Peerless Genius System

Chapter 612 Assault and Killing

“So that's it! ”

Sholo's eyes were chilly. Yesterday, he was still reunited in front of the supermarket, hugging each other. Today, he was caught here as a living experiment. The family had no idea that this was what it would be like to travel to Japan in anticipation.

Miko Nakamura did not understand the deep meaning, nodded: "Yes, this woman's husband gave us a surprise. In the past, when studying the ultimate genetic warrior, he would die because the experimental body could not bear the pain caused by the genetic modification, but this woman's husband is very willing to survive. With this will to survive, he has survived the painful period of genetic modification, becoming the first successful ultimate genetic warrior. ”

“Why is his will to do business so strong? ”

The question was not about Shoro, but about Yufu Suzuki. As an H society, he felt that the Japanese had really gone too far this time, using the living as subjects, which was far more cruel than killing them directly.

Miko Nakamura looked at the two mothers and children in the iron box: “As a husband and father, his responsibility is to protect him. He must live for this woman and his children. This iron box has surveillance equipment that can transmit the images directly to the laboratory on the second floor, giving him constant strength to survive the painful period of genetically modified bodies. ”

“MD, think cruel!” Yuzuki Suzuki cursed.

“Cruel? ”

Miko Nakamura looked at him like an alien and didn't understand why he would say something like that.

“What cell is the poisoned girl in?” Sholo asked angrily.

“She was the most dangerous subject of the experiment, so she was held in the inner cell. ”

Miko Nakamura showed the end of the corridor with her palm, "The poisoned woman is very poisonous all over her body. Normal people will be poisoned if they touch her. If the genetic warrior hadn't made a move, there was no way to capture her. ”

“Full of poison? How is that possible? ”

Yufu Suzuki thinks it's a bit of a nightmare. If it's all poison, how could he still be alive?

“Current science does not explain why poisoned women are highly toxic all over their bodies, which is one of the topics we have to study at our base.” Mitsuko Nakamura.

Several people have come to the end of the corridor in the talking room.

Through the iron door and window, you can see a device like a crystal coffin standing up inside. The poisonous Voyeur was locked naked inside. The small space made her immobile, with a needle tied to her body. To extract her blood, just stand outside and press the button.

Sholoh's mind was slightly shocked, causing a huge wave, and being imprisoned here as an experimental subject, the Voyeurs became obviously very frivolous, not as radiant and glowing as they used to be.

He looked at the iron box and said coldly, "Open it! ”

Open it?

Miko Nakamura was surprised and said: "Major General Matsushita, she is very dangerous and cannot..."

“Pfft ~”

The sound stopped, as she suddenly felt her back heart cool and looked down and a knife came out of his chest.

Miko Nakamura collapsed without even a scream. Behind him stood a mute face with a bloody knife in his hand. Apparently, Miko Nakamura was killed by him.

“I'm granny, dumb. What are you doing?” Yufu Suzuki looked unbelievably dumb.

“Abba ~ Abba ~"

The mute pointed a knife at Miko Nakamura's body on the ground and said to Yufu Suzuki like a quarrel.

“I know, I know, you were cut off to protect your wife and daughter, but you can't kill this woman with such impulse. Did you know you're in trouble?” Yufu Suzuki was devastated.


“Baga, shut the fuck up and don't fuck around with me!” Yufu Suzuki scolded.

“Bullshit? Mute and deaf are better than you! ”

Sholo glanced at the mute and his skeleton clicked, slowly recovering to his face and no longer being a panasonic bamboo.

At this point, a member of the security team on this level heard the movement and walked up, but before he could question him, Sholoh instantly came behind him as if he were a ghost.

“Pfft ~”

The sharp fingertip pierced the back of his heart like a short blade, the other hand tightly covered his mouth, the man's eyes stared sharply, the gushing intense blood rapidly moved in his body, the large chunk of blood gushed into his mouth, but his mouth was covered by Sholoh's death force, blood was difficult to eject, and his life passed away instantly.

Though Schollo did a neat job, death arrived and the weak struggle of men continued to make some noise in this lonely basement hall.

Ears shaken gently, and a nearby security guard approached this way suspiciously, however... as he turned one of the iron boxes, Sholo rushed out of the corner of the iron box and slammed his palms against the person's heart.

“Cuckoo ~”

The broken rib burst into the heart with a crisp cracking sound, and the security guard lost his life instantly without a chance to react.

What's that noise?

What's going on? What's going on?

The remaining seven or eight people all heard the noise and, after a slight hesitation, aroused their spirits and slowly moved with gestures towards the iron box where the poisoned woman was being held.

“Major General Panasonic! ”

“Miss Miko! ”

The captain tried to summon Shoro and Miko Nakamura, and he smelled a dangerous smell.

Sholo harvested his life's death like a reaper, using an iron box in a grid layout here as a bunker to move from the southeast corner to the northwest corner in a very short period of time, and the cold eyes looked like a snake at the last of the team's security personnel.

“Pfft ~”

Ghost claws tore his throat open, his hands covered his mouth, and he died silently in a painful struggle.

Not long after, Sholo again used the same means to silently solve five people, and it was at this time that the first two, the only two left, had come to their companion's body, his eyes trembled, and the squad leader quickly grabbed the walkie-talkie to report the situation here.

“Sorry, you don't have the chance! ”

A cold voice sounded and Sholo appeared silently behind him, before his reaction, his right index finger and thumb were like the fangs of a beast, tearing a piece of flesh from his neck.

The laryngeal artery ruptured, the blood springs shot out like water, the squad leader subconsciously cried for help, but the pipe had been broken, apart from the large strand of cold wind breathing in, there was no sound, and the strength of the whole body rapidly passed with the splash of blood, eventually the whole person fell into the blood pocket.

Sholo had no stagnation whatsoever, his body spinning halfway through the air, kicking one foot in the chest of the last security officer.

“Click ~”

Along with the cracking bones, the security guard flew out like a shell and hit an iron box. The whole thing slowly slipped to the ground, struggling for a few moments without any more anger.