Peerless Genius System

Chapter 618 List

Take the tram and head for the villa exit...

Sholo sat on both legs, breathing the Voyeur with a bare muscle, and halfway through the tram, the Voyeur woke up from a coma.

The voyeur who woke up was a special demon, this demon mainly came from her eyes, those eyes were like fox's glamour, soul snatching, like all kinds of glamour, the waist was short and full, the eyes were filled with spring water and waves of hope, and the show was delicate and tender.

Seeing the three eyes of Yufu Suzuki, mute and deaf, especially the Voyeur, with only one coat wrapped around them, the long jade legs to refuse to greet the outside, is really infinite thinking, the three people like to see the meat wolf, can not help but swallow saliva.

The Voyeurs did not know what had happened, and when they opened their eyes, they saw three people in white biochemical suits, who immediately worked and jumped, as if their hands were jade, attacking Yufu Suzuki.

Kill Shawther, like a deadly rose!

Yufu Suzuki panicked, never expecting the beauty who woke up from the coma to claim their lives without saying a word.

“They're one of us! ”

A familiar voice rang behind her, the body of the Voyeur vibrated, her fingernails stopped ten centimetres before Yufu Suzuki's neck and turned her head. When she saw Sholo, all the killings converged back into her body like a tide, she saw someone she trusted and was close to, and she frowned upon.

“Doom, it turns out you came to save me. ”

Emotions were a little out of control, she was always strong, her eyes turned red, she fell in love with Sholo at first sight, even wanted to have a relationship with Sholo. In the ghost place where she was caught, the person she wanted most was Sholo. She didn't expect God to give her a big surprise. After she woke up in a coma, she actually met the man who thought about her day and night.

Sholo had not yet responded to the wind of incense, and the Voyeurs fell into his arms and hugged him tightly.

Zero distance contact, the poisonous gas from the Voyeur flowed through the pores into his body, the closer the distance, this scented poisonous gas, the more toxic it is. If it is an ordinary person, she is so sure to die because the poisonous gas enters the body, Sholoh is a susceptible scripture, which can quickly dissolve all kinds of severe poisons, so there is no major obstacle.

Sholoben tried to push her away, but to think about it, this woman must have suffered a lot in this biochemical base. If you push her away, it would seem too unremarkable. Dry cough said: “Save you from my mission! ”

The Voyeur smiled like a flower and shook his head: “It's just a mission, it's just because you volunteered, it doesn't change the fact that you saved me. I told you, we're both born pairs, God is destined, there's no reward for saving our lives, and the little girl is willing to make promises. ”

Finished, trying to sneak up on Sholo's lips while he wasn't paying attention.

As a result, a palm ruthlessly blocked his lips as he approached.

“Doom, why are you so confused?” The Voyeurs whispered and grudgingly.

“I don't understand style? I don't think you've suffered enough here.” Sholo didn't have the tone to push her away.

“If you don't kiss or kiss, let's just hold it a little longer.” The Voyeurs rushed to nowhere to put their feet and tread in place.

Sholo ignored her and walked straight to the front of the tram.

Yufu Suzuki, the mute and the deaf were staring at each other while envying each other. Such a beautiful flower girl threw herself in her arms and gave her a kiss. Xiao Yunjun actually refused. My God, why didn't God send down a thunder to kill him!



The Voyeur also found Sholo uncontrollable when she woke up, after which she calmed down, and now she is weak and needs to be well nurtured for some time.

“This is what I found in the database of the base. Here is a list of people associated with this biochemical base, including Fengwu Yamashita and Matsushita Bamboo. You have been in Japan for some time. You should have some exploration of the biochemical base. See if these people are wrong, or if you have missed anyone.” Sholo forwarded a list to the Voys.

The Voyeurs then took a closer look and nodded carefully: “The ten of them are correct. This biochemical base was established by anti-Chinese forces led by the Japanese Cabinet Minister Kiyotaka Kuroda, and there is official participation of the Magnesium State. It is a joint project of the Magnesium State of Japan. As for who is in charge of the Magnesium State, I think Kiyotaka Kuroda is the clearest one. ”

“As Prime Minister of Japan, Amber did not participate? ”

Sholo had no impression of the current Prime Minister of Japan. Most of the people of Japan were friendly with China, but this Ampei Shinzo was a right-wing member, and the previous boiling fish island incident had nothing to do with him.

Yufu Suzuki was frightened, wondering what this was about, assassinating their prime minister?

The Voyeur shook his head: “Although Ampe's attitude towards our country is unfriendly, the sun is disobedient, stabbing him in the back, but this has nothing to do with him. He has different political opinions with Qinglong Kuroda. The contradiction between them is very deep. Qinglong Kuroda's biological and chemical base was also established without his knowledge. ”

“Kind of a shame. ”

Sholoh sneered, if Ampe Jinzo also participated in the plan, he would be able to kill this disgusting guy, so, since it has nothing to do with it, spare him a dog's life, retrieve his eyes from the dark tunnel in front of him, “You are a little weak, I will send you to the retreat port to leave, you go back to the country to rest. ”

“And you?” The Voyagers asked with concern.

“By the time I've finished killing the people on these lists, I'll be back.” Sholo's faint way.

The Voyeur knew that the man had made up his mind, and although he had no desire to take risks, she knew that she could not change anything, saying: "Then be careful. ”

Sholo didn't go around on the subject: "Report back here when you get back. ”

“Why don't you go in person? It's a credit. ”

“I'm too lazy to do this. ”

“Well, I'll do it for you.” The Voyeur laughed.

“Xiao Qingjun, can you give me the antidote first if we're all so familiar?” At this point, Yufu Suzuki greeted him with a heap of smiles.

Sholo forgot about it for a moment, and his subconscious frown asked: "What antidote? ”

“It's the antidote to the three days of bloodshed. ”

Yufu Suzuki said, "You don't want to cheat again, do you? ”

Sholo stopped lying to him and laughed: “I made that shit up. Do you really believe in this stuff? I don't give you poison, I give you vitamin tablets. ”


Yufu Suzuki opened his eyes. Vitamin tablets?

At this moment, he just felt like he was eating a piece of chocolate-flavored shit and his heart was crumbling...