Peerless Genius System

Chapter 613: The Beginning of Killing

Terrible body, harsh heart, this guy is killing gods!

Yufu Suzuki, who walked over to see the body full of suzuki, couldn't help but tremble. After this night's work, his world view was subverted. Anyone who said that he was afraid of bullets even if his kung fu was higher, this guy was not afraid. A group of live ammunition guards were sent to see the king in less than a minute.

“God, Sun God, if all this is a dream now, then wake me up! ”

Yufu Suzuki's heartfelt prayer for mercy was that he vowed that he would no longer be a H society after he left here alive. He would be a good citizen to live in peace with himself. Even if he went to the roadside to sell barbecue, he would no longer want to suffer like this.

“There's a biochemical suit in the cabinet over there, you three go put it on. ”

Sholo gave an order and then headed straight for the innermost iron box.

The iron box door was heavy, it was a code lock, he punched the next operating interface out of a pit, the iron door opened, and the whole basement hall sounded a stabbing alarm, obviously, his intrusion was no longer a secret.

But it doesn't matter, when the Voyeurs are found, there's no need to hide them, because he's already decided to start a killing spree, killing all the people in this base.

“Boom ~”

The Voyeur imprisoned device in the iron box was kicked open by his legs. The Voyeur was in a coma and fell directly into his arms. The scent on the woman was heartwarming, but it was also a severe poison. Sholoh's susceptibility operated on its own, assimilating all the poisonous gas from the invasion.

“Voyeur, Voyeur...”

Sholo tried to wake the woman, but failed, and the woman lay in his arms as soft as a bone, her skin white and her eyelashes long, as if she were a sleeping beauty.

Remove the needle tied to her, then take off her clothes and wrap them around her, and take her out of the iron box.

“Xiao Hanjun, what should we do? We must have been spotted! ”

Yufu Suzuki was already dressed in a biochemical suit, and the alarm sounded throughout the basement hall causing them to panic.

“What should I do?”

Sholo snorted, despicably, “Dumb and deaf know to pick up a gun, you just leave it empty? ”

Yufu Suzuki took a look around, and the mute and deaf actually wore a biochemical suit when they had an assault rifle and he did nothing.


“Shut up, she's on you!” Sholo left the Voyeur in his hands and let him hold him.

“Wow, flower girl. ”

Yufu Suzuki looked at the face of the Voyeur and was suddenly amazed by the beauty of the Voyeur.

Sholo really wanted to kick him and let him clean up that dirty look, but think about it or forget it, just a faint admonition: “She's here, you're there, she's not here, you don't have to be there anymore, you know what I mean? ”

Yufu Suzuki was frightened by a chill and nodded like a chicken pecker: “Got it! ”

“Follow me. ”

Sholoh opened the iron gates of the various iron boxes with brute force, but found that all but the wife and children of the poisonous Voyeur and Xie Wenchang were experiments after they were injected with genetic agents.

Some are like flesh torn alive, like a corpse of blood, but still have a breath; some have undergone a live autopsy, with a suture wound from the chest to the perineal area, which is less painful than death; some have emerged as gills, like an ugly mermaid, but this mermaid's body is semi-rotted and its surface is full of dense pus...

These are experiments, and it should be said that the transformation failed!

Even if we can get them out of here, I'm afraid they won't last long. Sholo waved and the mute gun ended their painful lives.

“Don't worry, those who hurt you, I'll let them bury you! ”

Sholo never thought he was a saint, but at this moment, his heart was filled, and whenever he was intensely intent on killing, the bloodthirsty beast in his body began to move silly and the blood was slowly boiling.

Both the mother and son who were rescued recognized him.

“Uncle! ”

The little boy raised his head and looked at Sholo with big black gemstone eyes. The cute little face of the porcelain doll was filled with a smile. I wonder if he thought Sholo had forgotten him. He also raised his meaty little hand and toasted Sholo with a polite salute.

Sholo touched his head melon and found that the little boy's left eye was all white, seemingly without pupils, and only his eyes were white. Obviously, the little boy had been injected with genetic drugs, and his body was undergoing some kind of mutation, and the woman who was choking with tears just confirmed this.

The woman suddenly knelt on her knees and kowtowed to Sholo: "Please, save my husband, please, I'll kowtow to you! ”

“Get up, I'll do my best to save him. ”

Sholo's eyebrows wrinkled, and the news from Miko Nakamura's mouth just now, Xie Wenchang was largely hopeless, but only so comforting.

The woman did not completely collapse, her son was the source of her strength, the woman was weak, the mother was just, even though her body was tired, she held the little boy tight and followed Sholo closely.

The flashing lights of the elevator draw everyone's attention, starting from the “0” symbol down, which is negative on the fourth floor.

Dumb and deaf men with assault rifles are on hold, and the bean-sized sweat beads slide down from their foreheads because of tension.

“MD, how can these two bastards have more guts than I have? Have I had too much peace these years and blood is long gone?” Yufu Suzuki was ashamed to think that the boss of the Daikawa Club was completely beaten by the dumb and deaf. It was a disgrace.



“Drop ~”

The elevator finally arrived on this floor, and the heavy iron door slowly opened to both sides, as more than a dozen soldiers in black uniforms, wearing protective masks, rushed out of it.

Meanwhile, the mute and deaf pulled the trigger together, firing wildly at the inside of the elevator.

The flames swallowed, the bullets fired furiously, the bullets fired like a storm shooting down Yan Luo, rushing hard at the soldiers in the elevator.

“Pfft, pfft, pfft.”

A blossoming flower sprayed with blood, a body that had been deprived of its soul fell.

But the men were well trained, and although they were first suppressed by the gunfire of the dumb and deaf, the rest of them organized a return fire at the fastest possible speed.

“Tap, tap, tap.”

Bullets like heavy rain, fierce laser.

The mute and deaf had to retreat behind two iron boxes.

At this point, Sholoh, like a bat, sticks to the ceiling and takes a shot at the soldiers carrying live ammunition underneath.


With a dragon's voice, the palm of terror swept like a raging sea of rage.

The soldiers instantly arrived in a vacuum, their bodies burst, their bloody bodies burst out, they sprayed the sky, their hands broken, their legs broken, they all fell in bloodbaths, they could not die again.

Strong bloody nose!

Yufu Suzuki, the mute, the deaf, and Xie Wenchang's wife were all silent. It took only a few seconds for this guy to turn this place into a shroud. It was horrible!