Peerless Genius System

Chapter 629: Huixiang Takahara

The headquarters of the JC mouth is naturally the Police Department. A joint office of the Self-Defense Forces and JC has been set up. The town camp is staffed by the chief of the Police Department, the Governor of Tokyo, Junichiro Koizumi, and the Secretary of State for Military Affairs, Shigejima. In addition, Miyagi Qilongjing, Ma Shengyao and others are among them.

Listen, the next one tells me that everyone in the joint office doesn't look very well.

“Son of a bitch, I'm gonna shoot him myself! ”

Ma Sheng Yao shrugged his teeth on the desktop, kicked their old man's life root, and crippled all the elite masters of the Ma Sheng family. This bloody vengeance made her want to rip Sholo alive immediately. Most angrily, when he was in the elevator, Sholo stood behind her, she didn't even recognize him. She couldn't help but get mad when she thought of the scene of the day.

“I'm afraid you don't have the strength. ”

Miyagi Qilongjing, smoking a cigarette next to him, did not accidentally get Ma Sheng Yao's angry eyes, he directly chose to ignore, eyebrows locked looking at the map of Tokyo, looking at his own way, “Xiao Han is definitely a well-trained super soldier in China, one can pick dozens or even hundreds of ordinary JC, he can't even beat a bullet through the genetically modified man, he can penetrate his chest with his bare hands, this is a super warrior who gathers strength, speed, skill and is out of the ordinary warrior category! ”

In that case, it was a shock to those present, which was definitely one of the most difficult criminal suspects in Tokyo's history, none of them.

“Baga, take care of yourself, destroy yourself, I don't care what kind of monster he is or what you do in the police station, you must arrest him as quickly as possible, he is demonstrating against us, he is blatantly provoking our entire Tokyo government agency. ”

Junichiro Koizumi roared, a 456 middle-aged man with a handful of mustaches and a cane in his hands, knocking the ground with a cane when his emotions were exciting.


Both the old chief and a member of the police department bowed slightly. After all, this Tokyo governor is considered the head of the police department.

“Tomorrow is the 20th, I'm going to visit the shrine, and when I finish visiting the shrine, I'll be with Mr. Takahara and Ichiro Oi.” Junichiro Koizumi turned around and said harshly to Oshima.

“That's not right. ”

Oshima frowned and wrinkled, "That Shaw Chin was going to find a chance to stab you, and you went to visit the shrine, didn't you offer him a chance? For security reasons, I strongly recommend that you cancel your trip to the shrine tomorrow. ”

Junichiro Koizumi had some anger on his face: “My father took part in the Jihad and broke the jade to serve the Emperor. To date, he has not found the remains. His spiritual position is placed in the shrine. Every July 20th I go to worship him. I worship all the spirits in the shrine who lost their lives to the Jihad. I adhered to this worship rule for 15 years. How can I not go this year? ”

“This is a special case, and I didn't say no to the governor, just another time.” Oshima Jundo.

“Another time?” Junichiro Koizumi has slight eyes.

Oshima nodded sharply: "Yes, it's not too late when we catch Xiao Han. ”

“What do you know! ”

Junichiro Koizumi glanced at him and said, "My father and all the English souls who died in the Jihad, they are used to my day of worship. If I am absent, won't I let them down? ”


“There is no need to say Oshima-kun, I have made up my mind, and the governor of my great country must not be frightened by a Chinese-man.” Junichiro Koizumi interrupted with his hands up.

“OK, I will send 300 troops to follow him in secret all the way. If Xiao Han dares to come, I will tell him to go nowhere.” Naturally, Oshima will not impose demands.

The old chief also said peacefully: "The police inspectorate will also send 200 policemen to ensure the governor's safety. ”

“Thank you for your support! ”

Junichiro Koizumi bowed deeply to the two of them, and then his eyes shook a crutch. "Tomorrow I'm giving him a chance, and I'm giving him a web of heaven and earth, just to see if he can't hook up. ”

The people present nodded their greetings and thought, "The governor has this layer of intent, so he can lure the snake out of the hole.

At this time, a policeman rushed in and reported to the chief of the old hall: "No good, the girl who was abducted by Xiao Han has been identified. It is Miss Huixiang of the Pearl Plateau in the palm of our country's richest plateau, Qing. ”


It's like a bomb exploding in this chamber, stunning everyone.



On a street in Tokyo, a silver-white Bugatti Vallon slowly headed towards Tower Park and stopped by a stone stool.

While sitting in the co-driver's seat enjoying racing with JC, Fendi, oh no, it should be said that Huixiang's stomach on the plateau was a little unbearable. After rolling over, she ran off to the side of the car and threw up. Her pretty face was white.

“Are you all right? ”

Sholo, walking out of the car, asked with a smile.

“It's okay, just throw it up.” Huixiang of the Plateau turned back.

Sholo looked around and found a moving stall not far away selling all kinds of snacks and drinks, walked over, bought two bottles of water and a packet of paper towels and handed them back to the girl.

“Thank you.”

Huixiang Takahara then glanced at the paper towel and added, “Extinction, you are still a careful boy. ”

Her fondness for Sholo is getting stronger and stronger.

Sholo didn't take it, looked up at the tower that was red and bright at night: "The game is over, I should go, and you, too, should go home. ”

Go ahead, throw her the keys and turn around and leave.

Huixiang Takahara grabbed his sleeve with her hands and her bright eyes stared at him: “Can we... see each other again? ”

Sholo was like Prince Charming in her heart for a short period of contact.

“Goodbye, but better not. ”


Huixiang Takahara asked, she really wanted to see this man again.

“You'll soon know why.” Sholo pulled his sleeves out of her hand, then put his hands in his trouser pockets and walked away.

“My real name is Huixiang Takahara. What's your real name?” Huixiang of the Plateau chased a step or two and asked in love.

Huixiang Takahara?

Sholo frowned because there was a plateau celebration on his assassination list, so he was sensitive to the name plateau, and contacted the girl who had spoken earlier and the world-class limited edition Bugatti Veron sports car, and he could easily guess the girl's relationship with the plateau celebration.

No way. What a coincidence.

He had a headache, just wanted to have some fun, entertain, while dissipating some of his anger, how could he be so lucky to touch the daughter of Qing Takahara?

Without returning her words, she waved her hands and never went back. In place, she left nothing but a disappointed face, and then quickly filled with visions of future love and sweet fantasies of Huixiang Highland.