Peerless Genius System

Chapter 650: Getting Handsome

The secretary thought about it and said, "Is it possible that this was not an order from a senior Chinese official, but an act of ‘annihilation'? ”

“It's possible. ”

Oba's face was full of heavy colors, "convey my meaning to the FBI and let them determine as soon as possible whether Xiao Han, the thousand-faced killer who caused the bloody storm in Japan, had entered the country, if he had come to our country of magnesium at all costs, regardless, I do not want our country of magnesium to be stirred by him to jump the chicken dog. ”

The secretary nodded: "Yes."

“If this Xiao Han is‘ annihilated ’, then this is interesting. When I get rid of him, I must take the time to visit China. I look forward to seeing what Xi will look like then. ”

Oba had a funny taste, and then suddenly he remembered a small country, picked up a seat that could connect directly with world leaders, and dialed out a short number, "Hey, Moses, did you hear that your country was building nuclear weapons? Is this happening? ”

Again, Geisha is ready to blackmail.



The Magnesium State did not disclose the information of the Thousand Faced Killer Xiao Han, as Japan did, and involved the entire population in the capture of criminals, on the grounds that it did not want to cause panic among the entire population.

FBI searchers are all over the streets and alleys, dressed in plain clothes, looking like ordinary Magnesium citizens.

Sholo has been avoiding the FBI hunt for days, there is no need to have a positive conflict with them. Naturally, he issued the speech of blowing up the White House. The White House is just the beginning. He wants to let the politicians of the Magnesium Country feel the pain, and this is his final account of the Xie Wenchang family.

As for why it was chosen on July 6th, it was for humanitarian reasons that the Magnesium Nation had enough time to prepare, and he didn't want to hurt the innocent, he just wanted to blow up the White House!

As one of the four great families of the Magnesium Nation, the Michelle family knew what the FBI was doing, and when Sarah Michelle learned that there was a good chance of her ‘doom' coming to Washington, she published several news stories in a row and, with the influence of her family, put them all on the top of the list.


The first word in the title of the story was linked to this phrase, meaning ‘I'll see you at Flamingo Restaurant on the 4th at noon, and I'm sure Sholo, as a member of the NSA of China, will be able to interpret the phrase and come to terms with it.

On that day, Sarah wore a pink short sleeve with a pair of light blue super shorts that looked as if she were a beautiful 16-7-year-old girl, pure and beautiful, with a blonde hair scattered, red in her face proteins, red like cherry, long willow brows, gorgeous blue eyes, tall nose, white lips, looking like a Barbie doll.

She is very famous in the press, but the focus is not on journalists, so she sits in a restaurant without her sunglasses and is less likely to be recognized.

Today she dressed herself deliberately because she realized that Chinese men mostly like birds in a humane way. On the Internet, she also knew the word 'female man’, so she dressed herself up a little cuter and a little smaller, and she had a perfectly curved figure and managed the outfit perfectly.

Looking at the time, it's 12: 30 and I haven't seen Sholo show up.

Didn't he even say that?

Or did he not come to Magnesium?

According to the FBI, he's the one who messed up Japan!

Sarah Michelle thinks a lot, and her face is full of loss.

Just as her sense of loss subsided to its fullest, a breeze swept through, a man sat across from her, his bright, vertical hair, his oblique flying sword brow, his elongated, sharp black eyes, but not in Libya to save her annihilation and who.

Big joy: “Mr. Doom, you're here!” Then he whispered, “I thought you didn't read the code I was hiding in the story. ”

“Is that a code word? ”

Sholobai glanced at her, and if you look at the stories, someone with a heart will surely discover, "If you leave a message like this in the era of the old Chinese society, you don't know how many times you've died. ”

She was taught a lesson, Sarah didn't care, she was happy to see her savior again, she called the waiter, she ordered.

“Mr. Doom, you've become handsome again!” Sarah praised.

Sholo asked directly, "What do you want from me? ”

Sarah shook her head and laughed, "It's nothing. It's just to see you. ”

“Don't you know I'm wanted by the FBI right now?” Sholoway, does that mean you're not afraid to get involved when you meet me?

Sarah nodded: “I know that my brother is a senior FBI searcher, and I know what you did in Japan, especially the bombing of Yasukuni Shrine by the missiles you controlled in Japan, is particularly hateful. ”

“They didn't invade your country. What do you know about hate?” Sholo didn't have a good voice.

“Although Japan did not invade our country, they were part of * * *, and we all deeply hated * * *, didn't we?” Sarah was outraged.

Sholo smiled: “Times are changing. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ”

“So you want to make a scene in our country, too?” Sarah whispered and asked.

“Individuals and nations alike have to pay for their actions.” Sholoway.

“Mr Doom, I strongly recommend you not to do this, although I know that you are a super warrior in China, unpredictable in strength, with a fantastic kung fu, but I must remind you that since we in Magnesium can provide technical support to Japan, it is definitely stronger in the field of genetic warriors than in Japan, and I heard that,

The genetic technology provided to Japan is flawed, and the real war machine has been successfully developed in the Magnesium Country. If you release it, it will lock your breath, and no matter how you change your face, you will not escape its pursuit. ”Sarah Michelle does not want to see Sholoh's sincere consolation against the entire federal government of the Magnesium Nation.

Sholo shouted, “If R&D has already succeeded, why didn't they send you to Libya to save you? ”

“Although my Michelle family has a little influence in the Magnesium Nation, a secret weapon that I have not had enough to allow the political side to use this destructive force.” Sarah Dao.

“Okay, that's it. Here comes the steak. Eat first, I'm hungry.” Sholo ended the conversation with a napkin pad in front of his chest and ready for lunch.

Sarah knew she couldn't persuade herself, and Solomon didn't bother, pouring Schollo a glass of wine and picking up the glass: "MR doomed, no matter what you do in magnesium country, we will always be friends and I'm glad to see you again. ”

Sholo raised his glass and touched her: "You look great today. ”

“Thank you." Sarah chuckled.