Peerless Genius System

Chapter 616: May the Everlasting Life

This collision, the end is incredibly fierce, the quantity is Sholo, and some of it is indelible, the bones are like a scattered shelf, fixed eyes only to find themselves in a grocery room, next to the corridor, opposite the eyes of Yufu Suzuki, who just climbed up from the negative second floor.

“Xiao Qingjun, you... you...”

Yufu Suzuki held the unconscious poisonous girl and looked at Sholo for a moment and a half and couldn't say a complete word. He couldn't figure out why Sholo was here, and smashed the wall into a hole and saw a hole in the opposite wall. He might have guessed what was going on, but he just couldn't believe it.

“Leave me alone, hurry to the exit on the 0th floor. I'll cover the back!” Sholo drinks.

“Hi!” Yufu Suzuki nodded.

“Shaw Wing, have you seen my husband?” The woman asked.

Sholo wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and stood up and frowned: “I'm sorry, I don't want to lie to you. He's turned into a biochemical monster, he's hopeless. ”

Mutation into a biogenic monster?

No help?

The woman stood still, her brain was blank, the whole world was silent, she traveled to Japan with her husband and children, but now she tells her husband has turned into a monster, who can accept that? He's the family. Jesus Christ.

Ho ~

A beast shook his eardrum, and as a wall collapsed, a huge object nearly three meters in heavy sand and dust appeared, bare heads, fierce faces, sharp claws, metallic flesh, like a creature crawling out of hell.

At the moment of seeing it, all the strength in the woman's body was withdrawn, and she fell on her knees holding a little boy who had already fallen into a coma, and tears poured out.

Pain, despair, panic, three negative emotions tightly surrounded her, her closest man, but also the strangest man.

“How can this be... How can this be...”

I can't believe it's all true. I can't believe my man turned into a monster. It's like an incredibly real and terrible nightmare.

After the mutation, Xie Wenchang did not have any human feelings. When he saw the living, he saw the corpse of the living flesh. He was excited and yelled at Yufu Suzuki and rushed up. The claws of death were drawn out as fierce as a blade.

Sholo flashed like electricity, his hands strangled Xie Wenchang's wrist like steel pliers, and intercepted accurately!

Turn your head around and yell at Yufu Suzuki, who is already scared: “What are you still doing? Go, mute, you and the deaf take this woman and her children! ”

“Abba ~ Abba ~"

The mute responded first, gesturing to the deaf to convey Sholo's meaning, and lifted up the soulless woman and her child and retreated to the 0th floor. Soon, he followed the frightened rabbit, and the smoker ran seven or eight meters.

“Baga, wait for me! ”

Yufu Suzuki followed the unconscious poison girl and ran back and looked at her. “Xiao Hanjun, you have to hold on. It's up to you if we get out of this bloody biochemical base alive. ”

Sholo and Xie Wenchang after the mutation, so much resistance is already a little hard. When I heard this, I couldn't help but say: “Fuck you! ”



Yufu Suzuki quickly retreated to the 0th floor, but they could clearly feel the fierce battle between Sholo and Xie Wenchang, because there was always a loud noise coming from below, and every loud noise was accompanied by a mountain shaking experience, as if two monsters coming out of the demonic world were fighting, the biochemical base would collapse at any moment.

“Dumb, deaf, hurry, or we'll be buried alive! ”

The will to survive allowed Yufu Suzuki to perform extraordinarily well. It could be said that he was walking like a flying man, hugging a person, and was still in the first place under the precondition of wearing a heavy biochemical suit.

“Abba ~ Abba ~” The mute cried several times.

Yufu Suzuki, who had just arrived at the exit on level 0, came to a brake and slapped his thigh and scolded: “Bagaya Road, if it weren't for the mute, you reminded me, I would have forgotten this, my body is very poisonous, if there was no antidote, I would still die even if I flushed out! ”

“Yah ~ yah ~ yah ~”

The deaf stalled. That's what I meant, but I didn't say anything.

“No, I have to get the antidote! ”

Yufu Suzuki put the poison girl on the floor, “You wait here for me, don't open the door. Those bastards out there must be pointing their guns at this place. If they don't open the door, there's nothing they can do! ”

Just say it and run back.

Just hasn't run a few steps yet, the "boom” sounded loud, the ground broke a hole, accompanied by splashing rubble and rising dust, the mutated Xie Wenchang flew up from the bottom, the steel-like body was full of wounds, most frightening, half his head shell was gone, like a sharp blade, inside was full of sticky green blood.

Yufu Suzuki, the mute, the deaf all sat paralyzed from the negative to the zero floor. If they hadn't seen the battle with their own eyes, they wouldn't have believed it even if they had killed them. This is a complete obstacle to ignoring physics.


Heavy footsteps were heard across the stairs. Soon, Sholoh came up complacent and gasped. His clothes became clumsy. A pair of scarlet eyes slowly regained their normal gaze, but the sadness scattered over him made people feel unstoppable.

This fierce battle clearly ended with the failure of the biological and chemical monsters!

At the fast passing of the life engine, Xie Wenchang regained his human consciousness and raised his head with difficulty. He recognized Xiao Lo: “Mr. Xiao... Xiao Han...”

The sound was dull and uncontrolled spills of green blood from the mouth and nose as he spoke.

Sholo lowered his head and glanced at him. After a slight blunder, he faintly said: "I'm sorry! ”

Xie Wenchang smiled desolately, shook his head, and then all the words became a long sigh, how could he not know what had happened?

Wenchang, Wenchang!!! ”

The woman sighed and rushed over with the little boy at all costs. She sat on her knees and looked at Xie Wenchang in tears.

“Xiaoya, I... I failed to protect you... nor our son... sorry...”

Xie Wenchang looked at his wife and the little boy who had passed out and had begun to grow pus on him. Although he had become a monster, he was still a human heart, still shed human tears.

“No, no...”

The woman shook her head and cried, hugging him tightly.

“… may there be an afterlife, I… be your man…”

Xie Wenchang wanted to hug this woman, but found her hands turned into killer claws. After a tragic smile, her last breath of life flew away, the dark green in her eyes extinguished, and she died.