Peerless Genius System

Chapter 635: The Last Bait

Sinks, dining tables, pools, vents...

This is the arrangement of the cells in Japan Prison. If it had not been for walking in all the way through the main railway gate, no one would have thought that this was a single cell for prisoners, the floor was still made of wood, matted with a seat, although less than 10 square meters in size, it could look like a very ordinary rental house.

At the corner of the wall, a 40- and 50-year-old man sat there in a prison uniform with a beard all over his face, his hair chopped off, his head bald, and he was wearing a round pair of glasses, looking at a book.

It's Kiyotaka Kuroda!

Suddenly, the cell door was opened and Amber, with a pencil and a suit, walked in with Oshima.

Qinglong Kuroda glanced at him and then continued reading as if he didn't see anything.

“You're very relaxed. You actually read Kafka's Transformation, trying to learn that the main character in it became a beetle and escaped?” Amber sat across from him with a strong irony in his voice.

Kiyotaka Kuroda did not answer his question positively, but the contents of a loud synopsis: “Gregor found himself turned into a giant beetle, panicked and melancholy. His father became angry when he discovered it and drove him back to his bedroom. Gregor changed and developed a life habit for beetles, but retained human consciousness.

He was unemployed and still cared about paying off his father's debts and sending his sister to conservatory. But a month later, he became a burden for the whole family, and his father, mother and sister changed their attitudes towards him. In order to survive, the family had to work to earn money, and grew increasingly unable to bear the burden of Gregor. Finally, one day,

My sister offered to kick my brother out. Grigor was hungry and sick and in despair, he thought of his family with deep love and affection, and then his head fell to the floor, his nostrils breathing out the last breath of death, while his father, mother and sister began their new lives to feed themselves. ”

“What do you mean, you're like this Gregor?” Ampei grinned.

Qinglong Kuroda lowered the book and looked up at him: “My heart is tied to this country, willing to bow to die for it after, I know that once this biochemical research is exposed, I will die without burial, but there is always such a person to come forward as a pioneer, to lead this country to the advanced and stronger. ”

“Pioneer? ”

Amber couldn't help but laugh, and he really laughed out loud, and then took the book in Kiyotaka Kuroda's hand and threw it on the ground, stood up and stepped on it, and didn't stop until he stepped on it.

Pointing to Kiyotaka Kuroda and shouting, “Why don't you pee and take a picture of yourself, put yourself in the pioneer's position, you deserve it too? ”

“Different political opinions are not helpful, I just want to end by asking, if the Magnesium Nation is looking for you, would you not agree to create a biochemical base?” Qinglong Kuroda asked.

Amber looked at him with a slight gaze, his face was gloomy and he did not speak.

“You will agree, otherwise I will not be sanctioned alone and others will be safe.” Kiyotaka Kuroda.

“Knowing me so well doesn't seem to have thought about me in my back.” Ampe's eyes are full of hostility.

Kiyotaka Kuroda laughed: “The one who knows himself best is always his opponent. ”

“But you've lost your qualifications as my opponent. ”

Amber stood up and stared at him like a victor, "Besides, I have to correct what you just said, not just that you are sanctioned, but that all but you are dead. ”

They're all dead?

Kuroda Tsinglong's waveless face changed color, unable to remain calm: “Did you... did you do it? ”

Amber hummed softly: "Think about it with your pig brain and know I didn't do it. ”

“Who's that?” Kiyotaka Kuroda asked urgently.

“Thousand-faced killer Xiao Lian.” Ampe told him.

Kuroda's face was strange, he did not know who it was, but he felt implicitly that it had something to do with the destruction of the biological and chemical base.

“He is a super warrior sent by China. He understands facial changes and thought he could be identified by fingerprints, but he can completely peel off the flesh on other people's fingers for his own use. No one can tell if he will stand in front of you unless it is a DNA test. ”

“Did he kill everyone?” Kuroda's eyes flashed with horror.

"All but Plateau Qing died in his hands," said Ampei. "Plateau Qing gave up on herself and took sleeping pills to kill herself three days after accompanying his daughter. ”

“What are you doing here? ”

Qinglong Kuroda was no longer calm, "I don't think you'd be kind enough to send troops to protect me. ”

“You are the last and will be the last bait, and I am sure that he will come here and stand before you, when his blood will be repaid, and you, and all the people in this prison, will complete your redemption with the jade.” Ampeyin calmed a face.

Broken jade?

Kuroda Qinglong's body trembled and stood up with his eyes wide open and his emotions uncontrolled. “What are you doing, Ampe Jin-san? What the hell do you want? My disposition requires a trial by the court. You have no right to judge me. I am the Deputy Prime Minister of Japan. You have no right to judge me!!! ”

“Kuroda-kun, don't be silly. Read your book. I'm here to say goodbye today. ”

Ampe smiled and waved his hand toward the big island next to him, "Oshima-kun, we should go. ”


Oshima nodded and followed him respectfully.

When I think of Yushan, that is, he died in this prison with the Thousand Faced Killer, Kuroda Qinglong became more and more difficult to control. He thought he was sentenced to life imprisonment at the most. He was also relaxed here. He could calmly come and read a book, read a newspaper or something. Life was not so good that he couldn't accept it. Now, that good fantasy disappeared suddenly, Ampe actually wanted to kill himself.

“Amber, I fought with you! ”

He shouted and went up to Ampei.

Oshima gazed slightly and stepped backwards, his right foot heavily kicked into Kuroda's chest.


Kuroda Qinglong screamed, the whole thing flew out backwards, fell into the pools, just head down, face and pools came in an intimate touch, round glasses broken, wolf.

“Kuroda-kun, be honest here as bait and wait for Xiao Han to come to you. ”

Amber waved at him and smiled cold before leaving. "Change him some new glasses. ”

“Hi.” Oshima nodded.