Peerless Genius System

Chapter 602: Shit.

“Minister Longjing, we... what do we do?” Kimura's ambition was palpitated and he had not returned to God from the horror he had just had.

“What else can we do? Inform the police department and report the situation here to 1510. ”

Gong Qilongjing covered the painful left shoulder canal, "And tell them to call an ambulance, I need treatment. ”

“It's okay to call an ambulance, but the truth about what's happening here, can they... believe it?” Akeno Kimura cares about that.

Can you believe it?

Miyagi Longjing smiled sophisticated. Indeed, if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't have believed in any kind of bullshit genetically engineered person. Others said that designation was bullshit, and Xiao Han collided with the car. The car was all smashed into a pile of broken copper and rotten iron, but there was nothing wrong with people. Not only was nothing wrong with him, but he could have jumped four or five meters high in the war with the genetically engineered person. This report seems to be fabricating nonsense.

“Believe it or not, it's their business, let's just report the truth! ”


Akino Kimura is at the forefront.



Shinjuku Lotus Estate

Sholo looked at the mansion in front of him, which was situated in a bustling city, somewhat stunned. It was indeed a mansion, just like the residence of a senior Chinese official, with two stone lions at the door. Of course, he did not walk through the front door, but, in a place without a surveillance camera, slipped over the high wall and jumped into the courtyard silently.

The paving of pebbles in the courtyard, the flower trees by the walls, the vibrant, two stone lamps in the middle, dark glass tiles, pavilion, distant bridge running water, if you don't know this is the Japanese country, you will be mistaken to come to ancient China, except for the Japanese characters written on the lanterns used for lighting, and the silk on the doors and windows of Japanese women dressed in kimono, which adds a very strong Japanese style here.

Sholo walked up with his hands behind his back like he was walking in his own home. This hill was huge enough, and there were lakes, fake mountains, and small woods. He broke in directly from the main entrance and grabbed a man and asked where Ma Sheng Jiro, the owner of the Ma Sheng family, lived.

But it was not too late, and he walked down the pebble paved road to the deep end of the hill, little steps, and a man in a leather jacket with a roll of paper in his hand appeared in sight.

Sholo was about to grab the man and ask him, and the man saw him, and then waved in a blaze: “How did you get here? What time is it? Hurry, hurry, hurry, just wait for you to start. ”


Sholo didn't know, so he pointed to himself and asked, "Are you talking to me? ”

“If I'm not talking to you, why are you talking to ghosts? Come with me, or I'll deduct your salary.” The man turns angry.

Misunderstood me as someone else?

Sholo stunned and followed without a sound.

“You young people now, just don't have time to think, say 12: 00 pm, the result is hardly more than an hour late, the director has gone mad, if you don't play well later, he is afraid to skin you!” Men carry it in front of them, and they keep nagging.


Sholo's face was full of suspicion: "Are we filming here? ”

The man stood on his feet and turned around and said, "Yeah, what's wrong? Didn't Oda explain it to you clearly? ”

Sholo thought about it and shook his head.

“How come you don't even know what the hell you're doing here?" ”Men's way.

“I don't know." Sholo quickly entered the role.

“Come with me and you'll soon find out. It's an incredibly happy thing, hey...”

The man's smile became funny and obscene, “The actress who played with you is only seventeen years old. Shortly after going down to sea, the boss broke her body for a while and started playing. It's really cheap for you, kid. ”

Seventeen-year-old actress?

Shortly after sea?

If Sholo doesn't know what he's shooting right now, then he's out of his mind. This is not the Lotus House of the Aso family at all, but an adult film production base?

He asked, "Excuse me, is this the Lotus House of the Aso family? ”

“This is Lotus House. What's wrong? Any questions? ”

The man frowned and asked, and then it seemed like he guessed what Sholo meant, "I see, you're asking why the Aso family's mansion would make such a film, right? ”

Sholo nodded.

“You don't even know that the Aso family is the biggest investor in our SOD.” The man laughed despicably.

Sholo was even more surprised to learn that Ma Sheng Jiro of the Ma Sheng family was one of Japan's leading politicians, but how did he know that the Ma Sheng family was still an investor in SOD, an adult film company.

“The main reason the Aso family strongly supports our SOD filmmaking is because of China.” Men's way.

“Because of China?” Sholo is really incomprehensible this time.

“Of course, the Mahjong family inherited the will of Emperor Yuren. The hostile attitude towards China is clear to all of Japan. The biggest exporter of films produced by our SOD is China. There are three poisons, yellow, gambling, poison, they are all serious harm. In this way, the Mahjong family infects Chinese teenagers with yellow addiction.

They begin to indulge and damage their own health in the long physical phase. After spending a long time in yellow addiction, their physical and mental health will suffer devastating shocks. Generations are less than generations. Fundamentally, the vitality of China will be destroyed. ”The man whispered.

Sholo wanted to laugh, the Leprosy family, how much he wanted to destroy China to become so heartbroken, first to distribute the scourge of Xia Hai, then now adults, movies to affect the physical and mental health of Chinese teenagers, such a family, he really wanted to erase it from the world with a slap.

“Here it is!”

The man pushed open the door of a pavilion.

Just see the lights on inside, all kinds of shooting equipment are in place, light up, prepare props for props, while on the floor with the seat in the center, a naked, seductive lying there with a naive ketone body, perfect figure curve, white skin, red and shiny face, like a green apple, waiting for someone to pick it up.

“Where are the people? Is the fucking thing here yet? ”

A fat middle-aged man stood up in front of the camera and yelled at the door.

The man nodded respectfully: “Here we are.” Turn your head, the whole person looks like a ghost, and your subconscious says, "Hey, where are you? ”

A fat middle-aged man stepped up and slapped him hard: "Shit, I'm asking you, why are you asking about me, man? ”

The man covered his hot face, some grieving: “He was still here, and as soon as he looked... he disappeared. ”

“Bagaya Road, you're kidding me, aren't you? I only saw you here alone. ”

“Director, he's really here, we were just talking, just don't know how it disappeared, I... I'm not a ghost bumper, am I? ”

“Bang ~”

The middle-aged man slapped the fan up again: “This is the house of the Asheng family. There is no way to haunt this place. If you don't want to do it, you should have told me. I hired someone else 100 times stronger than you. ”

“Director, I... I...”

Men want to cry without tears, but at the same time their hearts are horrified and frightened, and they can't believe that a living person disappears into thin air.