Peerless Genius System

Chapter 617: Gratitude for Death

Sholo looked at the dead Xie Wenchang, feeling a little heavy, if he had the ability, he would definitely help, but the systemic antibodies were only effective against himself, unable to treat others. Xie Wenchang is the day of this three-mouthed house, at this moment, the sky collapsed, and the little boy was not saved, the genetic agent made his body slowly rot and purulent, this coma is not temporary, but permanent.

“Come on, let's get out of here! ”

Yufu Suzuki was also in a very heavy mood. He hated to tear apart a family he loved and to separate biological and chemical bases. He hated the Japanese who were doing this research. He spoke to this woman in Chinese, which was very slutty.

“I'm not leaving, me and my kids are not leaving...”

The woman looked deeply at Xie Wenchang's body and mumbled. Tears wet her eyes. She caressed Xie Wenchang's rough face and choked. "Where my man is, I am where I am. The three of us will always be together. We will never be apart! ”

“Why do you have to? It's a painful shadow. When you come out, you'll be reborn. Everything can go away.” Yufu Suzuki's emotions are a little out of control, and looking back at Sholo, which means asking Sholo to help persuade him.

Sholo was pale and silent.

“I don't want any newborns, I want my husband, I want my children!” The woman's face was full of desolation and death in her eyes, and the two most important people in her life were leaving her. What's the point of her life?

“You're young, you're still...”

Yufu Suzuki's words of comfort stopped, and the whole person was stunned on the spot, because the woman used the sharp paw of Xie Wenchang as a knife and did not hesitate to pierce her own stomach, and the sharp paw pierced her body.

“Abba ~ Abba ~"

The mute scream reminded him of his wife and daughter, and his eyes turned red.

The red blood dripped down from the woman's body. Due to the severe pain, her forehead poured out cold sweat, and then the blood spilled out of her mouth uncontrolled.

“Bagaya Road, Bagaya Road! ”

Yufu Suzuki jumped like Ray, completely unconscious as H society, only deeply regretted and sympathetic for the family, only hated these Japanese people who were carrying out bloody biochemical experiments.

Sholo still didn't say a word and walked to the exit, quietly terribly quiet, suffocating from the death before the storm struck.

Yufu Suzuki unconsciously picked up the unconscious poison girl and followed him, but turned back one step and three times.

The mute and deaf also retracted their hearts and followed behind.

“... under the bridge in front of the door, swimming a bunch of ducks, come and count, two, four, six, seven, eight... really many, I don't know how many ducks... chase Grandpa Duck, bearded white flowers, singing and singing home theatre, you can still tell jokes...”

As they walked to the exit, the woman seemed to be putting the little boy to sleep, whispering a nursery rhyme, her voice swallowed, deeply unseen, penetrating directly into the human soul, crying and singing, getting weaker and weaker, singing almost impossible to hear in the end.

It's a dark, sad nursery rhyme!

Looking back, Sholo, the family of three, laying on their backs in a bloodbath, is an extremely desolate picture.

“Abba ~ Abba ~” The mute wept.

Yufu Suzuki also wept, wiping tears and scolding: "Bagaya Road..."

Sholo laughed, a crazy laugh, a cruel laugh.



Outside the official exit of the base, the Horse-faced Japanese led their own men with a flat gun, aimed at the thick bulletproof steel door, his palms were sweating cold, he did not know what was going on inside, but he knew something very bad must have happened.

“Boom ~”

Suddenly, a loud noise of dullness burst out the steel door, like being kicked from the inside hard students into the recess, connecting the seam of the wall, the hard surface of the marble was shaken out of the crack, the stone debris fell off the ground.


The Horse-faced Japanese waved to show everyone that they were ready to shoot, staring dead at the door.

Others are also twelve spirits. This is a gate that can't even be blown open by a rocket, but it has been hit hard by a man. Will there still be people in there? I'm afraid it's a mad genetic warrior!

“Boom ~”

Another loud noise, the steel door fell smoothly and raised a cloud of smoke, so that one could not see for a moment what creature the door was pushing open.

“Fire!!! ”

Doesn't matter if they can't see clearly. The Horse-faced Japanese knew it was definitely the enemy, so they gave the order to fire.

“Da-da-da-da ~”

Security personnel with nervous heights shot wildly at the entrance. In their gaze, they saw a lightning bolt coming out of it. They all thought they were hallucinating. They still pulled the trigger and shot all the bullets in the gun.

And that's when Reaper's sickle lifted up against them!

Horse-faced Japanese found less and less shooting, and if there was no screaming in his ear, he turned around and looked back, all his companions fell to the ground, his throat ripped open, blood automatic pulse fired out, one of them was in agony crying, struggling, waiting for death to come.

What the hell is going on?

What the hell is going on here?

He looked to the right and found no sign of the enemy, but who killed these guys, the ghost?

At this moment, he suddenly noticed a cold breath coming from behind him, like a demon standing behind him, Tiger gazing at himself, that chill, his soul couldn't help but beat a chill.

Take a deep breath, bite your teeth and turn around, just pulling the trigger to shoot the monster behind you, just feel the cold neck, the cold wind fills the pipe, then your own hot blood wildly pours out, like a bursting high pressure pipe.

Dropping his gun, his hands tightly covered his throat, the heavens and the earth spinning, he couldn't even stand up, straight to the ground, even though the dead covered his throat, still couldn't stop the blood from gushing out, the blood still gushing, since his mouth “coughed” out.

At the moment before his death, he saw only one hand covered in blood naturally drooling low, and the blood dropped from his forefinger and thumb to the ground.

He opened his eyes in horror. Was his neck ripped open by these two fingers?

Sholo stared desperately at the body of a place, and his killing intentions grew stronger and stronger.

At this moment, he doesn't want to ignore the bullshit social morality, and he doesn't want to know what the consequences will be. All he knows is that no one who has anything to do with the biochemical base will ever escape. No one has the right to beg for forgiveness. Everyone can die for their sins!

“A bloody storm is coming, and Tokyo is about to change! ”

Yufu Suzuki looked at Sholo's back and sweated directly. This is a horror beyond natural sense. He knew very well that the death of the three members of the family completely provoked Sholo, and blood revenge ultimately needed blood to pay for it.