Peerless Genius System

Chapter 610 Injection

After the four Sholo men changed into Panasonic Bamboo and their clothes, the guard in the villa seemed to have heard the movement and rushed in with a dazzling flashlight. Three cars arrived, and a dozen villa guards in black uniform came out of the car with a sub-machine gun in their hand.

“Who are you? Brighten your identities!” The leader drank loudly.

This frightens the three of us, Yufu Suzuki, the mute and the deaf, in a cold sweat, and their eyes look at Sholoh, and if it's not handled correctly, they'll all be shot into a meat sieve.

“I'm Matsushita! ”

Simulating the rough voice of Panasonic Bamboo, Sholo threw the cigar anger in his mouth on the ground, growling and responding.

After indicating the identity of Panasonic Bamboo, the group of guards with guns clearly reduced their hostility and slowly came up this way. When it was determined that one of the key members of the base was Panasonic Bamboo, the leader raised his hand to indicate that everyone put the gun down and then greeted him with a smile on his face.

“So it's Major General Matsushita, what's wrong with you guys? How did you get so messed up?” The leader asked with concern.

“What's the matter? ”

Sholo snorted coldly and slapped him straight up.

“Bang ~”

A crisp, bright clap clapped, and the leader spun around in place, his ears buzzing, his whole brain blank.

The other villa guards saw this scene with a chill, there was a kind of pain, it felt painful to watch, this slap was too heavy, the sour and spicy pain was absolutely unbearable, it was time to gloat that I was not the leader.

Yufu Suzuki was also stunned for a while. Regardless of 3721, if you meet him, you will have a big mouth, which is too strong!

The leader who was slapped and reflexed his condition stood tall, bowed his head, and looked like he was waiting for training.

“I had a car accident. Are you happy? And fucking cynical?” Sholo shouted out loud at the leader's nose, and he was very aggressive.

The leader wants to cry all the hearts, the conscience of heaven and earth, he cares about a good word, how can it be cynical.

“Major General Panasonic, I didn't...”

“Bang ~”

Sholo slapped him in the face again before he finished his remarks.

“You don't have anything? Don't play pathetic with me here. Our car has been scrapped. Take us to the base. If you delay my business, I will skin you alive! ”


The leader stood tall and promised, not to mention how respectful he was.

The spicy pain on their faces was also temporarily ignored, so hurry up and greet Sholo with respect.

Yufu Suzuki was staring at her, so she blended in? Even if you pull a curse, you can just deter the base guard.



Villas and ordinary villas that cover the entrance to the base are typically the same, except for a huge basement, more than ten metres below the surface, connected by a stone staircase about four or five metres wide.

The entrance is a heavy bullet-proof iron door, with the guard leader typing the code next to it, and then Sholo for facial recognition in the face of Panasonic Bamboo.

“Face recognition successful! ”

Heavy iron doors open from the bottom up as a raw, hard electronic synthetic female audio sounds.

At one time, a cold breeze came out of the inside, causing Yufu Suzuki to be overwhelmed with hair and roots, and he couldn't help but feel the cold, because it was not a base that appeared in front of them, but a pitch-black tunnel, with tracks in the tunnel, with trams, with a subway platform, but this platform was small, except for this area of the tram, the rest of the place was pitch-black.

When Sholo was ready to walk on the tram without hesitation, Yufu Suzuki struck the drum: “Shaw... Major General Panasonic...”

Almost misspelled the name Xiao Hanjun. When Xiao Luo glared at him coldly, he reacted. He immediately changed his name to Major General Panasonic, and Xiaoluo was not the original face, or Panasonic bamboo.

“What's the matter?” Sholoh's cold way, the cold light in his eyes, made Yufu Suzuki tremble.

“No... nothing...”

Yufu Suzuki smiled back, and he didn't dare mention such a word. He knew that he was totally tied up with this monster from China. Even if it was hell here, he had to follow his scalp.

Sholo snorted and turned around and stepped onto the tram in front of him.

There is a program on the tram, the guard leader opens the program and turns to respectfully say to Sholo after the operation: “Major General Panasonic, all you have to do is press this green button and the tram will automatically send you to the base. ”

“Bang ~”

Sholo's counterhand just slapped him up, and he couldn't help but tear the leader out, looking at Sholo like a woman who had suffered a great deal: “I've been here so many times, do I need you to teach me again? ”

Though the leader is really needed, we need to deter the leader at this time, and it's still very pleasant to smoke a big mouth, he's addicted, subconscious is just one move.


The leader stands tall and focuses.

“You can roll.” Sholo's faint way.


The leader almost escaped the tram as he was relieved.

Sholo presses the green button and the tram moves deep into the tunnel.

“Boss, when did Major General Panasonic get so grumpy?” After the tram left, a villa guard couldn't help but ask the leader.

“How the fuck do I know! ”

Don't mention how depressing it is, the team was slapped three times for no reason, and they're all left half of the face, and now they just feel the spicy pain.

“Could it be fake? His followers weren't those three before.” The villa guard raised a little suspicion.

“Bang ~”

The leader punched the villa guard straight up against Venus, standing unconsciously upright.

The leader sighed and asked, "Do you think I'm fake? ”

“No, boss, how could it be a fake?” The villa guard shook his head.

“Yeah, how could Major General Panasonic be fake, fake he slapped me three times in the face?” The leader had a dark face.


“Bang ~”

The leader slapped him up again and broke his mouth: “But what the hell, you and I first met Major General Panasonic? You don't even know Major General Matsushita? ”

The villa guard's misgivings were dispersed to Hard Lives and retreated to one side.

The leader just left Yongdo comfortably and thought to himself: Mom's big mouth is really good, looks like you'll have to learn more about Major General Panasonic in the future!

At this time, I didn't think it was a disgrace to be slapped by Sholo at all. Instead, I thought it was very handsome and exemplary. I should learn well and cultivate this habit well in advance for being a Major General in the future. This is really great.