Peerless Genius System

Chapter 627 Trail

Her own two bodyguards were picked up and screamed, and the girl couldn't help but be shocked, but soon she came back to God. She already hated these two bugs, and Sholo cleaned them up, but she did.

A look of worship: "Wow! ”

“Didn't you say you wanted to dance? Let's go." Sholo reached out to her.


The girl was naturally holding the boy's hand, probably for the first time, and she was blushing and blushing. After all, she was just rebellious and had bodyguards following her all day. She had never done anything extraordinary.

And Sholo, naturally drunk, doesn't mean alcohol. Murder has been a little too much lately. We have to find a way to dissipate the accumulated qi, so the sex dances with the music here.

He himself redeemed his dancing talent and was a true soul dancer!

The music in the dance hall is very sensational, infinitely penetrating into your body, and those passionately beating notes stimulate all your nerves, forcing you to dance independently.

“My name is Fendi. What's your name?” The girl danced closely with Sholo and asked for Sholo's name.

“Destroy!” Sholoway said.

This code name is supposed to cover up the real name, so it's not taboo to say it.

“Extinction? Is that your real name?” Fendi frowned slightly.

Sholo smiled back and asked, "Is Fendi your real name? ”

Fendi stopped asking, and although she had never had a real nightmare, she also knew that men and women who typically had such a relationship did not need to know each other's real names, just use a false title.

“You wait for me here, Ben. Go buy some good stuff. ”

“Good stuff?” Sholo frowned.


Fendi reveals a mysterious playful smile, turns around and walks to a place full of people in the ballroom.

Sholo explained that this rebellious Japanese girl was actually going to buy Ecstasy kind of thing. It was a lot of fun. If her parents saw it, they wouldn't know what to think.

I don't know, some of them couldn't bear to watch a flower girl sink in, and he left the dance floor and the big step of the meteor passed.

Fendi was already close to a successful deal, pending payment, and a big hand grabbed her wrist.

Seeing it was Sholo, Fendi couldn't help but be stunned.

“Don't touch that!” Sholo's mighty way.

“Why? I hear if you eat this, you can't stop dancing, and it feels good.” Fendi winked.

“Yeah, yeah, eating this stuff makes my soul feel good in the sky. Hey...”

Ecstasy was sold by a young man with yellow hair dressed as a whistle. He didn't want the business to go down, so hurry up and make peace. The smile was dirty.

Sholo didn't have much bullshit either, took out his phone to go online, downloaded a photograph of a person who was frail because of drug addiction, leaving only a skeleton person, depressed, particularly horrible.

“Why are you showing me such horrible pictures?” Fendi was frightened.

“Do you know why he became like this?” Sholoway.

Fendi shook her head: "Why? ”

“Just because you got something in your hand.” Sholo pointed to the ecstasy in her hand.

Fendi almost didn't hold it. She looked at the person in the photograph who was lean as wood, caught in the inside of her orbit, her eyes were convex, and she didn't look like a ghost. She couldn't help but fight a chill and quickly returned the ecstasy to the young man with yellow hair: "I don't want it. ”

The young man with yellow hair had a twitch in his mouth, staring dead at Sholo, biting his teeth and cutting his teeth. “What's your relationship with this chick? ”

“It doesn't matter, Pingshui meets.” Sholoway.

It doesn't matter?

I went to your mother's, it doesn't matter, but I'm here to mess with the deal?

Yellow-haired young man's face rose red to pig liver color, his anger could not be contained: "Somebody help me! ”

Shout out loud, immediately coming from around a dozen disgraceful youths, they are watching the dance hall, pulling sticks from under the bar, obviously this ecstasy business is done by the dance hall's own people.

The young man with yellow hair pointed at Sholo and drinks cracklingly: "Fuck him! ”


A dozen people reacted quickly and rushed towards Sholo.

“Hoo ~”

The iron rod swept toward Schollo and the void came.

Sholo hummed softly, lightning backwards two steps, a hand holding an iron stick stuck on his shoulder, one standing still and stepping on the back of this mixed foot.


This gangster's face changed dramatically, from white to red, and finally screamed out in pain.

Sholo smoothly seized the iron stick, people like the tiger, the stick shadow shadowed, there would be a gangster screaming and falling down, just a moment of labor, the dozen gangsters all lying on the ground crying.

All the Japanese around were stunned, and it was inconceivable that Schollo could beat down a dozen strong young men with sticks on his own.

Sholo laughed with disdain and dumped the stick back at will.

“Bang ~”

The stick stuck like a stick of paper in a wooden bar. The owner of the dance hall standing next to him was frightened and sweaty. I never thought he would come to such a bad mess in his dance hall.

At this time, he suddenly walked out of the crowd in two plainclothes, pressed his hand against the gun between his waist, approached Sholo, and kept shooting at the walkie-talkie and said: “Report to headquarters, we found the criminal suspect Xiao Han, at the Red Rose Ballroom in Shinjuku District, asking for a...”

The sound stopped, because Sholo, who was just a few meters away, appeared in front of him almost instantly, and they had to draw their guns unconsciously.

“Do you think you should shoot first, or I'll kill you first?” Sholo looked at them with indifference and indifference.

“Grunting ~”

These two plainclothes swallowed a bite of spit and a cold sweat erupted, naturally they heard that the wanted criminal in front of them was an unusual human being and that killing was like playing.

Sholo reached out and naturally took the pistol from their waist, while they stood motionless as if petrified.

“You should be glad you had nothing to do with the biochemical base, or you would be a corpse by now.” He laughed at the two of them and then cut them on the shoulders with a knife in his right hand.


With two muffled sounds, the two fainted and Sholo threw the rifle back at them, turning to walk outside the dance hall door.

“Tick, tick, tick, tick.”

The thundering siren sounded and JC's response was incredibly fast this time around.

“Looks like the Japanese executives put a lot of pressure on JC.” Sholo shook his head helplessly and laughed.

Get in the car! ”

Fendi snuck out while Sholo and the gangsters at the dance hall and the plainclothes opened, as he was shooting at Sholo in a silver Bugatti Veron sports car.

“Nice car. ”

The corner of Sholoh's mouth raised an arc and smiled, opening the door and sitting in the driver's seat.

“Of course, this is a limited edition, and there are only ten of them in the world. ”

Fendi said proudly, when she saw the flashing lights all around her, she was a little freaked out, "No way, buying a few ecstasy pills actually made such a big battle. Did those two nasty guys call my dad, my dad said hello to the police department, want to force me back? ”