Peerless Genius System

Chapter 644 Excellence

Sholoh did not stay too long on the subject of Chu Moon.

“Sholo, what brings you to Magnesium? ”

The question was about Zhong Beautiful, she was very impressed by the student who was able to argue about money to such a high level, and she was extremely sorry that Sholo was suspended from school again.

“Teacher Chung, I came to visit Magnesium Country.” Sholo smiled back.

“Traveling? You came alone?” Zhong beautifully frowned.

Sholo nodded: “Yeah. ”

Although he was not a real student in Huano, this clock is also counted as his teacher, for his own teacher, he always has to respect it.

“You really scared the hell out of us just now. Fortunately, nothing big happened. The magnesium people are not that good to talk to. You need to pay more attention in the future, you can not provoke without provoking.” Zhong Beautiful Bitter's Heart teaches.

“Got it. ”

Sholoh nodded slightly and was taught in vain.

At that point, a white man in a blue uniform chased out of the airport with two JCs, the customs chief, Davis, who saw Sholo, and the three headed straight here.

“How did they get out? You're not looking for Logo, are you?” Dinkay was full of doubt.

“Let's go! ”

Beautiful bell feels bad, hurry everyone out of here.

But the two JCs were fast, and they caught them in the blink of an eye, pulled out their guns, and drank to keep them still.

Davis ran panting and walked up with a gloomy face, as if he had changed his respectful posture in Customs.

“Mr. Davis, what are you doing?” Sholo glanced at the guns held by the two JCs in suspicion and asked.

“Son of a bitch, do you think my customs is what you want? ”

Davis had a hard face and sipped at two JCs, "Cuff him to me.” Maliciously staring at Sholo, "I taught you today how to behave like a Chinese. ”

Zhu Xiaofei, Dinkai, Huang Ruran and Wang Ling changed color on their faces. Turns out Teacher Zhong was right. This magnesium people is really not that good of a mess.

“Mr. Davis, aren't you afraid that public opinion around the world is shooting at your customs?” Sholo calmed down.


Davis laughed, “You've deleted the video, do you think I'd be scared? You know what that's called? You Chinese have an idiom that can very well describe me, tolerate the burden, little bastards. When you are in my customs, you should have thought that there will be...”

The sound stopped, and Davis' expression solidified in a flash.

Because Sholo put his phone in front of him, and what he had in there was the video of the female security inspector talking about insulting the Chinese people.

“You... you didn't delete it? Impossible, I saw you delete it, and you told your friends to delete the video and never archive it!” Davis's face changed dramatically.

“Perhaps you don't know, our Chinese phone now has a recycling bin function like a computer, and recently deleted videos can be restored immediately. In addition, if I send the Chinese friend in front of you, it's fake. If you don't understand Chinese, don't mess with our Chinese idiom. What I mean by that is to ask him to send the video to various social media networks in two hours so that the world can see how the customs at Magnesium International Airport insults the Chinese people.” Sholoway.

Davis sweated like a waterfall and shook his voice: "... cunning... cunning Chinese..."

“I accept that assessment. By the way, do you still want to arrest me? Then come on, I'll work with you!” Sholo smiled and reached out his hands.

Davis's face changed so much that he kicked those two JCs straight off his feet and drank them to put the gun away.

Lower your posture and laugh at Sholo: “Misunderstanding, this is a misunderstanding, Shaw, I'm just joking with you, I'm actually here to give you a gift, thank you for your valuable advice to our customs office, we are deeply aware of our shortcomings, so that we strictly request ourselves to a higher standard, always pay attention to what we say and do, and treat every international friend who comes to our magnesium country with the fullest and most enthusiasm. ”

Damn, this painting is getting a little too fast, isn't it?

Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai looked at each other, and they kind of knew the face of this magnesium man, Davis.

Huang Ruran, Wang Ling and Zhong Beautiful did not speak, and his face had a crying expression.

“You can't change my resolve to expose the video by kissing so many asses.” Sholo sighed.

Just say it and turn around and walk out.

Davis was in a real hurry, and once that video aroused international public opinion, his future would be ruined, and all the beauty would be gone.

“Shaw, wait! ”

He caught up, and then he couldn't help himself, and he knelt directly on the ground.

“Mr. Davis, you have to weigh yourself in.” Sholo pretended not to be able to afford such a gift and looked embarrassed.

“Shaw, please don't expose that video. Please, as soon as you expose it, my future will be over. I think I'll have to kill myself. You can't erase a life like this.” Davis cried a face, just like a mistaken child.

Sholo was amused, reaching out and touching his head: "Okay, good boy, no more exposure, no more exposure. ”

It's like appeasing a dog, this scene shocked Zhu Xiaofei and all of them.

“You promise?” Davis pitied Baba's way.

“I promise.” Sholoway.

“Then you swear. ”

“Swear an egg, you don't step in, I said you wouldn't be exposed. ”

Sholo got angry and left Davis, and they turned around and left. Zhu Xiaofei and they quickly followed.

Davis also knelt down and watched Sholo leave behind with cold eyes, biting his teeth.

And when he stood up, one of the JCs came up and said, "Chief, why don't we get somebody to do him? ”

“Shit, that Chinese guy is so cunning, I can only admit it!” Davis was so angry, there was nothing he could do.

The two JCs nodded deeply in agreement with each other. Many of them had heard that the Chinese were cunning before. Now they are experiencing it in person. They gave their chief a roundabout, and they all knelt down and kowtowed. This tactic was too high. They thought that if they went on, their chief would be killed by the kid.

“Remember, you all rot in my stomach, if you dare to tell me, I will tear you apart alive!” Davis warned that he was naturally on his knees.

Two JCs were not cold and chestnut, and the subconscious nodded.

On the other hand, in a taxi to Washington University, the laughter continued. Inside were Zhu Xiaofei, Xiaolo and Huang Ruran. Dinkai was originally in this car, but Huang Ruran glared at him with his eyes and offered to give him his seat.

“Logo, are you an apprentice? I also want to be as good as you, that magnesium man wants revenge, and I end up kneeling on the ground like a dog begging for pity, Logo, my good Logo, why do you say you're so good and hanging like this?” Zhu Xiaofei fell madly in love with Sholo.