Peerless Genius System

Chapter 601: The Ghost Claw

Sholoh was like a beast that revealed Sen's fangs. Before the scaly monster Wang Leyou had fallen to the ground, he swept up and hit Wang Leyou again in the most brutal and direct way.

“Boom! Boom!”

Wang Leyou flew out of the ground like an uncontrolled car. Every time he touched the ground, it was a rock splash, sand dust flying, as if it was not a person, but a heavy machinery.

Miyagi Longjing and Akino Kimura had the same expression at this time, both eye-knotted tongues, their mouths widened to O-shape, in a shock and intimidation that cannot be described in words, Shoro was very strong. They were already mentally prepared, but how could they be prepared? I didn't expect that he would be strong to this extent. This is definitely beyond the scope of human beings!

“Xiao Hanjun, he... is he still human?” Akino Kimura mumbled to himself.

Miyagi Longjing didn't pick up his words. He just looked at the seemingly thin but demonic figure in front of him. His heart was horrified. The Chinese State was a mysterious country. No wonder there was such a horrible figure. No wonder he sent only one person. This one, I'm afraid, could withstand thousands of troops.


Blood brawled and rolled out in his throat. Wang Leyou, who became a scaly monster, seemed angry. After climbing up from the ground, he shouted like a madman at Sholoh.

“Ding, congratulations to the host on obtaining the Ghost Claw Goddess and spending 100,000 points! ”

Sholo's mind sounded the old board of the system to make a hard tone. The reason why he exchanged this technique was because the other party's squared armor was too hard, and the Ghost Claw was dedicated to breaking this kind of defense, tearing apart the armored car without talking.

With his inner strength concentrated at his ten fingers and the silky white smell concentrated at his fingertips, Sholoh's hands seemed to burn the cold phosphorus fire, and the temperature dropped sharply across the alley, making even the warm wind here become chilly.

“It's over! ”

The corner of Sholo's mouth revealed a brutal arc laugh. The next second, like a black lightning bolt, “slurping" the moment spanned a distance of three or four meters, approaching Wang Leyou, the ghost claw tearing against Wang Leyou's heart.

Without any accident, Sholo's hand was like a knife, the two met, like burning red iron into a foam, just listening to the "puff”. Sholo's right hand easily penetrated Wang Leyou's chest, and the claws from Wang Leyou's back were filled with green blood.

Wang Leyue, like a madman, lost all movement and his arms drooped weakly.

“Dead, this monster was killed, Xiao Jinjun's hand actually... actually penetrated his body!?” Akeno Kimura looked horrified, his eyes were trembling, and his heart was shaken with tremendous shock. That was a monster that couldn't even hurt a bullet.

“This guy is the beast! ”

Miyagi Longjing swallowed the pharyngeal spit. If Wang Leyou is a beast, then this claw gives Wang Leyou's body through Sholo is a beast in the beast.

Sholo shook his arm and pulled it out of Wang Leyou's chest. Wang Leyou's body spinned around like a gyro.

“Green blood? ”

Looking at the green blood on his hands, Sholo's eyebrows wrinkled deeply, because the green blood scattered through a strong stench, with a stinking dead mouse, stinking and unbearable.

At this time, Wang Leyou, who thought he had died, suddenly howled and climbed from the ground, his feet slipped like an attacking toad, rushing towards Sholo. His right finger, filled with scales, was like a sharp knife, and the wind shouted and swept, hurrying towards Sholo's chest.

It happened so suddenly, and who can believe that a man who was pierced through his chest didn't die!

Sholo's pupils narrowed sharply, his upper half of his lower consciousness leaned back, but it was still late, and Wang Leyou's right paw touched his chest.

“Spike ~”

The front of his chest was torn apart, and three eye-catching blood marks appeared on Sholo's chest, like a kiss from a tiger claw.

“Ding, have you detected a genovirus invader that costs 500 points to get antibodies? ”

The sound of the system is ringing again. Sholo's stunned. Genovirus? Does this fucking zombie still have a virus?

“Redeem me! ”

You don't have to think about it. Sholo doesn't want his body to be different, and it's a genetic virus, and he doesn't get antibodies right away, and God knows what he's going to be.

“Click ~”

Wang Leyou's whole body of bone festival seemed to be in a false motion, dancing a bloody web, forcing him to retreat successively.

“Can't this monster die?” Akino Kimura is sweating so cold, I can't believe there's such a thing as immortality in the world.

“It is impossible not to kill, surely not to hit its point. ”

Gong Qilongjing looked shocked and then shouted out, “Shaw Sang, attack his head! ”

He didn't need to remind Sholo that he had the same intention. After all, he thought of the zombie. Then, naturally, he thought of the head explosion. After avoiding a series of attacks by Wang Leyou, he slipped behind Wang Leyou and burst into the back of Wang Leyou's head with a clenched iron fist.

“Pfft ~”

With this punch, Wang Leyou's head burst like a watermelon, flesh, blood, brains... scattered everywhere.

After struggling for a few steps forward, the head body finally fell down with a "bang” and nothing moved. Green stinking blood gushed out of the neck, and the scales faded at the visible speed of the naked eye until it disappeared. Finally, it was almost like an ordinary man being beheaded, except that the blood was green.

Genetically modified!

These four words appeared in Schollo's mind, as well as images of the 731 troops experimenting with the Chinese, and now history seems to be repeating itself.

Which side of Japan is it?

The Aso family? Military or some unknown organization?

Anger burned in the heart, the Chinese who came to Japan to travel, were kidnapped alive, and then transformed into geneticists. The pain suffered during this period is unspeakable. Sholo made a dark vow to uproot this organization.

“Where is the Aso family? ”

Sholo walked over to Gongqi Longjing and asked directly, he didn't want to sit so slowly waiting to be killed, something had to be done.

“You suspect the Aso family?” The palace Qilongjing was deterred by Sholoh's powerful atmosphere, and his expression was somewhat unnatural.

Sholo said softly, "Just tell me where they are. ”

“In Shinjuku, Lotus House is the headquarters of the Aso family!” Gongqi Longjing Road.

Sholo got useful information and turned around and walked out the alley.

“Shawsan, don't be ridiculous. I don't want to see your Chinese missing case solved, but I want to take you again.” Gong Qilongjing shouted at his back.

Sholo stopped, turned back and smiled at him, then left without hesitation.