Peerless Genius System

Chapter 599: Monsters

Wang Leyou, male, 32 years old, came to Japan on the 9th, the family on the 12th called the police, the 13th officially confirmed his disconnection, kidnapped by bad forces from one side of Japan... Sholo's information immediately appeared in his mind.

The empty alley, the dark atmosphere, Wang Leyou climbed up from the ground like a dead man, the odd and shady smell was diffuse, suppressed on the heads of the three Sholoh, Sholoh looked at the Miyagi Dragonwell distribution car, the car head was all dried up, yet there was no trace of blood on the ground.

“Click ~”

The subtle voice sounded again, infiltrating like a demon chewing on a human bone, chilling.

Miyagi Longjing's hand is not yet on the shoulder of Wang Leyou, who suddenly turned, a rough, surface like a scaled hand toward the chest of Miyagi Qilong well, nails black and sharp, with a mortal spirit.

Sholo's face suddenly changed and rushed up, pushing the palace Qilong well away, then greeted him on the back.

“Boom ~”

The palms collided and a dull blast erupted, while the latter swept toward Sholoh, and the whole man took a dozen steps backwards to stabilize himself.

Forgive me, Sholodin is amazing. At this moment, I can't help but take a breath of cool air. This is too unexpected. He has no protection at all. Who can believe that Wang Leyou shot such a powerful hand? Is this really Wang Leyou?

Lift your head, set your eyes, the atmosphere solidifies at this moment, because the other party is indeed Wang Leyou, but the original miserable white face is rapidly changing, something similar to lizard scales rapidly grow on the surface of its skin, dense numbness, can see human scalp numbness, in addition, Wang Leyou's eyes are white, like no eyes, only white.

“God, he... how did he become a monster?! ”

Akino Kimura opened his eyes to surprise. This is amazing. He was just alone. Now, under their eyes, he is alive and grew blue scales, and being hit by a car is not damaged. This is horrible.

Sholo was similarly stunned because he found that Wang Leyue was not breathing at all. Isn't that supposed to be a corpse? How can you stand up and hurt people?

“Wang Leyou, Wang Leyou! ”

Sholo tried to call his name and see if he would react.

The result was total indifference, as if this was a strange, meaningless name for Wang Leyou.

The night is quiet, the void is empty, the shadows and darkness and the gentle cold wind are circulating in this space, where there is always a few chills.

Gong Qilongjing pulled out his pistol and shouted and drank at Wang Leyou: “Hands up, Wang Leyou, hands up! ”

He felt a strong and dangerous aura from Wang Leyou, like a bloodthirsty beast, but even if he was frightened, he would not retreat.

“Click ~”

Once again, the subtle noise of the infiltrator appeared in Wang Leyou's body. He took a step and walked straight to the Palace Qilongjing, completely ignoring the existence of the pistol.

Miyagi Longjing swallowed a hard sip of saliva, his body was forced to gush cold sweat, and his gun hand trembled slightly.

“Wang Leyou, stop! I said stop! Don't move! ”

Faced with his roar, Wang Leyou seemed to have lost his ability to react to the outside world and still approached him not slowly.

“First warning… Second warning… Third warning…”

“Bang ~”

After three warnings, Miyagi Qilongjing pulled the trigger, a shot was fired, and the loaded bullet fired violently at Wang Leyou's shoulder.


There was only one sound similar to the sound of a metal impact, and then there was the burst of Mars. After hitting Wang Leyou's body, the bullet changed its ballistics and stuck one end in a tree trunk on the right.

Bounced off?

Bullets off?

Miyagi Longjing and Akino Kimura were quite shocked, and their faces appeared unspeakable in shock.

“Is he wearing steel plates?” Akeno Kimura's appalling path.

Sholoh was equally stunned and then revealed a heavy colour, either with steel plates or with bullets bounced off by the strength of his body, and the most likely reason was that Wang Leyou's dense scales on the body surface were acting weird.

What the hell happened to Wang Leyou?

The man who kidnapped him turned him into such a monster? What are you sending him here for? Hunt him or Kiryu Miyagi?

At one point, countless questions arose in his brain, and he realized that this could be a biochemical warrior secretly researched by an organization in Japan, and that the object of the experiment was the Chinese.

If so, isn't that the poisonous Voyeur...

The thought was terrifying, and Schollo had a cold sweat on his head.

At this time, Wang Leyou suddenly rushed towards the Palace Qilongjing. Although his figure was small, unlike the two sumo players under Yufu Suzuki's hand, the rush was even more terrible than the two sumo players, just like an evil demon attack who ate bones without vomiting.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom."

Gong Qilongjing fired several shots, each shot hit Wang Leyou, but all the bullets flew with the "Zhu” bullet, can't hurt Wang Leyou at all, the other side seems to be a robot made of steel.

“Minister Longjing, look out!” Akeno Kimura shouted.

Sholo naturally did not wait to be killed, his momentum suddenly soared, crossing the spatial moment and rushing to the nearest Miyagi Qilongjing.

“Out of the way! ”

Without any objection from Qilongjing, he pushed Qilongjing directly to the side with his arm, his body rotated, his right claw attacked, and with extremely sharp momentum toward Wang Leyou tearing away.

“Boom ~”

The eagle-like claws and Wang Leyou's scaly palms shocked violently. In a dark atmosphere, the scaly monster violently swayed like a lightning strike, and then quickly threw back.

After falling to the ground, Wang Leyou did not pause at all, stood up with his limbs together, and then swept up again. That kind of bone was chewed up by the devil's chewing "clicking” sound, his body carried the shadow of the way out, and several flashes had come to Sholo's face.

Fast, fast as electricity!

And his throat sounded like a magnesium-like mass of corpses watching flesh and blood, like a beast eating... his right claw burst out on a fierce trajectory, taking Sholo's throat.

Sholo frowned, one finger on his right hand, locked Wang Leyou's wrist, and intercepted accurately.

However, Wang Leyou's strength is surprisingly large, it can be said that it is weird. He used almost 70% of his strength to successfully intercept this claw. Before waiting for him to make the next move, Wang Leyou actually took the lead in launching a second round of attack, his other hand held into fists, and one punch bombarded Sholo's abdomen.

“Boom ~”

If thunder strikes, the amount is internal protection, Sholo also feels that gastric juice is about to be shot out, the whole person is like a shell backwards and hit out hard.