Peerless Genius System

Chapter 583: Forced

“Buzz ~”

Su Li's body trembled slightly, his eyes widened, his head blank, and only one thought left was echoing: this dead guy actually kissed himself!

It's incredible, it's not real as a dream!

Without waiting for her to think about it, Sholoh's eyes burst with a blazing glow, prying her teeth open with her tongue, stirring indiscriminately inside, and greedy sucking allowed her dew juice.


Su Ruihong's eyes were filled with panic and panic. This kiss came too suddenly to prevent her. Sholo's heavy manhood covered her whole person. She subconsciously pushed Sholo away, but the man's arms held her tight as steel cast. How could it be pushed away?

Stop it!

Su Li shouted in his heart, two rows of belly teeth bite down hard.

The tongue is a very fragile area. Although Sholoh's body strength is far more than normal, he was bitten by Thrace, just like he bit his own tongue while eating. It was hard to imagine the pain that arose in the moment. Sholoh's lips left her lips, but he didn't let her loose.

“You bit me?” He frowned and his face was full of chill.

Su Li saw a trace of silk blood between his teeth and also on his lips. He knew that he had just bitten his tongue. At this time, it was bleeding. Suddenly he felt a strong sense of guilt. His eyes moved down and he whispered: “Sorry, I...”

"If it helps to say I'm sorry, what's the point of being a policeman?" said Sholo. ”Hold Sulu's waist tightly with one hand, lift her chin with tease, smile with evil charm on her face," put your body against it. ”

Body against body?

What the hell is this dead guy talking about? Is he crazy?

Sulu was breathing fast and the whole person panicked.

At this moment, the door to the conference room was pushed open and Zhang Dashan walked in: "Shaw, are you done... have you?” The voice ranged from high to low. When I thoroughly saw Sholo and Sulu in their obscure positions, I immediately struck a spirit and laughed. "I didn't see anything. I didn't see anything. You guys go on, you guys go on...”

Running away, he said, was faster than a frightened rabbit.

Shen Qinyeon, Chai Zhiying and others outside saw him run out and rushed to greet him.

“How's it going in there?” Chai Zhiying asked eagerly.

“It's quite extensive, now is the crucial moment, let's not disturb any of us, let's go, I'll show you around the park, there are tennis courts, swimming pools, gyms and other sports venues in the park, definitely not boring and boring. ”

Zhang Dashan hey laughed, then greeted everyone to leave, and ordered the conference room management staff not to go in until Sholo and Sulu came out, otherwise they would be fired directly.



“Let go of me! ”

In the conference room, Su Li's face was blushing. He looked at Sholo with a grudge and was caught by someone else. It was really embarrassing.

Sholo shook his head and grinned: “Isn't it clear enough that I just said that I'd let you go without doing anything? There's no such thing as cheap in the world. ”

“Sholo, don't be ridiculous, I know you're not like this, and this is still the conference room, you...”

Su Li was scared, really scared that Sholo would mess with her, and finally with a slight cry, "Don't do this, you scared me, I promised to work with your Lofong is not enough? I'll do anything you say! ”

Sholoh did not speak, ignoring the struggle of women on their cheeks, ears and necks.

When a man's lips were drawn from his neck, Su Li shocked like an electric chestnut. Even the words were a little obscure.

“... don't do this, Sholo... stop..."

Sholo slowly fell into a kind of madness. The scent of a woman's body stimulated his brain nerves, causing his pores all over him to dilate to the limit. The man's deep-rooted nature gradually unfolded at this moment. He constantly attacked Sulu's white neck.

“So your sensitive area is your neck. ”

Sholo stopped and looked down at her like a victor, smiling.

Sulu was red, exhaled like an orchid, grabbed the reddish lips, shyly lowered her head, but her arms hung around Sholo's neck, so faint in front of a man, which made her ashamed and unable to lift her head.

Sholo smiled badly and turned around, placing her directly on the table.

“What are you... what are you doing?” Sulu panicked again, subconsciously checking the doors and surroundings of the conference room to make sure there were no cameras.

“Don't you see what I'm trying to do? ”

Sholo laughed like a villain in a TV show, "For the first time, neither of us was conscious. This time, we all felt each other's bodies! ”

“No, this is the conference room, we... can we come back later...”

Su Glass pleaded with a weak, slightly begging tone. Her cheeks were dripping with shame. Sholo's bullying completely conquered her. Nothing arrogant existed. She was now a little bird-obsessed woman.


Sholo had no intention of stopping, pressing directly against her.



Zhang Dashan walked around the park with Shen Shenyen and Chai Zhiying, pointing points, and there was a great appearance of leadership coming to the factory to guide the work.

“Look, this is the open-air swimming pool in our park. How about it? It's big enough. There's plenty of water. A fierce bastard sticks it in. It's absolutely delightful! ”

“This is our tennis court. It's all our factory employees who are resting in the fierce battle. The battle is raging, it's painful! ”

“Do you guys look at the gym, make it very stylish, landing on the balcony, all kinds of fitness equipment should be there, should President Shen go inside and try it now? ”

Every time I go to a place, Zhang Dashan starts introducing, but at the time of introducing, I can't help but imagine the images in the conference room now, so the words are very intriguing.

Shen Shenyen and Chai Zhiying did not hear anything, the former coldly said: “I have no interest in Luofang Park. I just want to know if Jinyuan will pose a major threat to my Chinese medicine group in the future, so it's useless to pull this off. ”