Peerless Genius System

Chapter 607: Self-Destruction

“You H-Society deserve to fail! ”

Sholo patted Yufu Suzuki's shoulder, what a shitty H-society, patriotic, with comedian talent and first-rate analytical skills, it's a talent, “you said what you don't do well, you have to be H-society, you have chosen the wrong direction do you know? ”

“Abba! Abba!”

“Yah ~ yah ~ yah ~”

The mute very much agreed with Sholo's words, and nodded vigorously, seeing him screaming cheerfully, and the deaf unknown, so cooperated in the dance.

“Am I really in the wrong place? ”

Yufu Suzuki scratched his back and, for the first time, doubted his profession, which he thought was very wealthy.

“Leave this to yourself later and take me to the entrance to that military base.” Sholo retracted his gaze from Mount Fuji in front of him and turned to the car.

Nor did Yufu Suzuki think too much, sipping a mute and deaf sound, he boarded the car, and the black sedan drove down the highland road towards the foot of Mount Fuji.

If it wasn't an accident, the Poison Voyeur would be in this secret military base!

Though she had no feelings for her, the thought of her being a genetically engineered person would create an anonymous fire in Sholoh's heart, a subconscious grip on his fist.

Through the town of Lake River mouth, we drove around Mount Fuji to the south, deserted smoke to the south, all stacked with trees.

“There's a warning sign in front that says' Private place, please don't come in ', we have to get out of the car and walk in, or we're gonna get caught driving in.” Yufu Suzuki suggested.

“Makes sense! ”

Sholo nodded and once again expressed his appreciation for this Yufu Suzuki.

When he got out of the car, the mute drove the car towards the bush next to him, but one of them accidentally hit a big tree, and the lights “snapped” and the cover deformed.

“My Lexus, my Lexus! ”

Yufu Suzuki suddenly went into a state of madness, his face was filled with meat aches, "This is the car I spent over 8 million dollars to buy. Do you know how long I used it to save money to buy this car, so you hit me with your dumb ass, Bagaya Road, Bagaya Road!!! ”

Ray jumped like a thunder. When he got out of the car, he greeted him with a fist and foot without saying a word to the thumb. He beat the mute "Abba Abba ~” screaming.

“It's just an 8 million dollar old car. Look at what I've done to you. ”

Sholo rolled his eyes, this is the Japanese yen, converted into the people's coin is about 400,000, in his eyes is a broken car, “Mixed H society into this virtue, what is the biggest force in Tokyo, do not feel blush? ”

“Baga, you...”

Yufu Suzuki was angry, and when he heard Sholo's cynicism, it exploded, but as soon as Sholo's face condensed, he realized that he was a Lord who could not open his mouth, slapping on the deaf face, angry, “Deaf, why didn't you blush? Blush, you fucking blush! ”

“Yah ~ yah ~ yah ~”

Unknown, so the deaf retreated vigorously, full of doubt, thinking, "Boss, what's going on?" It wasn't me who crashed the car. Why did you come at me?

“Come on, if you bring me someone, you'll never get the antidote.” Sholo's words calmed Yufu Suzuki, who lost control of his emotions.

"Dumb, hide the car. Turn it off! ”

“Abba ~”

Dumb nodded and went to execute Sholo's order.

There was a dense forest surrounding it, and only one road, like a country trail, was winding in it. Despite the contents of the warning sign, traveling a hundred meters inside, he saw the black SUV that had taken away the Chinese, and according to its appearance and the degree of dragging, he could be sure that it was the same one, so he parked it at random.

Every Chinese abducted must have been brought down from here and sent to this secret base, and the Voyeur, who is a drug addict, should be a genetically engineered person, or else there can be no explanation for ignoring the dramatic poison on the Voyeur.


The mountain wind blew from the cold at the top of Mount Fuji, shaking and sweating roots upside down.

“Abba Abba ~” Dumb Road.

“Dumb, stop it, the more horrible it is. ”

Yufu Suzuki looked around and had a chilly feeling, "How come I never felt so shady here before? ”

Sholo no longer wants to criticize him. This morality of a mixed-H society is disgraceful.



At an altitude of more than 3,700 meters above Mount Fuji, Sholoh should still be at the foot of the mountain, two or three hundred meters above sea level. The villa is already covered with curtains, surrounded by walls, huge courtyards and parked vehicles of all kinds, including military vehicles.

The villa consists of four floors, luxuriously decorated from the outside, with bright lights, bodyguards in the yard and at the gate, but looking at their standing figure and irrecoverable temperament should undoubtedly be impersonated by the military. Moreover, it is impossible to have guns on average bodyguards, who not only have guns, but also have sub-machine guns.

“You see, I told you this was a secret military base, and the guys in these guys' hands are the standard for the militia.” Yufu Suzuki whispered to Sholo next door.

They are in a backslope, covered by dense forests, so long as they speak loud enough, they don't have to worry about being discovered.

Sholo can also be sure that this is indeed a base, with 890 percent of the Poison Voyeur inside, but how can we rescue her? Even the situation and topography inside are not clear, it is obviously irrational to just barge in like this, and a one-size-fits-all solution must be devised.

At this point, the roar of the car came from the foot of the mountain.

It's a good time to come!

Sholo raised his mouth with an arc and laughed, then got up and went down to the foot of the mountain: "Go. ”

Yufu Suzuki was delighted and relieved to think that Sholoh was leaving, dispelling the idea of exploring the base, which was his favorite thing to see.

He waved to his parents: "Dumb, deaf, gone. ”

The deaf couldn't hear him, he kicked his ass and followed Sholo quickly.

Full smile: “Xiao Jinjun, look if my antidote should... hey hey...”

“What's your hurry? I'll give it to you when I'm inside and out.” Sholo has no way of being angry.


Yufu Suzuki's mood suddenly dropped to the ice spot, so he had to go inside.

“Look at those people out there. It's definitely not easy to mess up. It's definitely not easy to mess up inside. In case Shaw Cold King, I mean, what if you don't come out? ”

“Destroy yourself.” Sholobai glanced at him.

Let me die for myself?

Yufu Suzuki petrified the whole thing, then cried and sold a face and shouted, “Is that what people say? I've worked so hard to find the car in two or three hours. What do you want from me if you don't give me the antidote? ”

“Shut up! ”

Sholo scolded him and drank, then said in an indifferent tone, "If you feel aggrieved, then go, I'm not asking you to do anything. ”

I ~! @ ¥%...

Bagaya Road!

Yufu Suzuki was almost exasperated and forcibly fed herself with poison.