Peerless Genius System

Chapter 586: Third Task

During the conversation between Su Li and Shen Yeon, a message was broadcast on the radio in the car that, more than three hours ago, there was a heinous bank robbery on Huijin Road, which took control of twenty or thirty hostages, held firearms and confronted police officers, but did not know what had happened. When SWAT officers rushed in, all the bandits were found knocked out on the ground.

When questioning the frightened hostages, they only said that a shadow had rushed in and moved very fast, so fast that they could not even see his face clearly, and that the bandits had been knocked out by him.

“Are we also going to have a superhero in China who maintains world peace? This is incredible!” Broadcaster, that sounds like a thrill of chicken blood coming out of an audio set up in a business car.

Su Li, Shen Yin and Chai Zhiying were all stunned because they had no surprises in their minds about Shoronaki's reason for being late.

“No way, did that guy really meet a robber who robbed a bank?! ”

Shen Shenyen's face is full of incredible colors. This is 100% of the time. There is no doubt that Sholo can't have stunned the robbers.

“Is he that good?” Zhiying Chai spoke in disdain.

After a moment of inactivity, Su Li smiled. An unexpected mistake tied her up with Sholo. Now she wants to come. That unexpected mistake is still beautiful. Before she met Sholo, she even planned to be single for the rest of her life, because she witnessed what happened to her sister, and she had an instinctual rejection of men.



Black marbled floors, bright mirror-like tiles, gorgeous crystal chandeliers, pure black facing wooden tables, beautifully carved bookcases… this is the office of the NSA headquarters ancient warring nations, elegant, low-key, clean and tidy.

At this moment, the ancient warring country with white hair sat on the office chair with a heavy face and a sad face. Deputy Director Oriental Sawyer stood aside with his hands behind his back and said to the incoming Sholo: "The poisonous girl has been out of contact for almost half a month, something that has never happened before, and her final location coordinates are near the Tokyo Tower. ”

“Made by the Aso family?” Sholoway.

“I'm not sure yet! ”

"According to the bright information, the Aso family should not have this ability to make it difficult for her," said Oriental Soo Yu. “This time, I want to send you to Japan to investigate things clearly, find the poisoned girl back, and, if possible, also investigate the reasons why our international students in Japan have been frequently disconnected. ”

Sholo nodded, now is the age of Internet information explosion, news of Japanese students' disconnection appeared on the Internet from time to time, at first everyone thought they had been poisoned by the perverted sex demons of Japan, but then not only female students disappeared, but male students, even Chinese shopping tourists to Japan were not spared.

At one time, Japan, for the Chinese, was talking about a change of colour!

“You have a new identity in the Japanese parliament. Later, the lark will give you the passports and information of the new identity, and you will leave tonight in case you have too many nightmares.” Oriental Sawyer said.

“Leaving tonight? ”

Sholo frowned slightly. This was a bit of a rush. His relationship with Sulu was getting closer. He didn't even have time to consolidate yet. He had to leave.

“Poison girls have been out of association too long to be delayed.” Oriental Sawyer explained.

“Okay.” Sholo should come down.

At this time, the ancient warring nations, who had not spoken, stood up and said to the admonition: “The situation in Japan is a bit complicated. You must be careful on this mission, I will wait for you to triumph! ”

Sholo nodded and stepped out of the office.

After closing the office door, Oriental Soul turned to the ancient warring nations: “Do you seem to have something on your mind? ”

“I always felt that it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to destroy this mission for nine lifetimes.” Ancient Warring States Road.

“Even a war place like Libya can come and go freely. Is the kingdom of Japan still dangerous?” Oriental Sawyer didn't think so.

The ancient warring kingdom sighed: "I hope I've thought too much about it. ”



“Mr. Sholo, here's your passport, your ID card, and your bank card, which has enough money to cover all your expenses in Japan, and the password is six for one.” In the reception room, Keith, dressed in a gentle manner, packed things up and handed them over to Sholo.

Sholo looked at his new identity - Xiao Han, a police officer in the capital.

“In order to facilitate your investigation in Japan, your new identity is the National Police of China, which specializes in overseeing the investigation of missing persons in China. When you arrive at Tokyo airport, Tokyo police will pick you up. ”

Ji Siying further explained, then grabbed Sholo gently, "Please contact me in a timely manner if anything happens, and you must be safe, I will wait for you in the summer sea. ”


Sholo nodded.

When this woman, with a hint of fragrance, put herself in her arms, Sholo found herself actually trying, whether Sulu or Keith Ying in front of her, lived in his heart, and he couldn't do it if he wanted him to give up anyone.

That jade bracelet had long been given back to Ji Siying, who wore it on his wrist like a treasure.



Back at 8pm at Starling Moon Bay, packed some bags and rang the doorbell of the Sulu apartment.

Aunt Li opened the door with a smile: "Mr. Shaw, you're here. ”

Sholo nodded his greetings and smiled back.

Upon seeing the door, I saw a beautiful figure leaning against the sofa in the lobby, looking at a book in my hand, tall blue silk, beautiful jade neck, single side reminds me of a thousand, not Sulu and who.

Sholo walked over and sat next to her.

And Su Glass was already so nervous at this time, her heart was pounding straight, her beautiful face was red, and her relationship with Sholo was really different now, and the madness in the Lo Fong conference room during the day made her not forget her whole life.

“How did it get back to the old cold?” Sholo frowned and opened the box.

Su Li raised his head sharply and couldn't help but be shy: “I was like this. If you don't like it, don't come over. ”

“ …… ”

Sholo had to change the subject, looked around and asked, "Where's Beck? ”

“I don't know where Su Chanye took her to play. She got tired during the day and fell asleep long ago. ”

Su Li replied. She was wondering whether it was time to tidy up a new bedroom. If there were no accidents in the future, she and this man would be sleeping together. Think about it, her face would be burning. She insinuated herself about what was going on. Why is she always thinking about sleeping with this man?