Peerless Genius System

Chapter 647: First Objective

Sholo was stunned, and his instincts told him that this white man named Ian was not easy, and that his breath was like a wolf, as if he could tear everything apart, and he smiled, “Otherwise I would make you regret coming into this world. ”


Ian hey hey smile, next second, face cold, right hand out, eagle claws against Sholo's neck, fast strike, five fingers out of the mortal destructive force.

Sholo snorted coldly, his right hand attacked, seemingly in a hurry, taking out the trajectory of the circular shadow, accurately intercepted, the two struck, as a muffled impact, he and Ian shook their bodies backwards at the same time.

“Boom ~”

Sholoh's right foot moved backwards and stamped the ground, and this surge of backlash was rebuffed hard and steady.

Ian then stepped back ten steps, settled into his body and looked stunned at Sholo, and then laughed: "All of you Chinese people have a very magical kung fu. It seems to be true. It's really amazing. ”

“You're good, too. ”

Sholo looked indifferent, he had just used at least 40% of his strength, and this white man carried it alive but nothing happened, which had to surprise him.

Ian walked over with a smile, full of fanaticism: "If I had the chance, I would definitely go to China, beat down all your so-called kung fu masters, and prove that your kung fu in China is nothing more than a floral fist embroidered leg, only worthy of acting like a clown on stage to show others. ”

His eyes were filled with provocation, and his words were filled with madness.

This made Sholo uncomfortable, drinking softly: "Give you a word, get lost! ”

The tone is extremely cold.


Ian laughed and patted Sholo on the shoulder with his bare hands, "Dude, is that embarrassing? Then you're doomed to nothing in your life! ”

At this point, a yellow convertible came from a distance and stopped in front of him.

Information immediately appeared in Schollo's mind about this sports car, LykanHypersport, only seven in the world, and the cheapest car produced by the Lebanese company WMotors, 60 million, was really close to 100 million of the finest luxury sports cars.

The cost is so high, its shape is naturally quite stylish, and Huang Ruan's eyes are consciously attracted to the past by the luxurious look of this sports car.

There was a young man in a sports car dressed in flux, and he waved to Ian: "Hey, Ian, what's going on, making new friends? ”

“Of course.”

Ian smiled softly, he belonged to a very handsome type, and this smile was very fascinating to women, "Miss Huang, I'm sure we'll see each other again, and I'm even more convinced that you'll promise to be my girlfriend and my noble queen.” He jumped directly into the car, the fool sat in the co-pilot's seat, and waved at Sholoh, "Man, if you ever see me again, don't make me unhappy again, otherwise..."

I didn't go on, and the rest of the sentence was replaced by a neck wipe.

His friend chewed gum, shook his head with a smile, then stepped on the throttle and drove off in this expensive yellow sports car.

Huang Rulang hasn't completely returned from the shock he just had, and his eyes looked at Sholo.

“This Ian doesn't look like a student at this university. For unnecessary trouble, you should try not to leave school and stay with Xiaofei more often. If he comes back to look for something, remember to call the police the first time, or you can let me know immediately and I'll be there as soon as conditions permit.” Sholo ordered that Ian give him a very uncomfortable feeling.

Huang Rulang nodded: “Well, I remember! ”

Though the illusion of love was broken, things didn't seem as bad as they thought.



Washington at night, like a brilliant neon, stands in stark contrast to the suburban highway.

After leaving Washington University, Sholo took a taxi to a small park on the western outskirts, his first target being a private apartment a kilometre away.


This is the name of the target, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Washington, D.C., and the core technology of genetic warriors is provided by Adrian to magnesium statesmen, who are also directly involved in research projects at the Nippon National Biochemical Base.

“Sir, do you need me to wait for you? ”

The driver asked politely and added, "There are very few taxis passing here. ”

“No need.”

Sholo paid the fare and pushed the door down.

He looked up at the crescent moon, and the next second, the figure instantly disappeared.

The driver looked back unexpectedly and found that Sholo disappeared empty-handed. He jumped out of the car and looked around, but no sign of Sholo was found anywhere.

“Oh, my God, have I met a ghost? ”

Fear was amplified to the extreme, and the driver was so cold and sweaty that he quickly got back in the car and drove off like a car wolf.

At this moment, Sholo is already on the roof of a three-story house, dozens of meters away, like a raccoon who is good at flying, jumping electrically between the roofs and running towards a light-fired mansion by the river.

The building was full of surveillance cameras and security patrols, but none of these posed any threat to Sholo, as if he were a ghost, sneaking in silently, questioning the whereabouts of Adrian from a security guard, and heading straight to the study on the fourth floor.

His intrusion did not attract anyone's attention.

When he pushed the thick door of the study open, he saw a man with almost white hair sitting behind an oak desk, wearing a suit and a red face, who seemed to take care of himself during normal times.

This is his target, and he naturally recognizes Adrian.

Adrian noticed a stranger breaking in, shocked, stood up and drank: “Who are you? What do you want?"

Sholo looked at the pictures Adrian was looking at on his desk, all of them tragic images of the deaths of those failed experiments at the Nippon National Biochemical Base.

Shut the door shut, indifferently said: "You must have heard about the destruction of the biochemical base in Japan. ”

Step by step to the desk, pick up the photo on the desktop and measure it with interest, but the cold in your eyes is getting stronger.

Adrian's face shocked: “Who are you? ”

“I destroyed the biochemical base in Japan. Who do you think I am?” Sholo put the picture down and looked up at Adrian with a smile on his face.

“You... are you the Thousand Faced Killer?! ”

Adrian stared, sweating like a waterfall, "You've come to Magnesium? ”

Thrilled, scared, of course he knew about the destruction of the Nippon National Biochemical Base, and knew that Nippon National had been stirred up by a man called the Thousand Faced Killer, but what he could not imagine was that this Thousand Faced Killer floated across the sea to Magnesium National, and stood in front of him alive. It was like a nightmare that suddenly became a reality.

I can't believe it. I can't imagine how this Thousand Faced Killer could be so capable of finding this place.