth, but this trip is destined to make you even more uneasy, my brother said, he will build Jin Medical Hall step by step, you are a group, we Jin Medical Hall and Lo Fang can also be a group then, it is only a matter of time, sooner or later. ”

Looking at Xiao Ruyi with such confidence, Shen Chenyen and Cai Renhe were both cold sweating on their foreheads, they had been able to anticipate the future scenario. This is not a joke. With the current rate of development of Jin Medical Hall and the ability to seize the market, I'm afraid in less than two years, Jin Medical Hall will grow to sit on par with their company.

Who the hell owns this loaf?

Cai Ren and his heart secretly scolded his mother. It was too mysterious. In just two weeks, a medical hall was set up to put him to sleep.

“President Zhang, did he really say that?” Shen Shenyen is hard to believe, that would be what Zhang Dashan, the guy who doesn't seem to have a rectangle, said.

“President Zhang? ”

Xiao Ruyi frowned. “You're talking about Zhang Big Face. My brother is not him. He works for my brother, just like me, but he handles Lo Fong. ”


Shen Shenyen suddenly had a suffocating fear. She also remembered at this time. Zhang Dashan did say that there was a boss above him, and that was Lo Fang's true owner.

Who the hell is that?

Shen Shenyen and all those present were very curious about this person.

“Doctor, can you tell us who your brother is?” Cai Ren asked with a smile.

“I'm sorry, my brother won't allow me to say that when the time comes, you will naturally meet. ”

Xiao Ruyi said indifferently, then waved, “Okay, it's getting late, please go back, I'm going to rest. ”

It was her brother's enemy, and naturally she had no good attitude.

Jin Yan and Cai Ren naturally had no reason to stay here, and walked out of Jin Yan together. Both of them had a sense of loss of soul because they could predict that a bloody storm would arrive.