Peerless Genius System

Chapter 622 Actions

The wanted warrant for Sholo has been published not only in various newspapers and magazines, but also in various chat software and on the Internet. For those who provide clues, depending on the importance of the clues, the Police Department will award corresponding bonuses. This has excited many people in Japan who have gained psychological hardship, and even groups are looking for wanted criminals in various corners of Japan, Sholo.

At the same time, there is a report on Mount Fuji, which talks about the sudden “bursting" of Mount Fuji and the avalanche on the top of the mountain. Many people say that this active volcano, which has been sleeping for more than 300 years, is about to erupt, which frightens the people of Tokyo. Soon, however, the official Japanese people will come forward to rumor that the avalanche and tremendous sound of Mount Fuji is a clandestine military operation, not a sign of a volcanic eruption.

At around 4 p.m., Sholo, who had transported the Voyeurs to the port to see her return, had returned to Tokyo to watch his wanted warrant and reports of Mount Fuji, and had to laugh for a while, as he had anticipated, the biological and chemical bases had been blown up by the Japanese military, and all the evidence had been buried under thick dust, without any evidence whatsoever, even if the Japanese had been exposed internationally to carry out such a tragic biochemical experiment.

“Horn honk ~”

A hurried and loud car sounded.

Looking back, it was a water delivery truck. The truck driver was a rough guy. After a couple of loudspeakers, the big guy detected half his body and shouted to Sholo, “Shit, stand in the middle of the road and look for death, get lost! ”

Sholo looked under his feet and next to him with a sidewalk sign, which no matter what country, lacked such a silly X, just in time, this water delivery job was available, and he hooked his index finger at the truck driver with a provocative gaze: “Get down. ”

Hey, you little bastard!

At first glance, the truck driver couldn't stand the tantrum. Turn off the car, push the door and jump down, roll up his sleeve, yell and rush up towards Sholo: “Son of a bitch, you owe me a beating!? ”

Reach out to Sholoh's collar and grab him with a fierce look.

Sholo used his forefinger and thumb blossoms to squeeze his wrist, intercept it precisely, and push a little harder.

“Cuckoo ~”

The crisp crack of bone sounded, the truck driver was in severe pain, a scream, Sholo kicked him in the chest one more time, the truck driver flew out like a shell, fell into the green belt in the rear and passed out, his body was covered with leaves, if he did not go near, it was difficult to find a person lying here.

Sholo tidied up his collar and stepped in front of the van like nothing had happened, then he didn't hesitate to get in the driver's seat, closed the door, opened the locker and looked at it, and had a new set of blue work clothes and hats.

“Free car, free clothes! ”

The corner of his mouth curled up a smile, changed the blue work suit, put the hat on his head, pressed down, rotated the key, drove the car, and then proceeded in the direction of the police station, the masquerade prompted, his physical features changed slightly, no one would recognize him as Sholo, oh no, it should be Xiao Han, the name on the warrant is his fake identity - Xiao Han.

Of course, this masking technique is not indefinitely maintained, it consumes internal force, it cannot be activated when there is insufficient internal force or injury, and it will immediately restore its original appearance even if it is in a masking state.

Sholo's first target is Police Department Nakada Hikaru!

In the case of loss of Chinese connectivity, this person is the culprit. All the information was handed over by Tanaka Hikaru to the biological and chemical base, and then the biological and chemical base sent people to hunt. In order to cope with the pressure from the Chinese side, he was assigned to retire, and Miyagi Qilongjing, who was in a bad mood because of the death of his wife and son, was the main person in charge of the investigation of the Chinese loss of connectivity.

Negative and lazy attitudes were too obvious, and he should have guessed that there was something wrong with Tanaka.



Ten minutes later, a truck loaded with buckets of water arrived and stopped at the Police Hall compound.

Sholo was forced to open the trunk and carry a barrel of water over his shoulder.

A barrel of water was nothing on him, his torso was strong, and he had a hard, sharp temperament all over his body. He looked in front of him and smiled lightly, so generously he walked into the police hall.

Walk into the elevator and live in a confined space with a dry JC.

“Heard the suspect Xiao Ling showed up at the warehouse? ”

“False, it's a false intelligence. The informant is really crazy about money. If he sees a nose that looks a little like it, he'll tie up five flowers and wait for an invitation to reward him. It's a waste of time. ”

“These idiots, didn't they see clearly that the warrant says Shaw Ling is extraordinary, they can tie him up too? ”

“Who says not. ”

The discussions between the two police officers followed Sholo's process in a whispering tone of helplessness.

Sholo stood quietly behind him with no expression on his face like he heard nothing.

“Beep ~”

The elevator came to the 10th floor to stop, the door opened to both sides, and then a policewoman with BOBO hair dyed light brown came in with a sophisticated face and an arrogant temperament.

Aso Soo Yao!

The name of the policewoman appeared in Sholo's mind, and the other day, when she argued with him about the war of invasion and anger against him, he remembered her. In addition to those on the list, this woman was one of the goals of his lesson before leaving Japan.

“Minister Yao!” Several police officers in the elevator shouted respectfully at her and backed away.


Ma Sheng Yao responded coldly, walking in, turning back, hands crossed in front of his chest.

“Minister Shu Yao, where are you going? I'll help you press.” A policeman standing close to the button asked with a smile.

“Fifteenth floor.” Asheng Yao shrugged his way.


The policeman stacked a respectful smile on her face and pressed the keys on the 15th floor.

Sholo stood at the end, his eyes getting cold and he couldn't help but slap the woman into the sky now.

At this time, Ma Sheng Shu Yao suddenly turned around and looked at him: “Where did you get the bucket of water? ”

Sholo was stunned. I didn't expect this woman to talk to him. His voice was unchanged and he was too lazy to change. He pretended to be mute and danced his hands indiscriminately for, uh, half a day.

“Turns out he's dumb. ”

Ma Sheng shuffled his eyebrows slightly, “I'm running out of water in class 3, you can also send a few barrels. ”

“Uh..." Sholo nodded with a smile.

“Beep ~”

The fifteenth floor arrived and the elevator door slowly opened to both sides.

“Don't forget, if I don't see water before work today, I'll complain to your company.” Ma Sheng shuffled Yao's instructions and walked out.

Sholo laughed, couldn't help but nod, and then carried the bucket of water out of the elevator.