Peerless Genius System

Chapter 643 Exchange Students

“If it helps, what does JC do?” Sholo raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Davis stunned: "Sir, didn't you just say you wanted her to apologize? ”

“NoNoNo, just now, now. ”

Sholo stretched out an index finger and shook it, and the next second, he slapped the woman in the face with his back hand.

“Bang ~”

The crisp, bright clapping clap rang in the quiet customs, and the female security inspector was sucked directly, covering her hot cheeks and looking at Sholo with horror.

Everyone here, at this moment, is blind and unbelievably looking this way.

“Logo, is this going against the sky? How dare you slap the customs inspector! ”

“Awesome for my Logo! ”

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai's eyes became insane and dared to fan the face of the customs staff at Magnesium National Airport. This is definitely the first person in history, bullish, awesome, I feel very happy inside.

“Sholo this guy, what the hell is he..."

Zhong Mei was so anxious after being stunned that she was worried about Sholo. She was acting wildly on someone else's property. Isn't that causing her trouble?

“Los Angeles is too powerful to even smoke the face of a customs inspector.” Wang Ling gently covered his mouth in shock.

Huang Rulang looked at Sholo without a word.

Davis only returned to God at this moment, and Sholo slapped not only the woman in the face of the security inspector, but also in his face, trampling his dignity severely, and he scolded Sholo: “Who dared you to beat our customs staff? Somebody get him! ”

“Mr. Davis, are you sure you want to arrest me? That video will be uploaded to the internet at any time. Are you sure you have the ability to withstand the waves it brings?” Sholo laughed.

The phrase quickly calmed Angry Davis, who had a stomach full of fire and didn't know where to vent. Yes, he couldn't bear the wind wave caused by the video, much less the anger of his superiors.

“Chief, you must decide for me! ”

The female security inspector was slapped in the face and hated Sholo, when he sought refuge in Davis, "You see, my face was swollen by him. ”

“Whatthefuc k (grass)!!! ”

Davis scolded and slapped her face against the mountain.

“Bang ~”

The clap was louder than just now. The female security inspector turned half a turn in place and five fingers appeared on her face. This clap struck her tears out.

“You still have the guts to talk and blackmail our customs office. You don't think it's big enough? Before I leave work today, I want to see your resignation report. You don't deserve to work at the customs office. Get the hell out of here! ”

Davis vented all his anger on the female security inspector, and in fact, this woman caused it. If she hadn't insulted the Chinese, there wouldn't have been such a video, and he wouldn't have lowered his breath and disgraced himself in front of a Chinese.

Hearing this, the female security inspector was like a thunderbolt on a clear day, with a pale face sitting on the floor...

And Davis said to the other customs inspectors, "You too, sitting here, represent the image of the Magnesium Country, and you have to do everything right. I don't want to see anything like this happening today. ”

Speak loud and strong.

“Pfft, pfft, pfft, pfft.”

Give him a round of applause, Sholo.

Around Schollo, people from all over the room applauded Davis for his attitude.

“Mr. Davis, you are such a virtuous head of business. Magnesium is a privilege to have a customs director like you.” Sholo slapped his loud ass on it.

Davis' mouth was pounding and his eyes were about to erupt, which was a fucking lucky fart, applause and Sholo's butt. To him, it was an abnormal thrill, but he couldn't have had a seizure. He smiled at Sholo with a smile on his face: “Sir, that video...”

“Rest assured, Mr. Davis was very satisfied with the handling of the matter and that the video would never appear on the Internet.” Sholoway.

“Can you delete it now?” Davis sounded good and cheerful.

“No problem.”

Sholo deletes the video in front of him, and then sends a message to the so-called Chinese friend, to the effect that the video was deleted.

Davis' eyes were lit with cunning and cold light.



After being made such a scene by Sholo, the customs at the airport gave priority to the Chinese people. The original complicated formalities became much simpler at once. The seal was quickly stamped. Almost only checked the date and identity, and it was directly stamped. The customs was like asking the plague god to hurry the Chinese people away.

“Brother Luo, you are such a cow wiper. I admire you as much as you do! ”

Out of the airport, Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai adhered to Sholo like two rubber candies, although after more than a year, they could meet again, all three without any strangeness.

“It's all nine years of compulsory education. Why are you so good, Logo?!” Ding Kai Dao.

That would make Sholo and Huang laugh.

Zhu Xiaofei refused, poked Dinkai with his finger: “It's all the discs between the waists, why are you so prominent? ”


Two live babies, make everybody laugh.

“By the way, what are you doing in Magnesium?” Sholo forged the subject.

Huang finally found the opportunity to talk to Sholo quickly: “The school has four college places in Washington, D.C., where we come to study and live and experience the life of the Magnesium Country. ”

“Yeah, well, it's not my turn and Kay's, after all, our grades are at the bottom of the class, but who makes us baby pimples in the profession, the girls in the class jointly recommend and support, so it's an honor for both of us to be here.” Zhu Xiaofei hey hey laughed.

“Logo, you didn't see Chu MM a little lost, did you?” Dinkay suddenly asked.

When Huang Ruan heard this, his face changed slightly.

Sholo asked back, "What can I lose? But I'm also a little wondered if she deserves it. Why didn't she come? ”

“Princess Moon gave up on her own initiative. ”

Wang Ling said at this time, "I will take her place. ”

“Chu MM doesn't need such a spot at all, with the strength of their family, she can go all over the world and stay as long as she wants. Besides, Chu MM was in Magnesium when she was a child, and her spoken language is so good, which is one of the main reasons.” Zhu Xiaofei laughed.

“If Princess Moon knew we had met the Lord here, she would have regretted it.” Wang Ling threw up his tongue and said playfully.