Peerless Genius System

Chapter 654: A Monster

Sholo opened his mouth, but didn't say anything. Ian the white man gave him a very uncomfortable feeling, like a temporarily tame viper, but the viper was uncertain. Once it was launched, it was fatal. If he were another person, he would not persuade Huang Ruran that love was everyone's right, after all, he was not a client, and could not fully experience the feeling of the client.

Or these are purely my own thoughts. That Ian is really, like Huang Ruan said, superficially slutty. In fact, he really cares and likes Huang Ruan.

Bringing the topic to a more soothing place: "Leaving something aside, your exotic relationship doesn't seem that easy to talk about. ”

“Why not? As long as the two of us truly love each other, the distance will only be beautiful, and this is the age of the Internet, and I can see him every day.” Huang Rulang sipped a sip of coffee.

“Come on, I bless you. ”

Sholo's heart was free, he had no idea about Huang Rulang. He just felt that the two people knew each other once and didn't want her to leave a shadow and regret at this age, but this might be a lot of things for him. If he finally fixed a positive result, he played a role in the French Sea.


Huang Ruan smiled and nodded. Her mood was a little complicated. She felt that her liking for Sholo had shifted to Ian. When Ian rushed out and pushed her away from a car that had swung over, the liking had begun to shift. Ian was handsome, arrogant and romantic, and she was destined to fall in love.



Sholo quickly forgot about Huang Ruran and Ian. It is night and he is in a villa on the western outskirts.

The owner of this villa is the residence of the owner of the Magnesium Nation Lamp Gang. After being conquered by Sholo with strength, the lame Gang boss honored Sholo as a god, one at a time in front of and behind Sholo's saddle, don't mention how much respect.

Sholo had a very clear understanding of himself, similar to the Plague God, and he would be implicated if he came close to him, and this lame gang didn't care, it was a H gang for drug smuggling, robbery, murder, extortion, identity theft and other criminal actions, and he felt comfortable involving them.

“Sir, do you need a woman to sleep at night? ”

The lame helped the boss clap his hands, a row of beautiful women walked in, black, white, yellow, strong, slim, sexy... all kinds, he hey smiled, “Sir pick whatever you want, these are bitches, sir use whatever you want, they will definitely serve Mr. comfortably, let Mr. always remember the good of our magnesium country. ”

The other brothers nodded like chickens pecking rice.

“Get out!”

Sholo sat at the desk, ten fingers jumped on the keyboard, didn't even lift his head, came to add, “Get lost! ”

“OK… OK. ”

Dedication was refused, the lame boss and one of his men embarrassed the smile on his face, but he dared not disobey Sholo's orders, hurriedly retreated with those beauties, and then closed the door gently.

“Master, we all look like a dog. We don't even have the dignity of H society.” One of the men complained.

“Shut up, you don't know shit! ”

The leader of the limp gang scolded and drank, “As long as we can leave this god behind as the guardian of the gang, we limp gang can definitely sweep across the United States and become the first gang in the United States. You idiots are too short-sighted to see that great river and mountain like me. ”

A bunch of guys listen to themselves nodding, yeah, even bullets can dodge, that guy is a monster, such a monster just to be part of their limp gang, ask which gang is the enemy of their limp gang?

The leader of the lame gang frowned and looked back at the closed door: “It's just that this goddess is difficult to serve, so many beautiful women he's not interested in, and there's a lot of money in front of him that he doesn't care about. He doesn't like the two things that men like the most, he wants to keep him, it's a little difficult. ”

“Master, do you think... would he be a Gay?” A little brother speculated.

“Oh, there's a possibility, you go fill your bowels later, and then dress up a little exposed to his room.” The lame help the boss brighten his eyes.


“Ah what, so that the gang can develop better, it doesn't matter if you sacrifice it, if you can really keep him, I will promote you as a deputy master.” The lame helped the boss slap the little brother on the shoulder with his hands.

The little brother couldn't laugh, his face desperate.



In the room, the lights are on, and the whole space is filled with that crisp, delightful banging of the keyboard.

Suddenly, the loud noise of “Boom Boom Boom Boom” came from outside the window, and Sholo felt only a strong breath. Turning his head, a big tree that took two people to wrap around was like being stubbornly stubborn, with a terrible power, through the window and hit him violently.

Sholo's pupils narrowed, lightning left the seat, five fingers like a knife, deeply embedded in the trunk of this tree, forcibly intercepted this beastly impulse into the tree, because of the huge impulse, Sholo's five fingers left five long traces on the trunk, intricate branches, destroying the windows and surrounding walls.

“Who?” Looking at the dark night, Sholo had a cold drink.

“Not bad, your kung fu in China is really great. ”

A strange sound of yin and yang sounded, a white man jumped in along this level into the big tree that penetrated the villa, his handsome face, his evil charm, it was that Ian, but at this time Ian was a little different, his pupils were green, that kind of haunted green light, like a wolf walking in the night.

“How did you know I was here?” Asked around Sholo.

“Don't worry about it, I have my own way. ”

Ian laughed, and then he looked serious, and he said, “I'm in love with Huang, and you convinced her to leave me, you know? She cried right in front of me after she met you, and it hurts me to watch her cry, so this time I come to warn you, never to see her again, let alone to question our feelings, or Ian will find you and kill you, regardless of whether you flee to the Horn of Heaven! ”

“I hate when people threaten me! ”

Sholoh's face condensed, a scarlet flashed in his eyes, and his temperament changed dramatically at this moment, as if a demon had woken up in him.

Ian was a little stunned: “Turns out... you're a monster too! ”