Peerless Genius System

Chapter 614 Release

Biochemical base negative ground floor, biochemical lab.

A group of people in white biochemical suits are watching the transformation process of the ultimate genetic warrior inside a huge incubator, one of them in military uniform, wide waist, short legs, half-white hair, not many medals on the chest, is the head of the biochemical base Fengwu Yamashita, he and a magnesium country in white biochemical suits next to him are excited to watch Xie Wenchang in the incubator that is constantly changing to the ultimate genetic warrior.

Xie Wenchang, who was in the incubator, had several tubes on his back. In addition to the nutrients he needed, there were genetic agents in the tubes. At this time, his eyes were closed and his body was at least doubled. His skin showed a steely color, while his hair was completely naked and his head became bald.

“With no knife, no water, nothing in the world can kill it, this is the strongest fighter to rule the enemy's fears on the battlefield of the future! ”

Fengwu Yamashita's eyes are filled with exhilaration. As long as the warriors can be produced in bulk, the world will have to tremble in front of their Japanese nation and occupy the world at that time.

“Father's love, love for his wife, it seems that this is the ultimate power of our humanity, it gives people the ability to endure all the pain, this guy is the best proof, he gives us a big surprise!” The magnesium country in its biochemical suit has a smile on its face.

“It is indeed a great surprise that in the future our two countries will be able to reach a united front of strategic cooperation and rule the world together.” Down the hill he licked his dry lips like a madman and said excitedly.


The magnesium man thumbed him up, and a smile of consent was raised in the corner of his mouth.

At that time, the central silver screen showed an image of a security guard in endless fear, a cold sweat waterfall, open eyes and uncontrollable shaking of his face.

“Major General Yamashita, we... we can't hold back, it's a monster, he came all the way up, we don't have any ability to fight back...”

“Baga, not even a genetic warrior? ”

Shandong Fengwu's face changed color and shouted out loud. This situation made him wake up from the exhilaration of the success of the Ultimate Genetic Warrior. Panasonic Bamboo became another person. This is enough to be fantastic. Even the Genetic Warrior can't help each other, which is greatly unexpected.

“The genetic warrior was torn apart by him like a piece of paper, we...”

This security guard in the silver screen suddenly stopped, and everyone in the biochemical lab took a breath of cool air, because a bloody hand came through his chest, the security guard's mouth and nostrils spilled blood, and his entire body was in severe convulsions due to pain.

Throughout the body of an adult with no hands?!

Everyone in the biochemical lab was stunned. I can't believe this is happening.

“Sha Sha Sha ~”

The central silver screen suddenly turned into a dense, numb snowflake spot with no more images, which was clearly the camera that was smashed.

“Mr. Yamashita, I think I have to get out of here.” The magnesium people retracted their eyes from the central silver screen and turned to Fengwu Yamashita and said, "From their eyes, fear can be clearly seen.

“Are you scared?” Feng Wu cold smiled down the mountain.

“Of course I'm scared, damn it, China doesn't know what kind of monster to send, or we'll all die. ”

The magnesium roared that he thought it was just an ordinary character who broke into the base and that the security guards on the outside plus the genetic warriors were enough to wipe it out, but that was not the case, which made him feel his life was in danger.

“Bagaya Road, we have the ultimate genetic warrior. There is no need to fear a Chinese-man. The East Asian sick man will always be the East Asian sick man. He will not change because of time. I will make him pay!” Beneath the mountain, Fengwu clenched his fist and bit his teeth.

“You're crazy, the Ultimate Genetic Warrior has succeeded, but his current state is still unstable. He may still have memories of his life. The Genetic Warrior with memories will not follow your instructions. At the moment of untying, the first target he wants to destroy will be you. ”

The magnesium people roared uncontrollably and then calmed down quickly, "We can't delay any longer. The monsters sent by China should still be negative on the third floor. I have to leave now, God bless you, Amen! ”

He nodded on both sides of his chest and eyebrows, prayed to God, and then quickly walked towards the door of the biochemical lab.

“Boom ~”

At this point, the steel door of the laboratory made a dull bang, as if it had been struck by a beast, falling directly from the connection, hitting the magnesium man like a shell.

“Pfft ~”

At a moment when the steel door hit him, the magnesium people sprayed their mouths with blood, the whole man flew out backwards, and at this moment the skeleton also made a crisp noise of a "clicking” break. He fixed his eyes and stood in front of the door, a man stained with blood, his hair was not automatic, and his blood dripped from his free-dropping fingernails on the ground, as if it were a mendiculous horror from hell.

But not Sholo, and who is it?

Yufu Suzuki, they're still in the back. He's here to take the lead, he's here to kill.

“Chinese, good job! ”

With his hands behind his back, Fengwu said calmly, his voice slightly lower than sand dumb.

“Sorry, I broke your lab door.” Sholo was not in a hurry, the steel giant in the cultivation liquid he had recognized, is Xie Wenchang, how to rescue Xie Wenchang, the key is naturally Fengwu down the mountain.

Yamashita said with a smile: “It's okay, you pay for your life anyway! ”

Sholo smiled scornfully: "Really? Who gave you confidence? ”

“Of course it is! ”

Fengwu thumbed down the mountain to cultivate Xie Wenchang in the liquid tank. At the end of this sentence, he flushed his face towards the cultivation liquid tank, then pressed hard towards a red button there and shouted out loudly, “The strongest genetic warrior, wake up from sleep! ”

“Oh, my God, no! ”

The magnesium people opened their eyes in horror, he was a personal participant, but the ultimate genetic warrior's horror was clear. Fengwu under the mountain did not release a beast, but a hellish creature, which would now tear apart all living creatures into pieces.

At a moment when the red button was pressed, Xie Wenchang opened his eyes, which were a pair of dark green eyes with a lukewarm cold breath, and then he struggled in a huge incubator, as if he was suffocating from hypoxia.