Peerless Genius System

Chapter 590: Police Department

Although there is a lot of suspicion, at least two cases are merged. Once the black SUV without a license plate is found and its owner is confirmed, there is a good chance that Shundo will dig up the whole behind the scenes. Of course, before that, he will have to go to the Aso family to investigate the situation. After all, the Aso family is most suspected.

The next day, near 9: 00, the palace Qilongjing arrived.

Wearing yesterday's jacket, with a grey sweater, earthy, besides that stinking smoke, there's a smell that can't be described without changing clothes for a long time.

Sholo was dressed in plain clothes and couldn't help but frown and ask: "Shosan, you're going to meet the director of our police station. Aren't you going to wear your Chinese police uniform? ”

Sholo raised his eyebrows: "Why wear it? ”

He's not a real cop, he's not used to wearing a uniform.

“It's official to wear a police uniform.” Gongqi Longjing Road.

“Then why don't you wear it?” Sholo asks back.


Miyagi Longjing was going to say that he was going to retire soon, and in the police hall, everyone would choose to ignore him. It doesn't matter if he wears it or not. But eventually, he didn't say anything. He slowly spit out a cloudy smoke. He looked at Sholo with some appreciation, patted Sholo on his shoulder, smiled, and didn't speak anymore.



Located at the intersection of a 60-degree concave angle, it is built on the inside of this concave angle, more than twenty floors, with dozens of police cars neatly parked in the courtyard outside the gate, after all Tokyo, the capital of Japan and the largest city, and the police station is of course very classy and magnificent.

Sholo walked into the lobby with Miyagi Longjing and Akeno Kimura, then took the elevator to the 15th floor and passed a bright corridor before reaching the office of the Chief of Police.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

Akeno Kimura knocked on the door, he could see that he was careful, afraid that knocking too hard would be rude.

“Akeno, that's not how the door knocks, it's too light, it doesn't necessarily attract the attention of the director, and it's easy to expose your uncomfortable character to make decisions. ”

Miyagi Longjing scolded the elders' tone, “Out of the way, I'll do it! ”

Just squeeze Akino Kimura away, knock again, knock on the top of Tarzan.

Sholo was slightly stunned, and after he was stunned, he gave a funny smile. This Miyagi Qilongjing was indeed an excellent policeman before, otherwise he would not have seen the state of a person by knocking on the door, which is a small experience to observe.

Tarzan's overwhelming knocking, which is like Gong Qilongjing, shows that the knocker is a more responsible and very confident person.

If it is a short and thunderous knock, it means the other party is nervous and the side shows that the knocker is a very impatient person;

If a rhythmic knock is heard, it gives a solid feeling that the knocker is a quiet person; if the knock is dry and boring, the person is a very distressed person, usually if something doesn't make sense, he wants to find someone to complain about;

If what you hear is a slow knock, it means that the other person is a good vanity.

“Come in! ”

Hearing a steady and powerful voice coming from inside, Miyagi Longjing pushed the door open and walked in.

Sholo and Akino Kimura followed, and as soon as they entered the desk, they saw a man of similar age and Miyagi Dragonwell sitting behind him with round glasses, half-white hair, but still very spiritual, not fat, medium skinny, wearing a light blue police uniform, five stars on his shoulder badge, indicating his identity - chief of police department.

In addition to the Director, there is also a female police officer in the office.

Keeping BoBo's head, his hair dyed light brown, the air in front of his forehead was Liu Hai, he looked clean and neat, the five officials were sophisticated and completely facial, but it was pleasing to see.

“Dragon Well, why didn't you come to work in uniform?! ”

The chief of the police bureau frowned and was very dissatisfied with Miyagi Longjing. “You are an old man, you have to set an example for young people. Even if you are retiring, you have to stand on the last shift. Besides, if you don't handle this case properly, even if I want to give you a little more pension, there is nothing I can do. ”

Miyagi Longjing is also an old oil strip. His face is unchanged from the training of the chief of police. He can be said not to be surprised. He directly introduced Xiao Luo: “Chief, this is the first police chief Xiao Lin from China! ”

After hearing this, the director rectified the color, stood up, walked from behind the desk to the front, and asked in raw Chinese: “Xiao Han? ”

"Yes, Shaw Colin," said Sholo. ”

“Hello, hello, welcome. ”

The director immediately grabbed Sholo's hand with enthusiasm and smiled. "I am Hikaru Tanaka. Welcome to Tokyo. I didn't expect Shosan to speak Japanese so well. It seems that we do not need to find a translator to communicate with each other. ”

Sholo smiled and nodded. Seriously, he didn't catch a cold with the Japanese. That deep-rooted ethnic hatred had always affected him, so dealing with these Japanese people, his smile was reluctant, not heartfelt.

“Mino, go, get all the directors of the Public Security and Criminal Affairs Departments. I'll introduce Shaw Sang.” Hikaru Tanaka shows Akino Road, Oki Village.

Miyagi Longjing inserted a cold sentence: “Introduce what? What is there to introduce? People are here to supervise and investigate cases of Chinese missing connections. Just solve the case as soon as possible. Is it necessary to know so many people? ”

“Ryui, what are you talking about? At this age, how come you still look like a hangman, come to my office to teach me a lesson, still smoking here, have you never seen this director in my eyes?” Tanaka was furious.

“How dare I not see you in my eyes?” Gong Qilongjing lowered his posture and extinguished the smoke.

Hikaru Tanaka said, "I participated in your work the same year. You are still an inspector minister. If you don't want to move forward, you let me say what's good for you.” Then he turned his head and stacked his smile on Sholodao, “Shawsan, I made you laugh. Longjing's human spleen is almost bad, but his ability to handle the case is unquestionable, and the search lessons 1, 2 and 3 are all there to assist him. Your country's personnel lost their connections, I believe they will soon fall out of the water, and those who lost their connections will be safely rescued. ”

Sholo's eyebrows frowned and he felt like listening to the director was farting. Everyone was kidnapped and delayed for a moment. Don't you know the danger? It's better said than done. If we don't have a clue, we can use all the police force to carry out a carpeted search of Tokyo.

At this time, the policewoman stood up and proactively extended her hand to Sholo, introducing herself: “Hello, Xiao Jinjun, I am the person in charge of the search class 3, my name is Ma Sheng Yao! ”

Aso Soo Yao? The Aso family?

Sholo looked at her in shock, reaching out, politely shaking: “Hello. ”