Peerless Genius System

Chapter 636: Forget It So

On that vast ocean, the wind swept the clouds.

The clouds are getting darker and lower, pressing straight down to the surface of the ocean, the waves rushing to high altitude, picking up the thunder, the thunder sounding, the waves screaming in angry splashes, fighting the wind.

The wind hugged a layer of waves, violently threw them to the shore, the wind roared, the thunder sounded, a pair of clouds like blue flames, burned at the bottom of the sea, and grabbed the flashing arrows and extinguished them in their abyss.

It's a storm!

Half of Nippon Island is covered in it, including Tokyo, and the city is flooded with skyscrapers and lights.

“Pfft ~”

A lightning bolt struck the top of the Tokyo Tower, and the night sky, like a strong beam of light emanating from the tower, headed straight into the sky, was stunning.

Inside Tokyo prison, a prison guard opened an iron door and walked straight to the depths of the prison. The black leather shoes stepped on the floor, making a bright “chirp” sound, which could have traveled far, but was obscured by the thunder outside.

Blue uniform, black pants, with a truncheon at the waist, that's Sholo!

The operation was not easy. He easily knocked out a prison guard and blended in with his clothes. At this point, the day shift and evening shift were handed over, and the prison would have 10 minutes to relax.

Black bright hair, bright sword eyebrows, sharp black eyes, walked in this shady cold prison corridor, like a hawk in the night, cold and lonely, and went straight to stop in front of that cell in Qinglong Kuroda.

Ever since I learned that everyone else had died, Kuroda Qinglong could not fall asleep. Especially on a stormy night like this, his eyes were covered in dark circles and his eyes were full of blood. The whole person no longer looked deposed and pale as a teenager on that day.

When a figure suddenly appeared in front of his cell, he stood up in shock, scared to death.

The light was dim outside, he opened his eyes and tried to see the face of the man outside: “You... who are you? ”

“To kill you, man. ”

Sholo grabbed the keys, opened the cell door calmly and walked in.

“Thousand Face Killer Shaw... Shaw Ching...”

Kuroda Qinglong finally saw this face, he sat paralyzed, the cold sweat like a waterfall, and he didn't know why he was so scared, just as he came to take away his black and white uncertainty, it was an instinctive fear.

Sholo looked at him with no expression: "Tell me, who are all the participants in the Magnesium Nation? ”

Qinglong Kuroda grabbed the last lifesaving straw in the ocean. "I told you, I told you, as long as you let me live, I... I told you everything! ”


Sholo snorted a contemptuous snort, and his rear palm shook twice in front of him. Kuroda's consciousness slowly became blurred and his eyes were not focused.

He was too lazy to talk. He hypnotized Qinglong Kuroda directly with hypnosis and answered whatever he wanted. After he answered, he kicked Qinglong Kuroda in his left temple position. Qinglong Kuroda flew out flanking him. Even a scream could be made in the future before he died. His brain was shattered into paste by this powerful and direct shock.

“It's over! ”

Sholo took out that list, cut off the last name on it, then tore it to pieces, sprinkled it on the body of Kiyomori Kuroda, and turned around and left.

“Tick, tick, tick ~”

An audible alarm sounded, and the entire prison system seemed to have been activated instantly.

From the vent constantly poured white smoke, the smoke was like the cloud effect on the stage, only where it spread, all the prisoners who were asleep woke up from their dreams, then covered their necks, as if they could not breathe severe convulsions, struggle, then spit foam in their mouths and stared at their eyes to death.


Sholo frowned and laughed softly and said: "This Amber is bloody enough to kill me. It's hard enough to have the entire prison inmates and guards buried with him! ”

Turn around and walk out of jail.

Not to mention that he has a susceptibility, but the way the turtle breathes can handle it, because the way the turtle breathes allows him 20 minutes without breathing, and 20 minutes is enough to get him out of here.



In a luxury hotel near Tokyo Prison, soldier of all colors.

Amber stood in front of the balcony in the presidential suite on the top floor with a cup of coffee in his hand and a rain screen outside, blurring his gaze on the prison, his face was an irrepressible joy: "COCL2 poison gas, can make people cramp to death in seconds, Thousand Faced Killer Xiao Han, I sacrificed the entire Tokyo prison against you, you are proud enough. ”

“No one can come out of it alive, where, now, life is forbidden, including mosquitoes, flies, mice… all living things will die under the cover of COCL2 poison gas.” The big islands next to each other are remarkable and concomitant.

“Oshima-kun, do you think it's worth it?” Ampe asked.


Oshima has a strong focus, “Whatever it takes to get rid of Thousand Faced Killer Shaw Cold, it's worth it. ”

“Then I'm relieved to inform your subordinates that the poison gas will be cleaned up in two hours. In addition, the first time I lift the body of Thousand Faced Killer Xiao Han, I'm going to dig out his heart and make a specimen and put it in my room forever. Always remind me of this shame.” Ampedo.


Oshima stands on a straight path.

Looking at the prison in the rain, Amber laughed, the louder he laughed, the more excited he was, because the prick in the nail in this eye had finally been removed.

"Oshima-kun, do you know what I want to do now? ”

Oshima shook his head: “I don't know. ”

“I want to dance, to dance a traditional dance in our country. ”

“The Prime Minister can jump if he wants, and this is indeed a great joy to celebrate and rejoice.” Oshima bowed.

“Give me the music. ”

Amber was in a mood to say joy, moved her neck and limbs, and jumped to try dancing. The wrinkles on her face seemed to be much less at this moment.


Oshima Jun is his next of kin, or even his heart, and of course he is obedient.

The music is very Japanese and can be heard in many Chinese anti-Japanese dramas, but it's Japanese makeup dancing, but now it's Amber, a prime minister is dancing.

When Oshima clapped his hands, several dancers immediately pushed in and danced with Amber to celebrate the victory.

After all, the heart and belly of Kuroda cleared away, and the Thousand Faced Killer Xiao Cold removed. Both of the big things left behind. For Amber, this storm night was so beautiful, so pleasing.