Peerless Genius System

Chapter 615 Biochemical Monsters

“Grumbling ~”

Xie Wenchang struggled harder and harder, creating a lot of bubbles in the huge incubator, and at this moment, a beast shouted in his mouth.

“Boom ~”

The culture cylinder made of special tempered glass exploded instantly, as if a powerful bomb had exploded inside it, and the green culture fluid, along with countless sharp pieces of glass, splashed all over it, and these pieces of glass flared with the ammunition of the shotgun.

“Pfft, pfft, pfft.”

The surrounding staff in biochemical clothing were all hit by these glass fragments, as if they had been shot, and one person, dancing some kind of death dance, fell into a bloodbath, which was unexpected, but he was quick to react, immediately lying down, with no injuries other than being soaked with green culture fluid, including, of course, the magnesium man who was lying on the ground moaning.

Xie Wenchang stepped out of the incubator and stood on his feet...

Nearly three meters tall and covered in curved bulky muscles, the skin is of iron and grey, through metallic shine, the arms are long, like ape proportions, and the hands have completely mutated into sharp claws, the sharp claws are grown from the phalanges, in the shape of a curved knife, as sharp as the paws of a giant eagle, the face skin is rough and dry, the jawbone is convex, a harsh look.

Sholoh was slightly stunned, and at this time Xie Wenchang was similar to the tyrant in the biochemical crisis.

“Xie Wenchang, do you still recognize me? ”

He tried to communicate with Xie Wenchang, but Xie Wenchang was indifferent and had no reaction to his name.

“Idiot, how could he recognize you? He only listens to me now, hey hey...”

Fengwu Yamashita stood up and covered his painful chest like a madman laughed, then the last finger Sholo, gave Xie Wenchang the command, “Number one, go, tear him up! ”

However, Xie Wenchang remained indifferent and did not respond to his orders.

“Grunting ~”

The magnesium people swallowed a hard saliva and spilled a cold sweat uncontrollably. What he feared eventually happened, and the Ultimate Genetic Warrior process was far from complete. It was an absolutely biological and chemical monster that did not accept any instructions.

Fengwu Yamashita turned around and looked at Xie Wenchang: “No. 1, I told you to tear him apart, didn't you hear me? ”

Xie Wenchang was motionless, like petrified.

Feng Wu was so angry, he walked forward and kicked him. He was angry: “Bagaya Road, I made you out. How dare you disobey my orders? Go on, tear him up, you stupid donkey! ”

At this time, Xie Wenchang moved, his body turned and his eyes stared straight at Fengwu under the mountain.

Fengwu Yamashita felt like a frog stared at by a venomous snake. He was on an extremely dangerous edge, trembling all over himself, and his subconscious retreated two steps. In order to give himself courage, he shouted at Xie Wenchang with a shaky scalp: “I made you, I... I am your creator, you must... obey my orders...”

The voice had not yet fallen, one hand claw grabbed his head, the sharp claw broke the skin, stabbed him in the head like a steel knife, blood constantly seeped out of the wound, arms lifted, beneath the mountain Fengwu's feet left the ground.


The Major General of this country screamed painfully, and in front of the Ultimate Genetic Warrior Xie Wenchang, he generally had no resistance to a human toy. In severe pain, he forced himself to calm down, pulled a pistol out of his arms and fired several shots at Xie Wenchang Lian.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom."

The bullet burst out, but the indestructible bullet burst right after it hit Shevin Chang, as if it had hit an armoured car and ignited Mars.

After the mutation, Xie Wenchang completely ignored the blow of the bullet, as if these were beans that didn't itch on him, he exhaled a breath of turbidity, the index finger of the other claw extended, fingertips easily cut off Fengwu's clothing under the mountain, revealing the chest hairy chest and belly.

“What are you doing? What do you want?"

Though the head was trapped by death, the consciousness of Fengwu under the mountain was very clear, which scared the dead souls to death.

“Phew ~”

Xie Wenchang's throat whispered a dull, dumb whisper, fingertips gently beneath the mountain to the chest of Wu, with a sharp thin scalpel easily into the skin, did not enter, then did not stagnate slightly, slowly beneath the belly, blood seeped out.


The pain intensified. The screams of Fengwu under the mountain were particularly severe. His body was also violently moved. His eyes were even bigger than those of a bull.

Even Sholo has a feeling of numbness in his scalp at this time. The images in the 731 Squad movie come alive in real life, and that hellish scream echoes in his ear, absolutely trembling in his heart.

“No, no, my God, who's gonna stop it! ”

The magnesium people struggled hard and screamed. Although he had dissected the human body, it had never been so dissected in a state of conscious consciousness of the subject. It was horrible. It was a hundred times more horrible and a thousand times slower than China's Ling.

After the mutation, Xie Wenchang enjoyed the slow process of killing, his claws tore open his belly, and organs such as his bright red peristaltic stomach were vividly exposed to the air.

The screaming and struggle of Fengwu under the mountain is also slowly weakening, mouth and nose bleeding, limbs under the action of the conditional reflex arc from time to time, blood spilled from his belly, a lot of drops to the ground, he is not dead, but it is worse to die, like a hanging bloody corpse.

When his heart was ripped out by Xie Wenchang, Fengwu Yamashita was finally released. Lost interest in what died, Xie Wenchang directly tore Fengwu down the mountain in half.


Visceral and intestinal spills, bloody all over the place.

In resolving Fengwu under the mountain, the mutated Xie Wenchang did not stagnate at all, shouting, like a brutal beast colliding directly in the face of Sholoh, it was mad.

“Bang ~”

The magnesium man on the ground did not even have a chance to react, his head was stomped by him, instantly exploded, red and white objects splashed out, the body that lost its head was still doing the final struggle before death.

Looking at the biochemical monster more than two meters high rushing towards himself, Sholo's pupils shrunk and a brutal bump was approaching, his unconscious arms crossed over to cover his chest.

“Boom ~”

A dull blast swept through the dreaded power mountains like a tsunami.

Sholo was shocked to find that he could not resist this force, his body smashed backwards like a shell, and his ears whistled with wind.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom," let yourself penetrate four houses and then collide with a thick wall before stopping.